Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Peep Show

Connor and Murphy stormed through the woods, quietly brushing back branches and bushes. Sean had disappeared right after Adrienne, Caylee and Abby had disappeared, which gave them a good sense of where he was going. Connor shifted the silencers in his breast pockets and sighed angrily. They both knew that if Adrienne found out he was certainly trying to catch a free show, they would have a wild bull on their hands.

They began to hear the girls talking between each other and came to a slow stop. They didn’t want to go down to the river itself, in fear that one of the girls would turn to them, so they hid back in the bushes. They peeked around the wooded area, waiting to see Sean somewhere close by. Connor smacked Murphy’s arm and shot out his hand, pointing out the young man close to the water.

“There’s the fuckin’ mick!”He whispered angrily.

Sean was laying low near the river bed, where he seemed to watch the girls carefully. His eyes were more set on Adrienne, but even in an apocalyptic world, it wasn’t appropriate to sneek a peek like a pervert. Murphy’s jaw dropped when he noticed that the young man’s hands were far from his head or chest. One was holding on his pants, while the other one disappeared underneath the fabric.

The each went to rush forward, but only managed to nearly knock each other down. Connor sent Murphy an angry glare before shouting, “The fuck ya doin’?!”

“Ya fuckin’ moron! Look!”Sean turned his gaze onto the boys before rushing passed the river.

Murphy slapped a hand to his fore head as the girls erupted in screams. He could hear them calling after Sean, but mainly the loud, angry voice of Adrienne. Connor and Murphy quickly sprinted themselves into action and began to chase the young man back to camp. He jumped over broken branches and little things in the woods, getting far in front of the twins’ in no time.

“Stop fuckin’ runnin’!”Connor breathed.

Murphy couldn’t help but breath out a quiet laugh. He ran a little further than Connor before finding Sean reaching camp. The twins’ caught up quickly and stopped short when Ken stepped up to the plate. He angrily grabbed Sean by the collar of his sweatshirt and with a single hand, threw him up against the van. As the twins’ tried to catch their breath, Sean tried to remain calm and explain what had happened.

“What do ya think ya were doin’ out there?!”Murphy exclaimed.

“Ah, Murph, I think the lad thought he’d get a free show!”Connor tapped a finger to his chin and allowed his cruel smirk to play along his lips.

Ken switched his grip and took Sean by the throat. Sean gagged quickly at the pressure and tried to push him away in fear. Quietly, and in an intimidating growl, Ken said, “My lil’ girl is down there you fuckin’ freak.”

“I - I promise,”Sean choked out.”not your daughter!”

Connor and Murphy found themselves clenching their fists in anger. They both knew that if they were so angry that Sean had spied on the naked girls, then they knew for a fact that Adrienne was going to come back without mercy. She was going to start swinging, and they didn’t want to break it up, even if Sean did deserve it.

“Ya better hide when Adrienne gets back.”Murphy spat.”She’s gonna kill ya!”
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I want you guys to check out this Boondock Saints story I found.
It's called Finding Family.
It's the first story she's written on Mibba, but it's coming along really well.
She keeps you interested the whole time and stops at the most intense part,
making you wanna come back for more.
And it has it's own unique lil' twist to it! ;)
So check it out and tell'er how much you like it! :D

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