Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

No Hope

I felt hands pulling and trying to tear me away from Mama. I yanked back from the grasp and rested my head on her shoulder. I cried loudly into her shirt as she stood completely still. It was as if Mama had gone into complete shock. The sounds of rustling feet filtered through the air, signaling more of the infected were on their way. Connor stumbled over to us before pulling Abby along. He turned toward Mama and seemed to choke slightly on his breath.

"Adrienne, come on!"Murphy's hands started to pull me away from Mama."We gotta go!"

As I was roughly pulled to my feet, I looked back over at Mama. Her eyes had welled in tears, but she hadn't began crying yet. Her mouth was hung open just slightly, as if she couldn't believe herself that she had been attacked. Connor snaked an arm in hers and slowly pulled her to her feet.

"Come on, Ma! We gotta go!"I would have thought that they only wanted to leave her.

"Mama!"We had reached the van, but I wanted her by my side."Mama, come on!"

Mama stumbled in the direction of the van as Murphy pulled open the sliding door. Sean had glided into the passengers seat and reached out to take the door handle. Murphy went to push me inside, but I angrily pushed him back by his chest.

"Mama! Come on!"The brush in the woods began to move and reveal more of the infected.

They had heard the gun shots and came to investigate the living. I let out a quick gasp as Murphy wrapped an arm around my waist and pulled me into the back with him. I collided heavily with the floor, but was fast enough to look over his shoulder. He was lying particially on me, but he turned back as well to make sure Connor, Mama and Abby made it in safetly.

"Let's go!"Noah reved the car to life and shifted it into gear.

Connor tossed Abby into the back as the infected started at a sprint in our direction. Murphy pulled away from me and reached out to pull them into the back. As they climbed in, Connor slammed the door in the faces of the infected. I pulled Mama into a hug out of instinct before brushing back her hair. I whimpered quietly into her shoulder and whispered, "I'm so sorry, Mama."

"It's alright, sweetheart."Her voice was shakey and uneven.

Noah sped the van from it's spot, but I didn't take the time to tell him where we needed to go. I specifically said Georgia and that was all. If he just followed the signs like the old fashioned way, we would get there soon. I could hear the sniffles from Abby as she let the event process through her mind. Murphy pulled her into a hug and let her cry into his shoulder. Noah turned back in his seat and whispered, "How is she?"

"She's okay."Connor looked up, but didn't offer his comforting smile.

"This is all my fault."I whimpered quietly."I should have protected you like I was supposed to."

I pulled away from Mama and dug my fingers into the bottom of my shirt. I pulled as hard as I could and tore some fabric from my side. I quickly wrapped it under Mama's arm and tightened it around her wound. She winced slightly at the pain, but it would keep her from bleeding severely. I wiped at my eyes and felt Mama's hand brush against my shoulder. I looked down at her and noticed how her skin was beginning to pale. The transformation was beginning already.

I know it must spread at a different rate for each person. It would only figure that it would climb through her veins faster than normal. Mama gave me a very weak, but genuine smile and whispered, "It's gonna be alright, Adrienne. This isn't your fault."

"She protected me."Abby covered her face in her hands and Murphy pulled her back into his chest.

"S'alright, Abby."He whispered quietly.

"Mama, you don't understand,"I breathed.

"Calm down. It was going to happen eventually."She ran her fingers along my cheek and cleared her throat."I just don't feel to hot is all."

I pulled Mama into another hug and whispered, "Mama, I'm gonna find you a cure."

I could feel her shift slightly as a quiet chuckle escaped her lips. She pulled away from me and I watched as her smile slowly fell. It was the first time yet that Mama had spilt even a single tear. In a quiet, hoarse whisper, she said, "There is no cure, Adrienne."
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