Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Better Mom

Mama sat along the small camp fire, her arm wrapped around Abby. She had fallen asleep against her side, but Mama didn't mind. Noah sat beside her, puffing rythmically from a large cigar. Sean was sitting adjacent from the three, his legs tucked under his rear end. Mama sighed quietly, wondering how the rest of their stay in South Carolina would go. She clearly had mixed feelings, but it was mainly guilt. She felt terribley sad for Connor and Murphy.

She knew the feeling of losing a friend very well. But she felt more so for Adrienne. Her daughter should be protected by her mother, not the other way around. Mama felt like she was just baggage and was holding Adrienne back. Adrienne had been recieving very little sleep ever since the group had gotten together and took off for the South. She knew that if Adrienne didn't rest soon, she would surely go crazy. Mama's eyes welled up slightly at the thought of her daughter.

She felt like she couldn't protect her against what the new world offered them. Mama wanted to be able to take aim on one of the infected and keep her daughter safe. She couldn't even do that. Noah looked in the direction of the van and mentioned, "They've been in there a while."

"Yeah."Mama forced a small smile."Hopefully the boys feel better."

Mama nudged closer to Abby, who shifted slightly in her sleep. Noah turned his gaze on Mama and gave her a questioning look. His lips turned into a frown as he asked, "Somethin' on yer mind, Angel?"

Mama chuckled lightly at the nick name given to her. She looked up, tears welled in her eyes and said, "I don't feel I'm givin' the mother role any justice."

"What're ya talkin' 'bout?"He whispered quietly."Yer a fine Ma."

"A mom is supposed to take care of their daughter. I can't do that for Adrienne."Mama choked."I can't do for her what's she's done for me."

Noah set down his cigar and let his head fall slightly. He wasn't agreeing with Mama, but trying to find the words to say to help her feel better. No one was in their right mind anymore. It's what this world has come down to now.

"Yer a fine Ma, Angel. Ya raised a good girl."Noah assured."Her job calls fer that kind of shit. She's used to pullin' a gun on the bad guys. Yer not."

"I know. I just don't wanna risk her life for my own. I don't need Adrienne dyin' on me."Mama cupped a hand over her mouth and choked back a sob.

Noah's eyes showed how sorry he felt for her, but he never said it out loud. He placed a warm, gentle hand on her lap and said, "Death is inevitable, Angel."

"I know."She breathed."I know. But I wanna be able to protect my own."

"What do ya say,"Noah scooted closer and offered her a warm smile."I teach ya how to shoot. I'll take ya out back in the woods, show ya the ropes? What do ya say?"

Mama forced a warm smile and quickly nodded her head in agreement. If being able to shoot a gun would help her make the first step of becoming a better mother, than that is exactly what she would do.
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