Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

True Feelings

My body jolted awake the next morning, forcing my back to tense and ache. The back of the van was dimly lit, but visible enough to show I was alone. A quiet groan slipped through my dry lips as I rolled to a seated position. My muscles contracted and tightened with each of my movements. I reached down to touch my toes, feeling my back crack from my hips up. Sleeping on the dirt ground would have been much nicer than the van.

I waited a few moments before realizing I had no idea what time it was. I could hear talking in the camp, but I couldn't make out who it was. I crawled to my knees and grabbed the door handle tightly. I yanked it open in one swift movement before shoving myself from my van. I nearly tripped when I hit the dirt, but caught myself on the door. I looked up at the whole group, who found my arrival quite amusing. I offered them a shy smile before Connor rose from his seat.

"Good mornin'!"He threw his plate into the fire, which was when I caught the delicious smell of sea food.

I closed the door behind me and brushed back my messy hair. I sat down beside Mama and Abby before pulling my locks from my loose pony tail. I ran my fingers through my hair as I tried to rid myself of any knots. I lit up when Mama put a plate of crawfish of my lap. I gasped quietly before picking at the sweet meat. I looked up at Mama and asked, "Where'd you get this?"

"The river."Abby smiled.

"Abby and I went fishin' while you were sleepin'."Mama said softly."I don't have my spices to fix it up, but it has it's own fishy taste."

"It's amazing."I swallowed down the few pieces of food I was given with a happy smile."How long was I sleeping?"

"For a long while."Mama placed a hand on my thigh and continued, "But you needed it, Adrienne. You've been runnin' on fumes the last few days. You're under a lot of stress."

"I'm fine, Mama."I reassured."I should have woken up earlier. It's no big deal."

The sleep did help me relax more, but I wasn't going to admit to it. I felt more awake and alert now that I had rested up. I threw my plate into the fire and stretched as far as I could go. I relaxed back into my seat and felt my lips curl up into a smile. I appreciated the fact that they had thought of me, but there was too much to be done before then.

"Ey, Adrienne,"I perked my eyes in Murphy's direction."we're goin' to the river to cool off. Care to join us?"

Connor and Murphy climbed to their feet, but I only shook my head in protest.

"I can't boys. I gotta scope out the area before I do anything. Actually, I should've done it before I ate."I chewed on my bottom lip, knowing I could have risked a life or more due to my stomach.

"S'already done."Connor grinned.

The twins' started their walk toward the river, passing Abby, Mama and I. Yet before they stepped away, both of the brother's tightened their fingers around my upper arms. I was pulled to my feet, which forced the group to laugh quietly. Depsite my arguing, the boys began to help me walk toward the river. There was far too much to be done, but the boys' didn't want to hear it.

"Boys, I have to keep an eye on the group!"I pulled toward the camp once more, but I couldn't shake their grip from my arms.

"Sean and Da are there. S'alright, Adrienne!"Connor said."Come on!"

"No, I'm not goin' swimmin'."I yanked my arms back from the boys, which forced them to stop walking.

I crossed my arms over my chest and glared angrily at the brothers'. If they wanted to take a quick swim, they very well could. I, however, didn't want to join them. Not only did I have the stress of keeping a group safe on my shoulders, but I couldn't really swim. Connor shrugged his shoulders and Murphy sighed quietly.

"I mean, if ya really don't want to."Connor's frown slowly started to form into a smile.

"Sorry, guys, but I can't right now."I turned on my heel and started my walk toward the camp.

Mama ran a hand over her lips, hiding her known smile. I turned back toward Connor and Murphy at the mention of my name. I let out a shriek as Murphy's shoulder connected to my hips. I was pulled up and over his shoulder, where he started his walk with Connor once more. I angrily threw a fist into his back as laughter errupted throughout the camp.

"Have fun, Adrienne!"Mama waved over at us as we made our way to the river.

"Boys, really, this is unfair."I clutched onto Murphy's shirt as he neared the water.

"Not fair ya feel the need to keep the whole group clingin' to yer shoulders."Murphy retorted.

A gentle gasp pierced through my lips as Murphy dropped me back onto my feet. I looked back at the calm water and felt my shoulders slump slightly. I would surely enjoy taking a quick dip, but relaxtion had been permanently banned from my memory. The last time I had taken the few minutes to enjoy myself, Romeo had been taken from our lives. I looked back up at the boys, right as they pulled their t - shirts over their heads. I tilted my head slightly, completely shocked at their tattoos.

Their backs held the most beautiful religious tattoo I had ever come across. I wanted to run my fingers along their stained skin and hope God would take me now. I snapped back into reality as Connor dipped his bare feet into the water. He shivered slightly and said, "Fuckin' cold."

"Jump in."Murphy kicked his shoes aside and earned an angry glare from Connor.

"Ya jump the fuck in."Connor spat."It's fuckin' cold."

