Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

More Comfotable

I let out a wild stretch before reaching into the back seat of my car. I felt very content today and ready to pull Murphy aside. I was going to tell him how I really felt and only hope that he understood. I unzipped my bag and pulled out an old, beat up t - shirt. I pulled at it with all my strength and smiled when the sounds of the ripping fabric met my ears. I ripped it as evenly as I could into five pieces before setting them down. I reached back in for a new shirt and jeans quickly after.

I looked over my shoulder and spotted Abby walking by. I stood up and shouted, "Hey! Abby! Come here!"

She looked over, her blonde hair brushing past her shoulders. I reached back into my car and pulled out two small, but full bottles of shampoo and conditioner. I held them up and watched her lips grow into a smile. Quietly, I said, "How does taking a bath sound?"

"Oh, it sounds amazing!"She reached for the bottles, but I pulled away.

Her smile quickly fell, but I only laughed at her. She most likely thought I was teasing her. I looked down at her small body and thought for a moment. I certainly wasn't as tiny as Abby was, but I knew a pair of my clothes would fit her. They would be loose, but they would also be clean.

"Shorts or jeans?"I rested my hand on my hip and smiled.

"What?"She tilted her head slightly to the side in confusion.

"Want a pair of shorts, or jeans?"I chuckled."I have clothes in here you can wear."

She gasped quietly before spitting, "Shorts! Please."

"Alright."I pulled out my last pair of shorts and handed them over to her."Now wait, I have a shirt and underwear in here somewhere."

I dug deeper into my bag and thanked God I packed so much. I could be spending a single night at a friends house and pack for three days. I was never sure what I would wear, so I brought as much as I could. I sighed quietly as I passed two pairs of lacey underwear. Surely, a thirteen year old would not be wearing sexy underwear. I pulled out a cream coloured pair and a shirt before handing it over. Abby went to turn away, but I quickly grabbed onto her elbow.

She turned back at me, obviously wondering why I had stopped her. I rose a finger and said, "Now, you best wait for me little lady. I'm goin' with you."

"But you're going to see me na -"I stopped her quickly.

"It's not like I don't have what you do. And besides, I ain't gonna watch you wash yourself."I laughed."I promise I will keep my back turned to you, alright? I don't want you goin' out by yourself. There could be somethin' dangerous waitin' for you."

"Okay."Her shoulders slumped as I dug back into my bag.

I collected the washing bottles, my clothes, two ripped rags and my gun. I laughed quietly to myself as I thought about my weapon. This would be the first bath I had where I was obligated to arm myself. I kicked my door shut behind me and handed a rag out to Abby. She gripped it tightly within her fingers as I looked around for Mama. She emerged from the van and I waved her over. Her face lit up at the shampoo and conditioner in my hands.

"Oh, please tell me those are for washing."She breathed.

"Abby and I are goin'. I have clothes in the car if you wanna come, Mama."I offered.

"Her too?!"Abby cried."She's gonna see me nak -"

"I wont look."Mama snickered."I promise."

"This is so weird."Abby kicked at the floor and waited patiently for her answer.

"I'll meet you two down there. I'm gonna get some clothes. Do you have anythin' other than skimpy underwear, though?"She rested a hand on her hip and sported a smile.

"Yes, Mama."I blushed."Somewhere in there. I'm gonna wash everyone's dirty clothes in the river later anyway."

"Sounds good to me."Noah stepped over, a cigar hanging loosely from his lips.

He shifted his hat on top of his head and smiled. With a light chuckle, I said, "Except yours, Noah. You get to do it yourself."

"Have ya ever seen me try to wash me own clothes?"He chuckled."They come out pink! I don't even own pink clothin'!"

Mama and I laughed loudly at his repsonse. I patted him lightly on the back as Abby and I began to walk away.

"Don't worry, Noah! I'll wash yours too!"I shifted my gun in between my jeans before walking in the direction of the river.

I gave Sean a small wave and watched as he grew quite confused. Quietly, he asked, "Where you girls going?"

"To take a bath!"Abby smiled.

Sean's face lit up as he asked, "Where?!"

"In the river."His smile quickly fell.

"That's disgusting."He commented.

"Not when it's the only water source around here."I winked.

