Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Detective Instincts

I paced throughout the camp, hand on my chin and cigarette between my lips. I had gone through a whole pack of cigarettes within a few hours. The boys had promised to be back before supper and that promise was quickly broken. I inhaled deeply on the thick smoke and let it filter through my lungs multiple times before blowing it out. Abby looked over at me and frowned at my actions.

The sun was beginning to go down, which only kicked my panic into over drive. Night time seemed to make these infected more active, for whatever reason it may be. I nearly choked on my next inhale when the sound of a car on the dirt drive met my ears. I threw down the cancer stick and quickly followed Abby and Sean to the van. They had made it back to camp, just like I had been hoping.

The van doors opened and Connor, Murphy and Noah stepped out. I threw my arms around Murphy and whispered, "You scared me to death!"

He chuckled lightly and I pulled away from him. I pulled Connor into a tight hug and took in a deep breath. I could feel myself calming down already. When I pulled away, Noah had placed a hand on my shoulder and said, "Meet Ken, Caylee and Dave, Adrienne."

Three people stood from the van, their clothes torn and dirt from the constand running. Ken, who was the older man of the group, offered me a warm smile. I took notice that he stood an inch or so taller than to twins. His head was shaved, but it didn't hide his grey hair. A grey gottee hugged his chin and lips, which hid most of his smile. He wore a cut off t - shirt, which revealed a few tattoos along his thick arms.

He was a large man, but not necessarily fat. Jeans and combat boots hugged his lower half, which told me he had a reputation. I took in his features more and made a mental note to question him later. I could have sworn I had a document on him back at the station. I turned toward the young man beside him, Dave, and gave him a warm smile. He was almost as tall as the twins, but not quite.

Long, dark brown hair fell into his eyes, which were a shockingly bright green. He was a skinny kid and had a slight build to him. A scruff of dark brown hair was against his chin and cheeks, showing he was unable to shave for the last few days. He wore a dark brown t - shirt and dark blue jeans. The little girl next to him, who was a little taller than Abby, hid behind her father. Her name was Caylee and she was a year older than Abby.

Blonde hair fell into her dark, ever green eyes and hid a few freckles on her cheeks. She wore an orange tank top, which was hidden underneath a large, white, baggy shirt that read, I love my boyfriend. Skinny jeans hugged her thin legs and were met by a pair of black flip flops. I gave them all a wave and turned toward them fully. Quietly, I said, "I made dinner. There's plenty for everyone."

We all sat along the fire, which Ken had so thoughtfully made. He sat down on the large log we had rolled out and I noticed that a small hand gun was sticking out from the hem of his jeans. I looked up at Ken as he gorged himself ont he crawfish and fish fillets I had made and asked, "Where ya'll from, Ken?"

"North Caroline."He smiled.

I nodded my head slowly, knowing very well that he was up to something. I could feel my detective instincts come into play once again when I looked at Ken. He played things cool and seemed unaffected by most things, but I could clearly see through it. I pointed at his gun and asked, "Got a gun there? What did you do before this all went to shit?"

"I, uh, I was a firefighter."He said quietly.

"A hero, then?"I asked.

"No."He chuckled lightly."Bein' a firefighter don't make me no hero. It's a job."

I felt the corners of my lips tug up and into a smile. I looked to the side and found that Caylee and Abby had found a friendship in eachother. It was nice to know that Abby had someone her age in camp now. I stood from my seat, watching as Murphy sent me an intent stare, and said, "I'm gonna get us some waters. 'Scuse me."

I began my walk away and heard foot steps shuffle behind me. I snaked behind the van and waited for this person to appear. I reached out when they appeared and roughly pushed them into the van. Murphy gave me a shocked expression as I released his shirt.

"I'm sorry."I whispered.

"What are ya doin', Adrienne?"Murphy asked quietly."Yer actin' like - like a -"

"Like a cop?"I crossed my arms over my chest and watched as he nodded in agreement.

"Aye. A fuckin' pig."He said."We warned the lad. He does one thing wrong and we cast'm out, kids an' all."

"I don't know, Murph. I could swear I've seen him before."I tapped a finger to my chin while I thought."He's lyin'. I know he is."

"We'll see, Adrienne. But fer now, just enjoy the compant."He placed his hands on my shoulders and squeezed tightly."Fer me?"

"Alright."I sighed."Just keep an eye on him, Murph. He's hidin' somethin'."