Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Last Chance

Abby and I casually walked back to camp, joking and commenting on our fishing skills. I had the bucket full of tonights dinner laced tightly within my fingers as we pushed through the thick brush. The poles in Abby's hands bounced continuously with every step she took. I gave her a warm smile and said, "If the boys' ask, I won."

"No way!"She giggled."I won fair and square."

"So does that mean the loser gets a bigger helpin' durin' supper?"I grinned.

"You're a sore loser, Adrienne."Abby snickered quietly.

Abby and I eventually made it back to camp, where it seemed rather quiet. I gave her a comforting smile before reaching into the hem of my jeans. I pulled my glock from it's spot and held it tightly within my fingers. I had my finger lying lightly on the trigger, just in case we encountered some trouble. I didn't want to tell Abby to stay put, just in case these infected found her. I also didn't want her to see anymore violence, but then again, I couldn't help that either.

I sighed quietly and said, "Just be very quiet, Abby."

Her facial features dropped significantly as we walked our way into camp. Abby let out a scream when Sean stumbled out in front of us. I rose my pistol to his head, forcing him to throw his hands up and into the air.

"Wait!"He cried."It's just me!"

"Where are the boys'? Where's Noah?!"I brought the gun closer, figuring that fear would get him to talk.

"Right here, Adrienne."Murphy shut the passenger's door and shifted his silencers in their holsters.

I shoved my gun back into place before giving him an odd stare. They all seemed very tense, like something bad had happened. Murphy's eyes met the bucket and a small grin seemed to work it's way onto his lips. He leaned up against the van and said, "Ya know, ya lass' are life savers."

"What's goin' on, Murph?"I set the bucket down and insisted that Abby put the poles away.

Connor and Noah walked around the van and seemed to shrink back slightly in their stances. Noah came up and placed a warm hand on my shoulder. He held the Walky in his hand and said, "We got a call, Adrienne. The boys' are gonna check it out."

"Wait, on that?"I pulled the Walky from his hands, listening as the static jumped at my touch."How can that be?"

I turned toward the group as I waited for this call once more. Connor stepped over and gently pulled it from my grasp.

"What did the person say?"I placed my hands on my hips and tried to figure out what was going on.

The last time we had gone for a rescue, things had gone horriblely wrong. If I could prevent the same mistake from happening, I would. Connor played with the circular button on top and shrugged his shoulders. Nervously, he said, "Ya know, the normal. Broken down, has kids, in trouble."

"I don't think this is a good idea, boys'."I said softly."Let me see the Walky."

Connor handed it over once more and I tuned it into the next station. The static noise shot out through the camp, forcing most to cover their ears at the sound. I pressed the button on the side and held it to my lips. I called out over the Walky, asking if anyone was on the other end. I released the button and waited a few seconds. When I recieved no reply, my shoulders slumped slightly. I looked toward the group and said, "No ones' there. We can't risk our li -"

Hello, is anyone there? This is Ken on Highway 20. Is anyone there?

I looked up at Connor and Murphy, who's faces grew worried within seconds. Connor reached out for the Walky, but I pulled it away. I pressed the button in once more and said, "This is Detective Adrienne Fox. What's your status, Ken?"

Located on Highway 20 with my two kids. We need asistance as soon as possible. There were some infected, but I took care of them.

"We have to go, Adrienne."Murphy said softly.

I let the Walky hit my hips and let out an exasperated sigh. This man on the other end would make or break us. He could be a trick to rob what we owned, or he could honestly need this help. Either way, I didn't want anyone to make the trip, regardless of this man's pleas. I let my eyes perk up in Murphy's direction and said, "You can't go, Murph."

"What are ya talkin' 'bout, Adrienne?"Connor scoffed."He has kids."

"Kids or no kids, Connor, he could be foolin' you!"I glared."He could be wantin' our supplies just for himself. Are you willin' to take that chance? Are you willin' to risk your lives?"

Murphy stepped forward and looked Connor in the eyes. They seemed to be having a brotherly moment, as if they could understand eachother without words. I ran a heavy hand down my face and shook my head. They were really thinking about saving this man and his kids. I couldn't get it through to them that they could be risking their lives and our supplies. If they didn't return, Noah, Sean, Abby and I would be in major trouble.

"We're goin'."Murphy said.

"Murphy, you can't -"I began frantically.

"It's final, Adrienne."Murphy said sternly."This is their last chance. We're their last chance. We'll be fine. I promise."

"Promises don't mean much in an apocolyptic world, Murph."I spat.

Hello? Hello, are you still there?

I shoved the Walky into Connor's chest and walked away from the brothers'. Normally they make the most important decisions and move the group in the right direction. This time, however, I had a feeling they were going to bring back more than thankful survivors.
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