Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down


"Dirty spic."Connor and Murphy laughed as they reminiced on old memories.

The brother's had found the last of the Scotch, which wasn't much, that Romeo had scrounged up for the three. They were upset to know he wouldn't be with them to celebrate, but they kept his memories alive. Connor rose the bottle and tilted it slightly, letting a few drops of the liquior to splash against the tin ground of the van.

"Fer Romeo."He smiled.

"Aye."Murphy rose his cigarette and pressed it gently against the bottle."May his greasy soul rest in peace."

They each snickered quietly as they passed the little amount of alcohol back and forth. Murphy's content attitude started to decline, however, as he rested his eyes on the sleeping Adrienne beside him. He sighed quietly, because he could almost feel the sorrow radiate off her sleeping frame. He felt as if she had taken on the dangerous role of keeping the group together by force. She was a strong woman and both of the brother's new that. Clearly, she only needed a little rest.

Connor looked up at Murphy, due to the lack of conversation, and offered him a warm smile. In a sweet whisper, he asked, "Ya'lright, Murph? Ya seem down all of a sudden."

Murphy turned his blue eyes on Connor and forced a hurt smile. He was perfectly fine; he just didn't want to see Adrienne struggle anymore.

"Fine."He sighed."I feel fer Adrienne, is all."

"Aye, she's a strong lass."Connor passed the Scotch toward Murphy.

Murphy let the last few drops glide down his sore throat and wiped a hand over his mouth. He knew if he could just get Adrienne out for the day, he was sure to bring a real smile to her face. Her eyes held large, dark bags under them and she seemed quiet tired most of the time. He had rarely seen her smile, unless Mama was speaking with her. Even then, he could see the hurt hidden behind her eyes. Murphy set the bottle aside and smirked at the cigarette dangling between his eyes.

Connor graciously lit it for him and offered, "What if we take her to the river tomorrow?"

"It'll help her stress."Murphy agreed.

"It'll be fun."Connor smirked."A grand ol' time."

"That sounds like a plan, dear brother."Murphy winked.

Silence fell between the twins', leaving their thoughts to ramble through their heads. They each felt the same pity for Adrienne, even if they hadn't realized it yet. They wanted not only her, but everyone else in the group to feel content and happy for once. Since the out break, everyone's emotions had gone down hill. Connor puffed lightly from his cigarette and tilted his head slightly to the side. With a growing smile, he asked, "Ya gotta be honest with me, Murph."

Murphy turned in his direction, letting the smoke crawl from his lips and nose.

"How do ya feel 'bout Ma's daughter?"He asked.

Murphy began to choke and swatted the free smoke from his face. He laughed nervously and asked, "What?"

"Ya heard me. How do ya feel 'bout Ma's daughter?"He repeated.

Murphy let his head drop, but he couldn't hide the fact that his lips were pulling up into a smile. Connor punched the air repeatedly and in a hushed whisper, said, "I knew it! I fuckin' knew it!"

"I don't know if it's the end of the world stress or what, but I do have feelings fer the lass."He admitted."I think."

"Who called it?!"Connor danced quietly in his seat as Murphy stifled back a loud laugh.

When Connor calmed down, he became serious once again. He wanted to congratulate Murphy on his feelings for Adrienne, but he didn't want to push Murphy over the top. He was still unsure of his feelings for the young woman, so he didn't want to scare him out of anything. He leaned back against the wall of the van, careful not to touch Adrienne, and smiled.

"I'm happy fer ya."He said.

"Fuck yerself."Murphy spat.

"No, really."He said."I'm happy fer ya. But I wish ya luck."

"Why's that?"Murphy asked.

"'Cause she's a hard one to break."Connor snickered.

"Aye."Murphy couldn't help but chuckle at his brother's response.

"I know ya'll do good to her. But if ya don't do it quick, I'll jump in."Connor winked.

They shared a couple more moments of talking before Connor stubbed out his dying cigarette. He stretched quietly in the van and began to scoot his way toward the door. Murphy looked over and said, "Where ya goin'?"

"Sit by the fire."Connor said."See how Ma and Da are doin'."

Connor stepped from the van and quietly shut the door behind him. He turned on his heel and began making the few strides toward the fire. His smile grew tenfold when he saw Mama leaning tiredly against Noah. His arm was gently stretched around her shoulders, where she let her head lay comfortably against him. Abby was leaned back against one of the logs with her eyes folded shut. Sean had disappeared from the group, signaling he had most likely retired for the night.

Connor stepped up quietly to the three and slapped a hard hand against Noah's back. He jumped at the sudden pressure and turned, playfully glaring in his direction. Mama smiled up at Connor before letting her eyes wander back to the open fire. In a low chuckle, Noah said, "Ya scared the shit outta me, boy."

"Was my good intentions."Connor chuckled."Ya gettin' a lil' cozy there, Ma?"

"I'm tired."She snickered.

"I can tell Abby is too."Connor crossed his arms over his chest and smiled at the young girl."Adrienne is asleep in the van. She can stay the night in there. Murph and I don't mind sleeping elsewhere."

Mama turned toward Connor and said, "That's sweet of you, Connor. Thankyou."

"No problem."He smiled."I guess I'll take this little one in fer the night as well."

"That would be helpful."Noah chuckled.

"G'night Ma,"Connor placed a gentle kiss on her cheek."Da."

"Don't kiss me!"Noah laughed.

Connor quietly walked toward Abby and knelt beside her. He brushed the few stray strands of hair from her eyes before slinking his arms under her shoulders and legs. With a grunt, he pulled the tiny girl into his arms. When he made his way back to the door, he kicked it lightly, forcing Murphy to open it. He chuckled at the sight before snaking his way out of the car. Connor lie Abby close to Adrienne before closing the door behind them.

Murphy stepped out his cigarette and crossed his arms over his chest. His eyes met Noah and Mama, which forced his lips to curl up into a grin. He nudged Connor lightly and said, "Ma and Da gettin' a lil' close?"

"They'll deny it 'til the day they die."He chuckled.