Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down


Connor and Murphy stood outside their local church, smoking heavily from their cigarettes. They simultaneously pushed their sunglasses over their nose and made quick eye contact. Within the last week they had gotten rid of two evil, vile men. They were bruised, sore and exhausted. Upon leaving their last location, they had just managed to slip through the official’s fingers. Every case was dangerous, but every case they found themselves being closer and closer to being caught. They needed to take a break, knowing that their next case could very well be their last.

They leaned against the stone walls, trying to get as comfortable as they could. Connor and Murphy were waiting for their ride, who just so happened to be late. They explained how a confession only took a few moments, followed by a quick prayer to God. Connor’s eyes caught sight of an orange, loud car and the corners of his lips pulled into the twin’s infamous smirk. Murphy followed his gaze, chuckling quietly when Romeo pulled up. He pulled a tray of coffee into his lap and leaned out the window.

“Let’s get goin’ boys!”The twins stepped out their cigarettes and made their slow walk to the car.

“Fuckin’ Romeo.”Murphy grinned.

“Fuckin’ beetle.”The boys snickered as they got into the easily noticed car.

“What’s so funny?”Romeo glared, knowing very well that the boys were laughing at him.

“Nothin’.”Connor replied.

“Nothin’ at all.”Murphy smirked.

“You guys are assholes. The fuck is up with you guys? What is it? Is it my hair? My bandana -”He was cut of by a giggling Murphy.

“Yer fuckin’ beetle!”Connor spat.

“I ride in style.”Romeo waved his hands over his steering wheel, obviously proud of his ride.”This is the stylish car you’ll find out here in Boston.”

“Yeah and under Tyra Banks bed.”Murphy choked.

“How far is it to your apartment in walking distance?”Romeo glared.

“’Bout twenty minutes or so.”Connor said.”Why’s that?”

“’Cause I’m gonna kick both of you guys out in a second.”Romeo said angrily.

“S’alright, Romeo. We’re just toyin’ with ya. Get to drivin’,”Connor began laughing.”ya Spanish fuck.”

“Ey, Romeo got us coffee!”Murphy reached across Romeo’s lap, taking hold of one of the coffee cups.”One for you, one for me and one for,”

The boys grinned before saying childishly, “Romeo!”

“I’m gonna let this shit slide.”Romeo put the car in drive after a moments fuss and took off toward their apartment.

The boys sipped at their coffee, enjoying the fun they were making with Romeo. They always knew how to push the right buttons with him and how to make him react to certain things. Both Connor and Murphy knew Romeo wouldn’t do anything to them, so they could have all the fun they wanted. They eventually turned down their road, going slow and easy. It seemed like their street had more children than anywhere else, which really angered the boys when morons sped by in their cars.

As they came down the road, Connor peeked his head out from the back seat, pointing forward. Quickly, he said, “Isn’t that Ma’s daughter, Murph?”

Murphy squinted his eyes, trying to focus on the young woman sitting out front of the apartment complex. Murphy began to shake his head, saying, “Aye. I think it is.”

“What’s she doin’ outside? I hope she knows people smoke in the apartment. Ain’t causin' anymore damage than there is, ya know?”Connor shrugged his shoulders and waited for Romeo to park the car.

As they emerged from the car, they noticed she had a cigarette in hand and a stack of papers in her lap. The boys skipped over to her, peeking down at her paperwork. She looked up, obviously startled, and chuckled quietly to herself. She seemed to have hidden her paperwork under her hands, unless stealing rare drags of her cigarette.

“How are ya, lass?”Connor smiled.

“What do ya got there?”Murphy tried to peek, but she kept the paperwork secretive.

“Somethin’ that has to do with work.”She said.”You’re C - Connor and Murphy, right?”

“Aye.”Connor joined Ma’s daughter with a cigarette.

Murphy ran his zippo down his arm and held a light to Connor’s, and soon, his cigarette. Romeo came walking up behind the boys and placed his arms over their shoulders. He looked down and his smile grew tenfold.

“Hey, country girl!”He grinned.

“I’d appreciate Adrienne, if you don’t mind.”She smiled warmly, giving no intent on hurting his feelings.

“Sorry chicka.”Romeo chuckled.

“Romeo,”Connor smiled.”this is Adrienne. Adrienne, this is our Mexican.”

She giggled quietly into her hand as she pulled her cigarette up for a drag. The boys smiled wildly, knowing that she was at least comfortable with talking with them. Romeo separated from the guys and headed toward the apartment’s door. He turned, furrowing his eyebrows and angrily stating, “I’m done with your shit. I’m goin’ upstairs and maybe I can make decent friends.”

“Good luck with that.”Connor smirked.

As Romeo disappeared upstairs, the boys took the chance to sit down next to Adrienne. She tucked the small stack of papers under her legs and rested her hands on her knees. She stole few drags from her cigarette, leaving the last few to burn down to the filter. The boys made quiet conversation with her, but their main objective was to find out what she was hiding. Upon finding nothing on the paperwork, they grew tired of waiting.

“Ya okay, Adrienne?”Connor asked quietly.

She turned toward them, giving both brothers a quizzical look. She let a nervous smile pull at her lips, but that was the best they could get out of her.

“I’m fine, boys. Why do you ask?”Murphy pointed toward the stack of papers under her legs.

Adrienne looked down and bit on her bottom lip. The boys were just curious, but seeing how she hesitated and hid the papers only made them worry slightly. Not only for her, but if it included Ma, then they wouldn’t have any other choice than to intervene. They normally wouldn’t do much, but it only started a few years back when Ma first entered the picture. She was moving her heavy things in, struggling severely with her large items. The boys offered their help and from then on it’s just history. They cared for her like their own mother.

“You’ve been hidin’ this stack from our eyes.”Murphy added.”We’re just curious. If there’s a problem, don’t hesitate to tell us. We’ll help ya and yer Ma out best we can.”

“Why thank you boys, but we’re doin' just fine.”Adrienne clutched the papers back in her hands and got to her feet rather quickly.

They didn’t know if they had upset her or not, but she seemed slightly angry after they pushed their luck with her papers. Adrienne gave a half smile before saying, “I’ll find you boys later.”

She stalked up the cement stairs to the apartment, disappearing within seconds. Connor and Murphy looked at each other, shrugging their shoulders in unison. Murphy rubbed down his face, groaning slightly. Now that Adrienne had hid something from them, he was more curious than ever to see what it could be. If it was something dangerous or a wanted felon, they wouldn’t hesitate to catch this man for her, whether she knew it not. As their cigarettes burned down to nothing they stood, wiping off their tattered jeans with their hands.

They began their walk to their apartment once more, but on the way, the conversed slightly about her actions. Connor rubbed his chin lightly before stating, “I don’t know, Murph. I think it’s somethin’ big. She’s a cop after all.”

“Aye, but it’s prolly nothin’ to worry ‘bout.”Murphy reasoned.

The boys stopped at their door, but before they wiggled the handle to open it, Connor said, “Regardless. I’m goin’ to find out what it’s about, whether she tells me or not.”