Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

First Prayer

I leaned back on my elbows in the sand and smiled warmly in Abby's direction. She put her feet in the clear water and swished them around slowly. I brushed back the few strands of knotted hair from my eyes and let out a quiet sigh. The last few days in Virginia had been absolutely peaceful. We no longer had to fear for our lives against the living, now that Ryan was gone. We searched every inch of the woods every morning, never finding a single clue to an infected close by.

I let my gaze follow up to the camp site and smiled when Mama caught my eye. She had been so happy, which only pleased me. Mama and Noah had been attached at the hip, laughing and joking the night away. The twins, Romeo and I had been the fantastic four, doing exactly what Mama and Noah had been doing. Sean stayed off in his quiet stupor, letting everyone else slightly single him out. He wasn't the social type, but then again, neither was I.

We tried multiple times to pull Sean into our conversation, but he was too shy for his own good. Abby had become like a younger sister to me; asking me to take a walk with her or go fishing along the lake. Fishing had become her favourite past time ever since Mama and I showed her. The first few times was uneasy for her, but after a good amount of tries, she quickly grew attached to the habit. I leaned my head back and closed my eyes, enjoying the warm sun light.

The weather was another plus over the past few days. The heat wasn't licking over our skin and causing sun burn or pools of sweat. It held a nice breeze and low humidity. I cleared my throat a little and peeked over at Abby. She seemed to be have her eye on something, but it wasn't in the lake. I brought my head up and looked at her, but before I could ask what was wrong, shouting emerged from the camp. I quickly scrambled to my feet, reaching into the hem of my jeans for my gun.

"Mama!"I flicked the safety off with a quick movement of my thumb.

Gun shots rang throughout the camp and I felt myself jump into over drive. I reached down to take hold of Abby's hand, but she began screaming. I pulled her tiny body to her feet and quickly shoved her behind me. I looked out toward the woods and felt a whimper pucker at the bottom of my throat. I didn't want to be seen as scared, but when four of the infected were eyeing you down, it was all I could do.

"They're here!"I rose my gun in the direction of the largest man, allowing a bullet to pierce through his pale skull.

"Hide behind me!"Abby's screams continued to rock throughout the lake as I took aim at every mutilated person running our way."Stay calm, Abby!"

One after the other the bodies crumbled into the sand. I grabbed Abby's hand after clearing the area and took off toward the camp. Tears stung my eyes as we climbed the small hill into the large camp site. Abby seemed to drag, so I continusouly pulled on her hand to keep her going.

"Mama!"I stopped quickly, scanning the invaded camp for Mama.

I choked on my breath when I saw Noah, Connor and Murphy sheilding Mama from any of the infected. Abby let out a shriek of fear once more, forcing me to come back to reality.

"Adrienne!"I swung my arm around, pressing it tight against the forehead of a small girl.

Her mouth hung open, revealing what were once white teeth. Her tongue rolled out along the side of her broken jaw, but it didn't stop her from craving the taste of flesh. Abby jumped behind me as I traced my finger along the trigger. I would be killing a young girl. I closed my eyes and quickly pulled the trigger. I yanked Abby into my side, hugging her tight as I took aim at the small horde. It seemed like an hour had gone by when we finally had a break.

I knelt down to Abby's height and pulled her head into my shoulder. I continusouly begged her to be quiet and calm down as she began to cry. I brushed back her hair with my fingers and whispered, "Shh, it's okay, Abby. They're gone now. We're all safe."

Abby wrapped her arms around my neck and pushed her head into my shoulder. She began to sob, which only pulled at my heart. I swallowed hard and tried to hide my own tears.

"Adrienne,"I whimpered quietly when Mama pulled me into a hug.

I pulled Mama in close and sighed.

"I'm so sorry, Mama."I whispered."I'm so sorry."

"We're okay, Adrienne."She cupped my chin in her hands and smiled."We're okay. You're okay. Don't be sorry."

I looked up at the boys and sniffled slightly. I gave them the best smile I could manage before choking out, "Thankyou, boys. For keepin' Mama safe."

"No need to thank us, Adrienne."Noah stated softly."We're all safe."

I slowly got to my feet and peeled Abby's arm from my waist. I gave her a warm smile and said, "It's okay now, Abby."

I turned my attention back to the group and found Sean rubbing his hands down his face. I peeked over Connor's shoulder and said, "Sean, ya'll right?"

"I'm okay."He nodded his head before taking a step away from the group.

"We need to head further down south."I frowned."I should have known. I should have -"

"Adrienne, don't blame yerself."Murphy said softly."Ya couldn't have known."

Mama's stare caught my attention rather quickly. She seemed to be in deep thought, so I placed a hand on her shoulder. She quickly turned in my direction and I asked, "Y'okay Mama?"

"Where's Romeo?"She whispered fearfully.

All eyes in the group started to circle around the camp site. Romeo was nowhere to be found. My heart seemed to skip a beat as I shouted, "Romeo!"

The few steps I took forward made me freeze at the sound of coughing. I turned my attention toward the boys van and listened carefully.

"Over,"The coughing had a watery sound to it."here."

I quickly made my way around the van and cupped my mouth in fear. Romeo was sitting up against the van, his legs and arms sprawled out against the floor. I instantly welled in tears before dropping to his side. I reached out to touch his face, but I was afraid that I would hurt him. Blood spilled out of a wound in his neck, which coated his t - shirt and jeans.

