Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Set A Date

The twins and I emerged from within the woods, eyes peeled for any sign of the infected. Instead of leaving Ryan to rot in a ditch, which he surely deserved, we had burned his body in a large fire. We thought it would be best considering we didn't want to attract any unwanted visitors from the smell. I sat down beside Mama, Abby, Romeo, Noah and Sean and sighed quietly. The boys had stayed by the van, conversing and looking for any sort of snack to eat.

I had walked in on a conversation including Ireland and gave a warm smile. I was more than positive Noah, Connor and Murphy missed their home land. They were probably wondering what had come of it, if it even got over run at all. It seemed like the United States was the only place that was hit, considering the virus started down in Louisiana. Mama turned in my direction and asked, "How does Ireland sound, Adrienne?"

"Ireland?"I was slightly blind sided by the question."Sounds like a nice place to be."

"It sounds beautiful. Noah was tellin' me 'bout it before you guys came back."I rubbed a hand over my sore knee and nodded in her direction."Wouldn't it be a beautiful place to go? Be surrounded by the woods and mountains?"

"Yes, but how would we get there?"I didn't want to burst her dreams, but it was true.

"By boat."Noah chimed in."Go along the sea and find us a small boat to drift away on. We'd be there in only a few days."

"What if Ireland is over run as well, though?"It was an appropriate question.

What if we arrived on Ireland's soil, just to find that it had been infected as well? We would have no sure place to go except deep into the woods. Mama frowned slightly before shrugging her shoulders.

"We're doin' just fine out here."That was very true as well.

"Whatever you like, Mama."I must have lightened her spirits, because her smile had come back.

I turned my attention back to the boys, who were unlatching the canoe from their roof. Romeo was quick to spit out, "Watch your heads! Don't need you gettin' a concussion cause your Irish asses don't know the meanin' of hard labor!"

"Fuck yerself, Romeo!"Connor pulled the canoe from the roof and watched it tumble to the dirt.

"Real nice ladies!"He obnoxiously clapped his hands together, forcing quiet laughter to fill around the dead fire.

"I don't see you over here helpin' us any!"Connor gave a smirk before continuing."Yer Mexican ass is used to this shit anyway!"

"Uncalled for!"Romeo slumped back into his seat and crossed his arms over his chest.

They slid the canoe over to everyone and a smile crawled along my lips.

"Hey Abby,"I began."how would you like to learn how to fish?"

"So long as I get to go."Mama winked.

"We're bringin' back dinner boys. Hope ya'll are hungry."Mama, Abby and I got to our feet and began to drag the canoe to the lake.

After we had set everything up and properly had home made poles, we climbed into the canoe. I pushed the boat into the water, laughing when Abby clutched to the thin metal for dear life.

"We ain't gonna drown little lady."I grinned."Now watch,"

I fastened Abby's pole and pushed it in her direction. I helped her cast out the long line she had and told her to be patient. We spent nearly an hour in the boat without a single catch. I frowned slightly when I pulled up my bare hook.

"Maybe we should move further out."Mama suggested.

"Worth a shot."I paddled the boat further and cast my line into the clear water.

Abby let out a girlish squeal when he pole began to get a tug.

"I got one!"She jumped up, letting her pole hit the canoe floor.

"Catch it!"Mama and I reached for the thick stick, catching it before it was pulled into the water.

I gave a hard tug in one swift movement, making sure I had hooked the fish well. I started to pull the line in slowly, smiling when the tugging got harder and harder. When I finally got the fish to the surface, Abby's face scrunched up in disgust.

"It looks slimy."She groaned.

"I guess he kinda is."Mama laughed."He's a good size."

"First catch of the day and he could give Abby's two dinner's worth."I chuckled."Nice catch, Abby. Want another go?"

She tilted her head to the side, as if thinking on whether or not to try again. When that toothy grin sprawled out across her lips, I knew she was ready for another round. Mama, Abby and I sat along the lake, waiting patiently for the next bite. It was a guessing game on who would be next. We never would have thought Abby would be catching another one. When I pulled the fish back up to the surface, I gave Abby a playful glare.

