Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down


All sorts of people scattered along the airport, trying to find an unoccupied seat or trying to get in line first for their tickets. My suitcase rolled quietly behind me as I looked around, wondering if I should get a drink before we boarded. Don was absolutely correct when he told me to take a break; I could feel the case slipping from my mind already. I dug my hand into my pocket, pulling out what cash I had on me at the time. A few extra dollars could buy me a nice cold beverage. I rolled my bag toward the bar, hopping up on a stool with a smile.

“How can I help you?”The man’s hand was pushed inside a cup, drying it off for the next user.

“I just want a simple beer.”I smiled.”Coors Light, please.”

He dug under the counter, tossing a beer down in my direction. I popped the top on the counter before taking a swig from it. The cold alcoholic beverage slid down my throat easily, sending chills down my spine. It had been a long time since I was able to sit back and enjoy a cold beer. I looked down the counter, finding a young couple to my left and a man to my right. He smiled warmly in my direction before ordering himself a drink as well. As I came to finish my single beer, the intercom came on, signaling I had to board quickly if I ever wanted to get to Boston.

I escaped the bar quickly and trailed my suitcase quickly behind me. It wasn’t every day that I was on a plane; I had only been on one once before when I was only eight years old. I scratched the top of my head, wondering how I was supposed to find where I was boarding. I looked down at my ticket, reading the number 24A. I looked around me, but I was only able to find the mid forty’s. I turned to walk away, bumping rudely into someone else. I gasped softly, quickly apologizing for bumping into them so hard.

“Don’t worry about it.”He waved his hand, telling me to forget it happened.

“Well, since I have you stranded for a moment,”I looked from my ticket to the man.”do you know where 24A is by any chance?”

“Yes, I do.”He snickered softly before pointing down the hall.”Straight down on your left. The numbers go down the further to the doors ya get.”

“Thankyou very much,”I stuck my hand out to thank him, but I didn’t quite know his name.

“Romeo.”He took hold of my hand and smiled happily.”Name’s Romeo.”

“Romeo.”I grinned.”I’m Adrienne. Thankyou again!”

I waved him off, finding my gate right as the line came to an end. I was boarded quickly and I had found my seat easily. As I sat back, I let out a sigh of relief. I was leaving behind my work and stress and going into a nice, quiet time. It would only be a few hours before we reached Boston and I would see my mama once again. It had been too long since my last visit. Phone conversations only did so much, but when you lack the physical motherly love, it takes a stab at you. I had grown home sick multiple times, but I was never able to do much about it.

I tried to persuade mama into coming down to Louisiana, but she refused. Her rent is very cheap, being the $150 it is a month, and she likes her neighbors. The last time I had been at her apartment it had been a mess; mold in the kitchen ceiling, water dripping from multiple pipes. I tried my best to bring her out here, explaining how much safer it would be if she just stayed with me, but she denied it. Mama said that there were two boys that took care of her, but I never liked her being in the hands of anyone else. She was almost sixty years old; she should learn to not trust as many people.

She had a heart of gold, but was too trustworthy. Mama was my all and always will be. When my father passed away when I was nineteen years old, she became my main priority. I took care of dad as long as I could, but his dymensia had gotten the better of him. It was a horrible day when he passed, but passing in his sleep was the best I could ask for for him. He was no longer in pain, even though Mama and I wept for weeks on end. I looked up quickly when the pilot explained that we would be taking flight, but after a few minutes, I fell back into my thoughts and starred out the window.

Within a few minutes, we were air born, passing through the turbulance and bumps along the way. After a few hours, I had lost track of time. The sun was still up and would be for a good couple hours longer, but I couldn’t help but wonder how Mama would react when I got home. She had welcomed me home every time I came and was more than ecstatic to have another visitor. She had explained a hundred times that even when I turn seventy years old, I would always be welcomed home. A warm smile crossed my lips at the thought of her greeting me with a warm hug.

“Hey, country girl.”I looked up, finding Romeo in the aile of the plane.”How are ya?”

“I’m doin’ pretty good.”I smiled warmly, trying to keep the conversation quick and painless.

It wasn’t Romeo’s fault at all, but I wasn’t necessarily in the mood for a conversation. He seemed nice, but looks were always so deceiving.

“What are you goin’ to Boston for?”He leaned on the empty seat beside me and gave a flashy grin.

“Visit my Mama.”I said softly.”It’s been a while.”

“That’s nice.”He looked down the aile before stating, “I just have a couple of friends out there. S’bout it.”

“Well you wont be alone then, huh?”I chuckled quietly.

“Exactly. I’ll see you later. Sleeps callin’ my name.”Romeo left, leaving me in slight peace.

