Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down


Smoke filled the small kitchen as I tried my best to fix Mama and I breakfast. Sweat beads formed along my hair line as I ran back and forth, trying my best not to burn what I was cooking. I had never been the best at cooking, as anyone could tell, but then again it had been a while. Fast food and coffee became my source whenever I needed it. Being home was a treat to me anymore. I stopped for a moment and pulled my chocolate locks into a tight ponytail. I leaned on the counter, waiting to hear the toaster ding. I slid the finished eggs onto a plate before reaching in for the toast.

I juggled the food and drinks to the kitchen table as Mama walked into the room. A quiet chuckle escaped her lips as she grabbed the food from my hands. I made the table for two as a smile came across her thin lips. In a soft voice, she said, “You didn’t have to make breakfast, sweetheart.”

“The least I could do.“I breathed.”There’s plenty here, so eat as much as your stomach can handle.”

I wiped my forehead and placed my hands on my hips. I tugged roughly at my jeans, pulling them up to my hips once again. After all the running back and forth, they had nearly fallen off of myself. Mama looked up suddenly when knocking sounded out by her door. Her face seemed to have lit up before she scurried her way over. I leaned against the wall and watched as she pried open the door, talking happily to whoever was there. I arched my eyebrows in confusion and waited to see who was going to pop up. From what I remember, just Mama and I were here for the day.

She pulled the door open and allowed two men to walk in. They each kissed her on the cheek and stepped into the living room. I looked back at the food on the table and back, knowing there would be plenty to feed all of us. Mama spoke to the men before looking my way. I smiled wearily, not sure on what to think of them just yet. She waved me over, introducing me as her daughter who lived down south in Louisiana. Both of them were of similar height, towering over Mama and I by a good few inches. The blonde man stuck out his hand, introducing himself as Connor.

“Very nice to meet you, Connor.”I looked over at the other man, who smiled nervously in my direction.”I’m Adrienne.”

“Murphy.”He shook my hand as well and I then realized that these were the two men Mama was speaking of last night.

“Nice to meet you boys.”I smiled.”Hungry? I made plenty for breakfast.”

“Oh, we couldn’t.”Murphy said softly.

“Just ‘cause Adrienne’s here doesn’t mean you boys aren’t welcome. Come on in, eat somethin'. I’m sure you boys are starvin’.”Mama said sweetly.

I followed after Mama and the boys into the kitchen. I pulled out two more plates and set them up in front of them. They seemed like gentlemen by their posture and attitude toward Mama, but I couldn’t judge just yet. As we sat to eat, I watched them carefully through my peripheral vision. Connor took hold of Mama’s plate, filling it first with eggs and toast. I let a small smile come over me and Mama pointed it out quickly.

“What’s so funny, Adrienne?”She took the plate from Connor, thanking him politely.

I shook my head, not knowing what exactly to say. They were definitely different than most men these days. I guess I was just used to bringing in such vile and dirty men that I forgot that some were still sweet and caring.

“I’m just shocked at how sweet you boys are.”I looked up, catching both of their gazes falling down to their plates.

“Thankyou, Adrienne.”Murphy’s thick accent flowed smoothly through my ears.

“They’ve been such help ever since you left for home in Louisiana, Adrienne. These are the sweetest boys you’ll meet.”Mama smiled.

“Thankyou, Ma.”Murphy grinned shyly.”We do what we can, ya know?”

“Aye.”Connor shook his head, agreeing with Murphy.”Wouldn’t want a lass like yerself gettin’ into any trouble.”

“Where are you boys from, anyway?”I stuck my fork into my eggs, taking a large bite.

“Ireland.”Connor replied.”Born and raised there, basically.”

“I’ve heard Ireland is a beautiful place.”I washed down the food with a sip of water.

“Very much so.”Connor agreed.”Beautiful beyond anyone’s dreams.”

“The stone cottages.”Murphy sighed.

“The land.”Connor and Murphy seemed to have gotten lost in their old memories for a moment.

I looked at Mama and chuckled quietly to myself. Breakfast grew quiet for a few moments before Mama broke in once again.

“I forgot to ask, Adrienne. How did your flight go?”I looked across the table, finding all eyes to scale on me.

“Fine.”I said quietly.”I had to prove I was a Detective before they let me through with my guns.”

I snickered softly to myself. I could see Connor and Murphy look at each other quickly, almost as if they were nervous. That quickly caught my attention and I only grew curious. They were fine when they didn’t know my occupation; why would they be nervous now?

“What do you boys do for a livin'?”I pried.

“Meat factory.”Connor shrugged.”No big deal.”

“Borin'.”Murphy said bluntly.”I beat Connor here with a cows tongue the other day.”

Murphy laughed loudly before shoving a forkful of eggs and toast into his mouth. Connor furrowed his eyebrows at Murphy, most likely wanting him to stop where he was at.

“Aye.”Connor said angrily.”But who got ya back in the end, hm?”

Mama turned back to me before asking, “No problems at all? Nice and easy flight then, yes?”

