Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Drink The Night Away

The night quickly grew later as Connor and Murphy sat down by the lake. They took the time to relax, since everyone had seemed to do their own thing. The past few days had been nothing but peaceful. Connor, Murphy and the rest of the campers were very grateful for what they had gotten. There were no hordes, no violent survivors; just the camp and the wilderness. Being hidden within the thick trees and brush was the best idea anyone had come up with.

Murphy watched as the smooth breeze formed ripples in the water below them. He smiled slightly as he leaned back on his elbows. The twin's ears perked up, however, when the sound of footsteps met their ears. They both turned in the direction of the camp and grinned when Romeo walked toward them. His hand was shoved deep in his shirt, which confused the brothers'. When he came down to their level, they could see his toothy grin.

"What'cha got there, Romeo?"Connor pointed out.

"Keep your voice down."He warned."'Cause Papi just got you boys a present!"

Romeo pulled his hand from under his shirt, forcing Connor and Murphy's eyes to widen. They leaped to their feet and nearly knocked Romeo over when they ran at him.

"Calm down, damnit!"He popped open the bottle of Scotch and stole a large swig."There's enough for the three of us."

"Ah, Romeo, ya've the best friend a man could ask fer!"Connor grabbed the bottle from his hands as Murphy shuffled his hand in Romeo's hair.

"Where'd ya get it?!"Murphy snaked the Scotch from Connor's hand and downed a good sip from it.

"One of the convienent stores we were at. Man, I could have taken it all if I wanted to."Romeo crossed his arms over his chest and gave the boys a happy smirk.

They looked at eachother before throwing their eyes back on Romeo.

"Ya didn't why?!"Connor shouted.

"One bottle?!"Murphy cried.

"I had my hands full!"Romeo snatched the Scotch from Murphy and mumbled,"ungrateful putos."

The three of them stood around the lake, passing the Scotch and talking back on old memories. It was one thing to get together when the world was normal, but it was a different feeling when the world had slowly come to a cannibalistic end. Neither Romeo, Connor or Murphy were sure if they would live to see the other the next day. It was upsetting to think about, but the boys simply washed away their worries with alcohol. Connor quickly turned to Murphy and asked, "'Member that ol' cabin we had in Ireland?"

"Aye."Murphy chugged from the large bottle.

"Ya think it's still there?"Romeo pulled the liquior away for himself.

Murphy wiped a bare arm over his mouth and shook his head.

"No way."He commented.

"And why not?"Connor absentmindedly pulled the bottle from Romeo's lips.

"The end of the world. Someone must've gotten ahold of it."Murphy shrugged.

"But do ya think Ireland is infected?"Connor pointed a finger in Murphy's direction before drowning his next comment away.

"I don't know."Murphy wondered.

"It only hit the US."Romeo stated.

"We don't know that fer sure, Romeo."Connor replied.

"Yeah, it could have hit Mexico fer all ya know!"Murphy snickered.

"You guys are assholes. I should have kept this to myself."Romeo spat.

"We'd find ya passed out in the woods."Connor snickered.

"A branch stuck up yer arse!"Connor and Murphy burst into laughter before sharing more of the liquior.

Romeo furrowed his eyebrows in frustration and snatched the Scotch away from the twins.

"Assholes."He muttered.

The boys calmed down after a few moments and kept their conversations quick. Connor had an urge to question his brother on his feelings for Adrienne, but he had to poke fun first. With a smile, Connor turned to Murphy and asked, "Ya gettin' cozy with Ma's daughter, Murph?"

"We just talk is all."Murphy replied smoothly.

"I don't know."Connor rubbed a hand along his chin before continuing."Ya two seem pretty close for just talking."

"Fuck yerself. Ya don't know what yer talkin' 'bout."Murphy glared.

"I think I do."Connor chuckled."Ya got the hots fer Ma's -"

"Shutup!"Murphy shouted.

"daughter!"Connor laughed."I never would have thought in a mill -"

"Shutup!"Murphy jumped forward, sending them both to the ground.

Romeo watched, in amusement, as the twins' rolled around on the sand, punching and kicking eachother violently. Romeo sipped from the Scotch in his hands and kept his eyes on the twins'. He chuckled lightly when the began cursing eachother out. It was simple things that set the twins' after eachother, but they always made up in the end.

"He - Hey! Watch out!"Romeo let out a shout as they rolled into his legs, sending him into the sand.

"The Scotch!"Connor crawled forward, cupping the spilling bottle in his hands.

"Ya fuck!"Murphy punched Connor in the shoulder and said,"Ya made'm drop it!"

"You both made me drop it!"Romeo shouted.

The guys calmed down when another set of footsteps echoed by the lake. All heads turned when laughing errupted. Connor and Murphy untangled themselves from eachother and got to their feet. Romeo leaned back on his elbows and tipped the alcohol in Mama's direction.

"What are ya boys doin'?"She smiled."Heard your shoutin' from a mile away."

"Sorry Ma."Connor frowned.

"Sorry."Murphy sighed.

"Now, you gonna share that bottle or am I gonna have to take it away from you?"She placed her hands on her hips and the boys gave her a wild grin.

Connor, Murphy, Romeo and Mama sat along the lake, talking and laughing the night away. They had no sense of time as they told old stories and favourite moments. Mama looked up at the camp and saw Adrienne walking toward the van, Abby close by her side. From the light of the moon she could see a small smile on her lips. Mama took hold of the liquior bottle and sipped lightly from it. The guys laughed when her face scrunched up from the burn.

"Ya don't drink much, do ya Ma?"Connor chuckled.

"Not in a long time."She smiled.

She passed the bottle along and sighed quietly to herself. Murphy looked over and asked, "What's on yer mind, Ma?"

"Just thinkin' is all."She said.

"About what?"Romeo questioned.

"About Adrienne."She frowned."She closes up on a lot of people. I'm really the only person she has to talk to."

"Yerself and Murphy over here."Connor winked.

Murphy sent a painful blow to Connor's ribs as his lips touched the bottle of liquior. He growled lowly and sent him in angry glare.

"It's nothin' to be ashamed of, boys."She laughed quietly."She's just someone who can't trust easily. I don't know where she gets it, but once she started her job as a Detective, she closed everyone off, including other family."

Connor rubbed her back softly and said, "S'alright, Ma. She'll open up soon."

"I don't know boys."She frowned."I just want you to promise me one thing."

"What's that?"Murphy asked.

"If anything happens to me,"Connor began shaking his head.

"What makes ya think somethin's gonna happen to yerself, Ma?"He asked.

"Just in case."She let her head drop slightly."I want you boys to take good care of her. She may not show it, but she wears her emotions on her sleeve."

The group fell silent for a few moments before Murphy broke it.

"We promise, Ma."He whispered."Nothin' will happen, though. So keep a good head on yer shoulders. Fer us."

"I will."Mama turned in Romeo's direction and sent him a playful glare."You gonna share that bottle, Romeo, or sip it till it runs dry?"

They laughed loudly at Mama's reaction and Romeo pushed the bottle in her direction.

"I thought so."
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