"R - Romeo?"I whimpered.

"Hey, country g- girl."He coughed once again, allowing blood and spit to jump through his lips.

"Romeo, oh,"I no longer held back on my tears.

I looked down at his feet, finding the monster repsonsible for the bite wound on Romeo's neck. He was face down in the dirt, his limbs crunched in odd directions under his body. A bullet wound was clearly visible in the back of his head, where if you looked down in it, you could easily see the ground. I quickly pulled my shirt over my head and pressed it tight against his neck.

"Guys! Guys!"I screamed."Over here! Quick!"

I looked down at Romeo, who flinched and whimpered quietly under my touch.

"It's okay,"I cried."It's gonna be okay, Romeo. Just hang in there."

"No,"The pattering of footsteps met my ears.

Gasps and whimpers quickly followed after, which was when I almost lost it. I cupped his bleeding wound, but no matter how hard I pressed, the blood continued to spill over.

"Romeo!"The twins fell to their knees at my side, who quickly welled up in tears.

"It's okay Romeo."I whispered."Yer gonna be okay."

"I'm gonna kill every last motherfucker."Murphy wailed.

"We'll help ya, Rome, just stay with us!"Connor pleaded.

They gently grabbed his hands and held onto him. The twins began to cry and sob into his clenched hands. Romeo coughed quietly, forcing the large amount of blood to spill over and onto his chin. With shaking hands, I pressed my blood soaked shirt further into his throat.

"Come on, Romeo."I whimpered."Mama, get some bandages!"

"Kill me."Romeo choked.

"No, no you're stayin' with us!"I shouted."Come on, Romeo!"

"Rome!"Connor shouted."Rome, come on! Stay in there!"

Noah placed a hand on each of the boys shoulders, forcing them to look up at him. I shifted my position so I was sitting above Romeo's pelvis and pressed my shirt further into his neck.

"Shh, you're okay, Romeo. You're okay."I cried."Please, don't die on us! Mama! Get bandages!"

"There's no more time."Noah frowned.

Romeo gurgled slightly before pressing a smile to his lips.

"This all it,"He breathed."takes for you, to get cozy, with me?"

I chuckled lightly out of nerves.

"You're such a good man."I whispered."Just a lil' bit longer, Rome."

"Just kill me."His eyes met the dead man on the ground and a frown fit his lips."Not like them."

"You wont be of them."I choked."You wont."

"Adrienne,"Mama placed a warm hand on my shoulder and with a shakey voice, finished,"it's okay. Come on."

"No, Mama."I shook my head."He's gonna be alright!"

"Adrienne,"Noah's stern voice forced me to look up."it's time."

I turned back to Romeo, who gave me the sweetest of smiles. His teeth were stained red and he was slowly losing conciousness, but he managed to smile through it all. I leaned forward and pressed a kiss against his cheek. With a single hand I brushed my fingers along his cheek and whispered, "You're a good man, Romeo. I love you."

"Come on,"Mama pulled me to my feet and away from Romeo.

I choked back a sob as I pulled Mama and Abby into my arms. They cried on my shoulders as both Connor and Murphy stood. They reached into their breast pockets and retrieved their silencers. I accidently let a sob escape my lips as they cocked back their guns. Their eyes were stained red with tears as they looked down at Romeo.

"I'm sorry, Rome."Murphy sobbed."I'm sorry."

"It's, okay."Romeo slowly rose his weak hands in their direction.

Connor and Murphy took hold of his hands, clenching them tightly within their own. They rose their guns to Romeo's head and let quiet sighs escape their lips. Noah placed a hand on each of their shoulders and nodded in their direction.

"We'll see ya soon, Romeo."He smiled.

I hid Abby and Mama's face in my shoulders as they pressed their guns to the front of Romeo's head. His eyes seemed to droop slightly as they began the most beautiful prayer I had ever heard.

And Shepherds we shall be.
For Thee, my Lord, for Thee.
Power hath descended from Thy hand.
Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands.
So we shall flow a river forth to Thee,
and teeming with souls shall it ever be.
In Nomeni Patri,
Et Fili,
Spiritus Sancti.

I closed my eyes, knowing that it was the end of their prayer. Noah's strong, bold voice came quietly after Connor and Murphy.

And when I vest my flashing sword,
And my hand takes hold in judgement,
I will take vengeance upon mine enemies
And I will repay those who hase me, O Lord,
raise me to Thy right hand
And count me amoung Thy saints.
Whosoever shed last blood.
By man shall his blood be shed.
For immunity of God make he the man.
Destroy all that which is evil,
so that which is good may flourish.
And I will count Thee among my favoured sheep.
And you shall have the protection of all the angels in heaven.
Never shall innocent blood be shed.
Yet the blood of the wicked shall flow like a river.
The three shall spread their blackened wings and be the vengeaful striking hammer by God.

Quiet gun shots echoed into the camp, making it known that our group would never be the same again.
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This was the absolute worst chapter I've ever had to write.
I did not want to kill off Romeo,
but I thought it would give the story a kick.
I adore Romeo and I'm sad to say he wont be in the story anymore.
Damn it. :(
I loved writing this chapter, despite the death scene though.
Hope you guys enjoyed it :)
Should I keep Da's prayer in the story?
I was thinking it might be too much.
Should I shorten it to his first prayer?
It's killing me.
I put it all in, just to see how that goes.
I can always change it.
Thankyou guys! :D