"If you would stop cheatin' than Mama and I could get a turn at catchin'm."I smiled.

"I'm not cheating!"She defended.

"I hear you whisperin' to them fish."Mama winked.

Abby let out a quiet giggle when I put the second fish in with the first. The edge of the canoe had a small cooler, which we found very helpful in our situation. We filled it slightly more than halfway and filled it rather quickly with tonights dinner. By the time we had come to a finish, the sun was begining to go down. We brought the boat back to shore before hopping out with the mid sized cooler. I looked over at Mama and said, "Looks like we'll be eatin' good tonight."

"For the next three days."She snickered.

We walked up the small hill to the boys and weren't greeted like we thought.

"Give up did ya?"Connor smirked.

"They all get away?"Romeo snickered.

"You boys are funny."I placed the cooler on the ground and popped open the top."But I think we'll be eatin' just fine for the next few days."

Noah burst into laughter as the boys' faces dropped in surprise. He reached into his pocket and retrieved a small case, which held the last of his few cigars. He placed one in between his lips, holding a flame close to the tip. He puffed lightly from it before pulling it away from his bearded mouth. Loudly, he pronounced, "Don't under estimate the opposite sex, boys. You'll be surprised with what ya find."

"Aye."Murphy whispered.

"Get to cookin' ladies!"Murphy swung a hand behind Romeo's head, knocking him in a playful manner.

We chuckled quietly to ourselves before Mama took over. Mama was known for her southern styled cooking, which sounded so sweet at a time like this. She had her own cabinet when I was a young girl, full to the top with different spices. She could tenderize and bake anything to perfection. I always wondered why she never opened up her own store. I could feel myself drooling by the time the fish was finished cooking. Mama lied them out over a few leaves and passed them around.

"I don't have my normal spices, so bare with me."She admitted.

I had no time to react though, because Sean was groaning with pleasure.

"This is amazing!"He cried.

Romeo was next, cutting me off like Sean had.

"You country girls can cook."He commented."You cook as good as your mom, Adrienne?"

"Nowhere near it."I smiled.

"Ah, nevermind then."I laughed loudly at his reaction and bit into my food.

Tonights dinner had been a blessing. We had been surviving on small scraps and bags of chips, but now that we had a canoe at our fingertips, we would be eating fish more often than not. I stood from my seat and stretched as far as I could go. Politely, I asked, "I'm gettin' me a water. Anyone else want one?"

Hands rose throughout the group and I shook my head. I started my way toward the car, but when footsteps echoed quietly behind me, I turned. Murphy gave me a goofy grin before opening the car door.

"Decided to come and help ya, if ya don't mind."He smiled."How's yer knee? And yer face?"

"They're doin' good,"I handed Murphy a few waters before taking some myself."thanks. A little bruised up but I'll heal over time."

Murphy laughed softly before turning to leave. I opened my mouth to call after him, but froze up. I had yet to thank him for saving me from Ryan. If he hadn't come along anytime soon, Ryan would still be here, alive and well. That was another thing I couldn't get off my mind; Sean managed to pull the trigger to a gun for the first time. I swallowed hard before calling out to Murphy. He turned on his heel, giving me a questioning look.

"I need to talk with you."I said sweetly."I'd like to talk to you alone, if that's possible."

"No one's stoppin' us."He smiled."How 'bout we head to the lake tomorrow? Ya can teach me how to fish."

"Sounds good, Murph."I grinned.

"It's a date then."Murphy turned away, leaving me to slowly drop my smile.

I looked down at my handful of waters and frowned slightly. A lot of things have been on my mind lately, but I couldn't blame myself. I may have been stressed or slowly becoming depressed. Yet there was a slight spark in me that was trying to stay alive. I couldn't put my finger on it just yet, but I knew I would soon.

"Ya comin'?"I looked up once more, feeling my smile come back to life.

"Sorry, just thinkin' some."I stepped up to Murphy's side and followed him back to the small fire.
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