I chuckled lightly as Murphy neared the water, eyeing it carefully. Once he had known Connor's eyes fell off of him, he pushed him roughly by the shoulder and into the water. I fell into a fit of laughter as Connor fell under the water in a split second. Murphy rose his hand to me and I finished it with a high five. When Connor emerged, he wiped the water from his face.

"Ya fuckin' mick. Shits cold!"He started to crawl back to land.

"Already established that."Murphy winked.

I stepped away from the boys as Connor shook himself off. What little drop lets managed to catch my showing skin proved to be very cold indeed. I flattened out my tank top and said, "I'm gonna head back to camp guys. You keep playin' around in the water."

"We can't have that, can we dear brother?"Connor grinned.

"I think the lass should relax."Murphy added.

"Remember what happened the last time I tried to relax?"I shook my head and sighed quietly."I can't do it, boys."

"S'alright, Adrienne. It's just a wee bit of time."Connor stomped his wet body forward, forcing me to turn on my heel and try to run.

"Connor! Don't you dare!"I cried out loudly when he nearly tackled me to the floor.

He wrapped his wet arms around my body and began dragging me toward the river. Murphy stood aside and laughed loudly as I tried to push away.

"Connor! Wait!"I tried to pull away from his grasp, but he simply pulled me from the ground."Wait! I can't swim! Connor, I can't swim!"

Connor stopped a few inches from the freezing water and dropped me to my feet. He pulled away and asked, "Ya really can't swim?"

"I can't."I pushed away from him and shook my head."I never could."

"Is that why yer chickenin' out on us?"He asked.

"One of the reasons."I sighed.

"Come on,"Murphy gently took my hand and smiled."I'll teach ya."

I looked up, finding him starring down at me. He seemed intent on getting me into the water, whether I was willing or not. After a few seconds of debate, I found myself giving in to the twins'. Connor was quick to splash back into the water as Murphy guided me into the river. I pulled my shoes from my feet and tightened my pony tail. I was nervous, but I wasn't going to tell them that. I started my walk into the river, shivering slightly as the water brushed up onto my toes.

I let out a deep breath as I walked in knee deep. Murphy gasped quietly at the chilly water, but swam in none the less. He released my hand and swam out toward Connor. He turned, looking up at me with a wild grin. He waved me toward him and said, "Come on! I wont let ya drown!"

I took in a quick breath before jumping into the water. My feet barely touched the rocky bottom as I resurfaced. I gasped for air before trying to make my way out of the murky water.

"No, wait a minute!"Murphy tugged on my shoulder.

"It's, so, cold!"I breathed.

I began to panic when I could no longer touch the ground. I latched myself tightly onto Murphy's shoulder, giving the brothers' a reason to laugh at me. I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and whispered, "Don't fuckin' drop me."

"I wont."He laughed.

"Adrienne! Ya do the doggy paddle!"Connor patted at the water and I sent him an angry glare.

He swam further out, as if trying to impress me.

"Just kick yer feet. Slap yer arms around like a fuckin' moron and ya'll learn to swim!"Connor snickered.

"It's not funny."I spat.

"Wanna try it?"Murphy pulled away from me, which only sent me to panic once more.

I thrashed my arms in the water, but I still continued to sink. I took in a deep breath as I fell under, but I didn't have to hold it long. Murphy pulled me back up and offered me a nervous smile.

"Ya don't really have beginner's luck."He chuckled.

"Can you fuckin' tell?"I said.

"I'm gettin' a little hungry. I'll be back. Ya two place nice."Connor winked.

He slowly swam to the edge and climbed from the river. I watched as he gathered his things and made his way back to camp. I turned toward Murphy and said, "Without him buggin' me, this is actually kind of nice."

"I can agree with that.'He smiled.

I loosened my grip around Murphy's neck after so long. The water had become cooling along my burning skin and the breeze felt nice against my face. I let out a quiet sigh as Murphy shifted his arm on me. I leaned my head down on his shoulder and felt a small smile creep onto my lips. This was surprisingly nice, despite the first few minutes here. Murphy swam closer to the edge, allowing me to step back onto the bottom. I pulled away from him and smiled.

I pulled my hair from my pony tail and brushed it back into the water. It had been a long time since I could wet my hair. I felt a wave of relief roll over my shoulders when I did it. Murphy gave me a shy smile and I chuckled quietly. Softly, I asked, "What's wrong, Murph?"

"Nothin'."He brushed back the hair from his eyes and grinned."Relaxin', ain't it?"

"It is."I said."Thankyou for making me take a swim."

"Well ya would get in one way or another."He smirked.

"I know."I gasped quietly when Murphy pulled me from the bottom once again.

Given that he was a few inches taller than myself, he had the advantage of standing in deeper water. I dug my fingers into his shoulders and looked up into his eyes.

"The fuck -"I froze when he kissed me softly on the lips.

And what I did next, I would never be able to forgive myself for. I kissed back.
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