Abby and I made it to the river in record time, mainly because we were so excited to wash ourselves. It had been so long since we could feel the rush of water against our skin. I dropped my things into the dirt before grabbing at the hem of my shirt. I quickly pulled it over my head and sighed. The cool breeze against my bare skin felt good. Abby's cheeks instantly flushed a bright red and she turned around.

"I don't think this is a good idea."She said softly.

"It's alright, Abby."I smiled."Nothin's gonna come at -"

"I mean this."She said intently."I don't like taking a bath with someone else. Especially a girl."

"Would you rather take a bath with Connor? Or Murphy?"I snickered.

"No!"She shouted.

"Then get naked, Abby!"I snaked my shorts from my legs and reached down for the rag.

I looked back at Abby as she played with the hem of her shirt. I grabbed both of the bottles before rushing into the water. The cold brushed against my skin, but it felt amazing. I turned back toward Abby and said, "I hope you can swim. 'Cause I can't save you if you start drownin'."

"I can swim."Abby sighed softly.

When the water just brushed at the middle of my chest, I reached behind me and unclasped my bra. I threw it up onto the river bank before pulling my panties from my legs. I threw them up as well as Abby slowly got into the water. I poured a pinch of the shampoo onto the wet rag and ran it along my arms. I groaned quietly as the soap cleaned my skin. It felt so good to have a nice bath, even in the murky waters of Georgia. Mama emerged from within the woods, clothes in hand.

She gave me a small smile as I turned my back away from her. Mama, Abby and I completely washed our bodies and escaped the water one by one. I was last and quickly dressed as they turned away from me. I brushed back my hair and let out a happy sigh. I now smelt of strawberries and cream and I felt amazing. I rolled my dirty clothes up, leaving my rag and soaps on top. I slipped my shoes back onto my feet before we made our way back toward camp.

Right as we neared camp, Murphy had started his way toward the river. He looked at the three of us and breathed, "Wow. Ya lass' look great."

"We feel great."Mama chuckled."Take your time, Murphy. You'll feel so much better."

"Here."I handed Murphy my rag and soaps."You're gonna need these."

He smiled warmly and thanked me. I turned toward Mama and Abby before saying, "You guys get to goin'. I wanna tell Murphy somethin'."

Murphy seemed to get a little nervous, but mainly confused. I stuck out my arm and smiled as he linked his in mine. Quietly, he asked, "What do ya wanna say, Adrienne?"

"I want to talk about last night."I stated softly."It was a real sweet moment, but I don't know how to get around it."

"I've kind of noticed."Murphy frowned."I feel like ya've been avoidin' me."

"I have."I admitted."You and your brother are so sweet. You're both wonderful gentleman. I know how you feel about myself, Murphy, and I do appreciate it. I don't know how else you feel about the situation, but I was confused for a little while."

I stopped as we reached the river bank once again. I pulled away from Murphy and offered him an apologetic smile. He gave it back before dropping his things to the floor. I wanted to tell him how much I felt for him as well, but my emotions were just mixed up. I couldn't be sure about anything anymore. I kicked lightly at the dusted ground and whispered, "I like you too, Murph. I'm just confused. I'm worried. I don't think I can handle anythin' like this right now."

"I understand, Adrienne."Murphy smiled."I'm sorry."

"Don't be sorry."I whimpered quietly.

Murphy brushed his fingers gently along my arm and said, "I am. I just thought of the moment. It seemed alright then."

"And it was."I said."I want to be happy and I know you want to be happy too."

Murphy chuckled lightly and said, "I am happy, Adrienne."

The corners of my lips pulled up slightly. With a nod of my head, I said, "Good. I'm happy you are, Murph."

"I'll give ya all the space ya need, Adrienne. Just say the word and I'm there."He whispered softly.

"Thankyou, Murphy."He pulled me into a tight hug and I sighed softly."Thankyou."

I wrapped my arms tightly around his neck and sighed quietly. He ran his fingers through my wet hair before saying, "And by the way, ya smell amazing."

I chuckled lightly and pulled away. I ran my fingers lightly down his arm and smiled. I was beginning to forget about my regrets and worry. Maybe telling Murphy to wait on me wasn't the best idea I've had. For the first time in a long time, I was truly happy.