Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Over Reacting

Noah, Connor and Murphy were intent on speaking to me about my accusations. I had explained how I had an off feeling about Ken, but they were simply unable to believe me. Connor quickly shook his head and said, "Yer over reactin'!"

"I know what I'm talkin' about, Connor."I scoffed.

I threw my arms around my chest and gave him an angry stare. He wasn't a cop or a detective of any sort. He had no experience with the bad guys. Connor wasn't used to seeing passed the calm, cool features on a murderer's face.

"Yer just scared it all."Connor smiled."S'alright to be scared, Adrienne."

Noah stepped in and waved a hand in Connor's direction. He quieted his son before turning toward me. He gave me a comforting grin and said softly, "What's the problem, Adrienne?"

"I have a file on this man, Noah."I said quietly."I'm sure of it. I know almost every face in that god damned computer."

"Well, since ya have yer proof, do ya plan on arrestin' the lad?"Noah asked.

"That's not the point, Noah."I began.

"Then what is, lass?"He questioned.

I turned toward the group, finding Caylee and Abby sitting close to eachother. The point was to get this through their thick skulls. There was something wrong with this man and I couldn't pin point it. I couldn't remember if this guy had robbed a bank, was a murderer or god forbid, a pedophile. I knew I had a file back at the old station with his name written all over it. Yet then again, why was I panicing?

They could have been right this whole time; I could be over reacting. I felt a frown crawl onto my lips and I shook my head. I wasn't going to let them get into my mind and tell me how or what to think. I knew there was something on this man and I wouldn't rest untiul I found out exactly what it was. He would have no problem telling me if I confronted him, right? I could no longer enforce the law if we were trying to survive.

I turned my attention back to the boys when Noah called out to me once more. Again, he asked, "What's the point then, lass?"

"To keep Abby safe."I said softly.

"We can't start on that shit again."Connor frowned.

"We've told ya before, Adrienne."Noah sighed."She will be."

"And I've told ya'll before. Look at the last two people we promised to keep safe."I spat."They're both dead."

I turned on my heel and headed in the direction of the camp fire. I was beginning to get sick of listening to the stubborn Irish men of the group. I understood they felt I was under a lot of stress, but I needed to be in control of this. Murphy called out after me and with an angry sigh, I turned around to face him. He gently wrapped his fingers around my arm and whispered, "No matter what happens, Adrienne, I promise you that Abby will be safe."

I felt my lips pull up into a smile. I pulled my arm away and gently took hold of his hand. I ran my thumb over his dirty skin and said, "Promises have been breakin' left and right, Murph. No need to tell me somethin' that ain't gonna happen."

I went to release his hand, but Murphy tightened his grip and pulled me into his chest. I gasped quietly at the sudden movement and felt him brush his hands down my back.

"No,"He began to growl."I promise both of yas will be safe. No matter what."

I rested my head against his chest and felt tears prick at my eyes. I swallowed hard and nodded my head. I don't know if I wanted to believe it or not, but I was coming to think that Murphy was losing hope. Quietly, I whispered, "Okay, Murph. Okay."
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