“Very easy. Actually, if it weren’t for this young spanish man, I never would have found my flight.”I recalled.”He was very helpful.”

“A Mexican?”Murphy blurted out.”He kind of short?”

“Long hair?”Connor chuckled softly.”Weird fuckin’ name?”

“Romeo?”I shrugged my shoulders, seeing nothing wrong with the name.

“Romeo!”The boys grew excited at the name.

“I guess you two are the friends’ he’s comin' here for then, yes?”I looked at Mama as they got more and more excited.

“We have to go, Ma.”Connor scraped the last of the food into his mouth before standing.

Murphy followed after him, tilting the plate and allowing the food to slide smoothly into his mouth.

“Was very good, Adrienne.”Murphy smiled.

“We’ll clean these dishes later, Ma.”Connor and Murphy tossed their dishes in the sink.”Don’t ya dare touch’m. We’ll be back in a wee while. We’ll introduce ya both to Romeo.”

I grew shocked as they left a soft kiss on Mama’s cheek before waving at myself.

“Nice to have met ya, Adrienne! We’ll see ya both soon!”They left in a rush, large smiles placed against their lips.

“They’re rowdy boys.”I laughed.

“But they’re good boys.”Mama stood, taking both of our plates and dropping them in the sink.”They’ll clean up for me, fix things, anything, really. And for not a cent out of my wallet.”

“I just find that suspicious, Mama.”I frowned.”I’m sorry.”

“Don’t worry, sweetheart. They’re good boys.”She smiled approvingly, trying to soothe the worry out of me.

I stood from my seat upon hearing my phone ringing. I stepped into the living room and opened the small pocket on the side of my suit case. I pulled out my phone, sighing in frustration when I read the name Frank on the front. Frank was another Detective who was helping me with my endless amount of cases. I flipped open the phone, answering angrily with, “I’m on vacation, Frank.”

This is important. How far away are you, Adrienne?

“I’m a good couple thousand miles away, Frank. I’m in Boston with Mama right now. What’s so important that it can’t wait?”I placed a hand on my hip, hoping that he had a good reason for bothering me now.

Shit, that’s way too far. Who said you could go on vacation? We’re in the middle of a case! You know what, who ca -

“For you’re information, Frank,”I spat.”Don told me to go on vacation. You out of all people know how much I hate leavin' with an open case, but I had no choice. Now you better have a damn good reason for callin' me with your attitude or I’m going to beat you within an inch of your life when I get back.”

Turn on the news, Adrienne. There’s more to our story than we thought.

I quickly searched through the couch cushions before flicking on the tv. I tuned into the news channel, watching as the camera shook and slid all over the place. Pictures of the deceased covered the screen in body bags, making the news reporter cover her mouth in disgust. I turned up the television, watching carefully.

That case where those two men were found in that hut? This has something to do with it. We think it’s some form of voodoo, but we can’t be sure.

I let the phone fall to my side, regardless if Frank was still talking to me or not. I watched as a man was pulled onto a stretcher, snapping his jaws like a wild animal at the emts’. My mouth fell open slightly, wondering exactly how this was happening. Multiple bodies were scrounged up from within a small hut, flesh torn and bitten into like they were an animals meal. The camera caught a quick glimpse of a young girl and I slapped my hand over my mouth. Her eyes held the beauty of decay, if I had seen right. I knew what blind eyes looked like and this was not the case.

Her eyes seemed to have sunken into the hollows of her head, giving off a foggy, light look. Her skin had paled beyond belief, like she hadn’t seen the sun in years. Her dry, chapped lips had split open, allowing chunky, dark blood to seep through the small wounds. The small sundress she was wearing had been tattered and dirty. The once bright pink that filtered everyone’s eyes had become a dark, dirtied white. Smears appeared over the soft cotton and if I could see right, I could have sworn it was blood.


I slowly brought the phone to my ear, answering with a quiet, “Yes?”

We’re in a lot of trouble, Adrienne. I wouldn’t believe it if I wasn’t there. The mortician even proved the legends. They proved what we thought wouldn’t be possible.

“What are you sayin', Frank?”I choked.

The little girl had been taken out by a gunshot to the head after she had tried to mall an emt. I flicked off the tv and tried to shake the image from my head.

I’m saying that the people we’ve been dealing with are scientifically dead, Adrienne.

“Call me back when you have a real answer, Frank.”I clipped my phone shut and rested my face in my hands.

You can’t fight off someone who had been signaled as deceased. It was physically impossible to do so. Frank was losing his mind - he needs the break just as much as me. I brushed back the few stray hairs in my eyes and looked up when Mama walked into the room. Her face dropped when she saw how stressed I was. I gave her a warm smile, hoping she would feel better.

“I’m goin' to step outside for a moment, Mama. I have to make a phone call.”I left the small apartment and headed down the stairs.

The image of the little girl stayed fresh in my mind, like a song on replay. Frank could come up with outrageous ideas and alibies for some cases, but this was definitely his worst one. I had to get to a fax and make a call to the Louisiana Morgue. I needed to find answers, before the whole world falls into a mass hysteria.