Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Sweet Talk

Murphy and I sat within the lake's clear waters, where we found peace in fishing. I set up Murphy's pole numerous times, but no matter how many times I reached for my pole, thinking he was safe, he would break or tare something. When he nearly dropped the pole in the water, I turned toward him and said, "You're not a very good fisherman, are you Murphy?"

He shook his head, saying, "I don't think so. Don't got this down pat yet."

"You'll get there."I reached forward, taking his line in my hand."Watch. You pick it up and use your pole to help swing it out."

His line cast out far enough away, where he simply nodded his head and smiled. We sat in the water for a few moments, keeping the silence. It was not awkward like I had expected, but nice. I hadn't been able to sit back and enjoy the weather without something going wrong. Murphy snaked his pea coat from his shoulders and wiped his forearm along his hair line. Beads of sweat had popped out along his skin, showing how hot it really was.

"What'd ya want to talk 'bout?"He asked sweetly.

I bit down on my bottom lip, trying to find the words of gratitude I had for him. I wanted to thank Murphy for saving me from Ryan. I wanted to thank him for beating him senseless in the middle of the woods. I wanted to tell him how much I appreciated him being there for Mama and I.

"For savin' me."I whispered with a frown."If you hadn't come along, Ryan could have finished off whatever was goin' through his crazy mind."

"Don't even thank me."Murphy turned toward me and gave me a sympathetic smile."No man should raise a hand to a woman, never mind take advantage of her."

I let my head fall slightly and nodded my head in agreement. Murphy was absolutely correct, but I didn't think he would be so violent.

"Ya paniced when we first met ya, Adrienne."Murphy leaned back in the boat, trying his best to get comfortable."When Da spilled out his weapons on the table."

"I've never met you boys before and you're throwin' guns in our direction. What did you want me to do?"I ran my hand down my pole, feeling for any sort of bite."I wasn't sure how you boys would be."

"Did Da tell ya what we did fer a livin'?"Murphy seemed a little uneasy as he spoke.

I shook my head and gave him my full attention. Noah had mentioned being a doer for the good, but it never registered in my mind. Murphy swallowed hard before shifting in his seat once more.

"We found bad guys. Rapists', Murderers', Pedophiles'."He tightened his grip along his jeans, which made me feel slightly uneasy."We rid the world of evil men, Adrienne."

"Vigilantes?"I breathed.

"Exactly."He sighed."The first ones fell into our laps. We continued on from there out."

I stayed silent, trying to fumble what Murphy had explained through my mind. They were just as dangerous as the murderers' or police force in their town. Murphy lightly grabbed his wooden pole and gave me a questioning look.

"Do ya think any different of us?"He seemed so intent on a positive answer.

I waited a few moments and played with my fishing pole. I looked up at Murphy and shook my head, saying, "No, Murphy. I don't. You kept Mama safe while I was away. Honestly, I didn't like you at first. Any of you. I don't know if it's because the human race is dyin' rather quickly or what. But I trust you. I trust Connor. I trust Noah. You're good people."

The corner's of Murphy's lips pulled into a large smile. He laughed quietly before pulling at his line in the water. We stayed quiet for a few more minutes, but it was broken when Murphy asked, "How 'bout Sean? Seems quiet."

"I get the computer geek and straight A student vibe from him."I chuckled."I never would have expected him to kill Ryan."

Murphy nodded his head quickly and said, "Absolutely not. I was surprised."

Murphy jumped in his seat suddenly when he pole jerked forward. His eyes instantly lit up when he recieved a bite on the other end of his line.

"What do I do?!"I reached forward and wrapped his line around my hand.

I began to pull the fish in, but after a few seconds, his line went dead.

"I'd starve if it weren't fer Ma and yerself."I laughed loudly as a frown was drawn across his lips.

"Don't worry, Murphy. We're still here."I patted his back slightly and leaned back in my seat.

The small amount of time I had spent on the boat with Murphy had forced me to feel more comfortable around him. He wasn't the vigilante Irishman in my eyes. He had a heart, regardless of what his outer shell told everyone. I let a small smile come to my lips when I thought about Mama. Murphy continued to tangle with his fishing line as I brushed my hair from my eyes. Mama was still my main priority, no matter what happened within the camp.

My smile started to fade, which forced Murphy to ask, "What's wrong, Adrienne?"

I turned in his direction and tried to force my smile back once more.

"Ya can't hide it well, Adrienne. What's on yer mind?"He asked politely.

I let out an aggrivated sigh before saying, "I like you boys a lot. I don't want you to think I wont protect you, but when it comes down to Mama, she comes first. She's the reason I'm still here, Murphy."

"Aye."He nodded his head slightly."I wouldn't expect ya to save Connor, Da or myself before yer Ma."

"It's not you boys, though. I just don't open up easily is all. Mama is the only person I confide in."I said softly.

"If ya ever need anythin',"He began."we're here fer ya. The both of ya."

"Thankyou, Murphy."I cringed slightly when Murphy wrapped an arm around my shoulders.

He pulled me into a hug and sighed quietly. I apprehensively wrapped my arms around him and frowned just slightly. Murphy was a good man, but I couldn't let myself get attached to anyone but Mama. Emotions are the one thing I had managed to push aside for so many years. Emotions are what the force tells you to leave at home. Emotions are the little things that can get you killed if you're not careful. And emotions is what was coming over me at this moment.
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