Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Bad Feeling

Noah sat back in his seat, cigar cluing tightly in between his index and middle finger. It had been three days since Ken and his children had been welcomed into the camp. Noah yet to see anything wrong with the older man, except that he was fairly quiet. Connor and Murphy soon joined everyone, with the exception of Adrienne, by the fire pit when they returned from their sweep of the area.

They sat back in their seats and let out relaxed sighs. Noah chuckled lightly at them as they sprawled themselves out where they sat. After a couple moments of silence, Murphy perked his head up and asked, "Where's Adrienne?"

"In the van."Noah replied smoothly."Checkin' what we have weaon, food and supply wise."

They nodded their heads before letting them fall back again. Noah turned down to Abby and found her smiles had been coming back to life. It had been a long time since Noah had seen a smile on that little girl's face. He shifted further back into his seat and puffed lightly from his cigar, allowing the thick smoke to crawl smoothly into his lungs. He was becoming very limited on his smokes.

Noah looked out at the van and listened as things banged around in the back. He couldn't help but smile as he pictured Adrienne falling over all the things they had. The group was in such a rush that they simply threw everything into the back. It seemed as though Adrienne was beginning to calm down over the death of her Mama, but Noah would sometimes have his doubts.

She was beginning to come around and become the way she normally was, but Noah could see deep down that she was like a lost child. He had no words to express his sorrows for her, but could comfort her the best way he could. Noah slipped his cigar in between his lips and took a large pull of it. He ran a hand through his over grown beard as he thought about ol' Mama. He felt a smile coming on.

She was a fine woman who had passed way before her time. Noah had spoken with her multiples times about going to Ireland, which she seemed quite fond of. They had also spoken about Adrienne and Noah was shocked to learn a few things. She wasn't the first person to trust someone, which Noah had learned over time. And what he learned the most, was that Adrienne automatically assumed people looked up to her in bad situations.

She doesn't like to fail others, which she felt she had done twice now. Adrienne still takes the blame for both Romeo and Mama's death. Noah, especially, has tried to tell her that she can't keep the entire group safe; it was nearly impossible to do, especially with only one pair of hands and eyes. Noah quickly turned toward the van when Adrienne let out a loud yelp.

The boys shot up from their seats and they watched as she stumbled out of the van, blacfk bag in hand. Noah was nearly shocked to see the smile on her face. She walked up to camp and dropped the bag down in the dirt. She reached in and pulled out her shampoo, conditioner and clothes. She looked toward Abby and Caylee before asked, "Who wants to get clean?!"

Their faces quickly perked up, especially Caylee's. She most likely hadn't had a bath since this whole ordeal started. She got up quickly before peeking over at her dad. Ken gave her a warm smile and said, "You can go if you want, Caylee.'

"Oh, thankyou dad!"She grinned.

She gave him a quick hug and stepped up to Adrienne. She looked up at Caylee and said, "You look 'bout my size. I don't have no cute clothes like you do, but we can manage."

Adrienne scrounged through her bag and handed both Caylee and Abby a new pair of clothes. She pulled out one last pair of jeans and a tank top before saying, "This is my last pair of clean clothes.'

"S'alright, Adrienne."Noah said softly."We can wash them in the river.'

"It's such a pain in the ass, though."She chuckled.

She stood from her bag, clean clothes, ripped rags and soaps in hand. She gave each of the girls a rag and said, "That's for washin', so scrub up. We'll be back, guys."

"Got yer gun, Adrienne?"Smoke crawled from Noah's lips as she gave him a thumbs up.

"Don't go far without it, Noah."She said.

"Stay within shoutin' distance, Caylee!"The girls walked into the woods, which seemed to put Ken on edge.

Dave looked up at him, as if asking if that was okay for Caylee to do. Noah leaned toward the two and gave them a reassuring smile. He pulled his cigar from his lips and said, "They'll be alright, lad. Adrienne was a detective. One of the best kind."

Ken leaned back into his seat and slowly nodded his head. Quietly, he responded with, "Jus' never been away from Caylee is all."

"She'll be fine, lad."Noah assured.

The group got to talk for a few moments to try and ease Ken's worried mind. Connor, however, stayed very quiet. Noah turned toward him, finding that his eyes we scanning along the group carefully. Noah waved his hand out, catching his attention quickly. Before Noah could ask what was wrong, Connor asked, "Where's Sean?"

Noah looked around the camp and sighed quietly. He knew there was something going on after a few moments and he was pretty syre he knew where the Jersey boy had gone to. All he could think at that point in time was how many ways Adrienne could kill him.