The plane ride was quieter than I thought it would be, but I wasn’t one to complain. I always expected a lot of talking, babies crying or arguing, but it was almost a silent ride. By the time three o’ clock came around, the plane was landing on the strip, hitting every turbulance bump in the sky on the way down. When everything was safe and checked, I escaped through the plane, my suitcase trailing right behind me. It was cooler in Boston than Louisiana, but it was nice. I hated the blistering heat and humidity, but a cooling seventy five or so was always perfect for me.

I stepped outside, flagging down the first taxi I caught site of. When I got inside, I was quickly engulfed in cigarette smoke. I coughed quietly into my hands, trying to be as polite as I could be before giving him my destination. It was a long hour’s worth of a drive, but when he pulled up along the apartment a large smile met my lips. I almost threw the cash in his direction before jumping out. She was on the fifth floor, room five thirty three. I jogged quickly across the streets, dodging cars and other pedestrians on the way.

I pushed through the doors, smiling weakly at my surroundings. The building seemed to have rotted further since my last visit, but hopefully Mama’s room was nicer and fixed up. It shouldn’t be up to her to fix the apartment she was renting; it was the landlord’s job. I began to jog up the stairs, hugging my suitcase tight under my arm. It was a small bag, but after holding it for so long, it became a dead weight. By the time I reached the third floor I was breathless and chuckling quietly to myself. I had been in better shape two years ago.

I eventually climbed to the fifth floor, dropping my bag to the poorly made tiles with a thud. I took in a deep breath as I walked down the hall, counting the doors as they went up. I finally reached five thirty three and butterflies completely took over my stomach. I wanted to start banging on the door, but I didn’t want to scare her. I knocked quietly, listening quietly to hear her feet shuffle against the floor. My smile widened when the lock on her door unhitched. The door pulled open slowly and I yelled, “Mama!”

“Adrienne! Oh, you’re home!”She pulled me into a hug, crushing my ribs in the process.

I hugged her back tightly, taking in her scent and laughing loudly. It had been nearly a year since I had last seen her and my god did it feel good to be home. When she pulled away she wiped her tearing eyes, but kept that smile on her face the whole time.

“It’s so good to see you, Adrienne.”She choked.”Come inside!”

I followed after her, placing my bag next to her old couch. I sat down as she rushed into the kitchen, pulling two soda’s from the fridge with a goofy smirk. She sat down, pushing the Pepsi in my direction.

“How long are you out here for?”She asked.

“A week.”I said happily.”Don told me to take a break. The cases were killin' me.”

Mama and I went back and forth for what seemed like hours, but by the time we finished, it was almost dinner time. I stood from my seat and looked around the apartment, noticing the mold had only grown since I had last been here. The pipes still leaked, and not only them, but the ceiling leaked in certain spots. Mama had put pots and towels under the leaks, but they could only do so much. The wallpaper peeled in certain spots and I sighed softly to myself.

“Mama, I’m tellin’ you,”I said softly.”Louisiana would be so good for you.”

“I understand, Adrienne, but I like it here.”She smiled warmly.”I’m alright here.”

“You could get sick. Look at the mold in your ceilin'.”I frowned.

“S’alright, baby girl.”She stood from her seat and hugged me tightly.”I just missed you so much.”

“I missed you too, mama.”I smiled weakly.

She pulled away and I tucked a piece of hair behind my ear. She was only surviving on her social security checks and that wasn’t much per month at all. I placed a large smile on my lips and asked, “Wanna go get somethin' to eat, mama? My treat.”

“Oh, I can’t do that, sweetheart.”She chuckled quietly.

“It’s been too long. Let’s get some food and spend the rest of the night out.”I said.”It’ll be good for you.”

She stopped for a moment, trying to hide her smile behind a stern face. It was of no use, because her sweet smile broke through within a few seconds before she agreed. I sat back on the couch as she changed and cleaned up some. It felt so good to be home, but knowing how dangerous the place she lived in didn’t put me at ease. It was going to take a lot to talk Mama into it, but by the time I go back to Louisiana, I would have her by my side.

“Oh, Adrienne!”She stepped out of her room, her brush entangled in her dark brown locks.”Tomorrow Connor and Murphy are comin' over! I want you to meet them!”

“Connor and Murphy?”I looked back at her, obviously confused on who the two guys she was speaking of were.

“The boys who take care of me. They’re sweethearts. You’ll love them, trust me.”She disappeared into her room once more, leaving me to think for myself.

These boys could seem nice on the outside, but then again they could be robbing Mama of what she owns. Two men could easily stop her if they wanted something they liked. I grew slightly angry at the fact that she allowed two men into her apartment, but once tomorrow came I would find out for sure if these boys were for the good, or for the worse.