Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Beat Down

As we grew closer to camp, I politely asked Abby and Caylee to bring the rest of my things to the van. They quickly agreed and walked in that direction while I let my anger build up. Caylee and Abby had been completely and utterly embarrassed just a few moments ago. Their faces had managed to run a beat red when they realized Sean had run across the river bank. I knew for a fact that he was hiding out in the woods.

I knew Connor and Murphy had chased after the young man, but it didn’t matter what they had done to him. I have a specific bone to pick with him, to say the least. I gave the girls a smile when we reached camp and said, “Go have fun, girls. Ignore Sean. I‘ll take care of‘m.”

“I’m sure my daddy already did.”Caylee giggled quietly.

They each gave me a smile before heading off further into camp. I scanned the area quickly, hoping to find the college proud kid, but only found Murphy at the edge of the woods. He stomped out his cigarette before giving me an amused grin. He must have found the event funny, but I knew he must have been angry as well. If the twins’ couldn’t get a free show, then Sean couldn’t get one either.

I walked passed Murphy with nothing more than a grim look and he took it upon himself to step in front of me. If Murphy knew me well at all, it would be best that he let me finish my business. He put his arms out and asked, “Ya’lright, Adrienne?”

I crossed my arms over my chest and gave him an angry stare. I shook my head and said, “Well, our bath was cut short, but we managed. Where’s Sean, Murph?”

“We took care of’m.”He said softly.”Don’t worry ‘bout it.”

“Don’t worry about it?”I scoffed.”Murph the man took it upon himself to do some explorin’.”

“He’s good now. He learned his lesson.”Murphy flicked his gaze toward Ken and snickered quietly.”Trust me.”

“He didn’t learn it yet.”I mumbled angrily.

I watched out into the camp and quickly grew up beat when Sean walked out from behind the van. Murphy looked behind him as Sean saw us standing by the woods. He looked like a deer in head lights when he realized that I had come back from our bath. He quickly took off as I shouted, “Don’t run motherfucker!”

My feet dug dangerously into the dirt, sprinting me in Sean’s direction. He may have run track or have been the healthiest kid in the world, but I would catch him. And when I did, he would learn to mind his own and stay away from the girls’ and I. Murphy cackled loudly, knowing very well Sean was doomed, but he followed after us anyway. I cut Sean off at the fire pit and forced him back in the direction of the van.

“C - Connor!”Murphy cried out.

Murphy skidded along the dirt when he tried to keep up with Sean and I. Sean cried out for help, but no one was going to help him. He knew what he did was wrong and he didn’t want to pay for it now, especially by a woman. Sean ran passed the van and I knew what was coming.

I reached out for Sean and managed to tangle my fingers within his dirty sweatshirt. He let out a yelp, as if I had hit him already, when Connor jumped out from the side of the van. My grip was torn from Sean as Connor yanked me away. I tried to push Connor away by his chest, demanding that he let me go, but he replied with, “No, sorry. Don’t quite think that’s a grand idea, lass.”

He had his arms locked tightly around my mid section, keeping me tight in his chest. I pressed my hands against his hard chest and pushed, but fighting against Connor was never worth it. I pointed an accusing finger in Sean’s direction and shouted, “You best not sleep tonight, perv!”

“I didn’t do anything!”Sean defended.

Noah, Dave, Caylee, Abby and Ken watched on in pure amusement. I saw the rage twist in Ken’s face as he made his way toward us. Sean looked over, but before he could sprint in the other direction, Ken wrapped his fingers in his shirt. He threw the young man up against the van with one quick heave and said, “Let’er go, boy. He deserves it all.”

Connor pushed me away from the two just slightly, leaving a good yard or so of a gap between us. Murphy stepped up and placed his hands on his knees, breathing heavily. He looked up at Sean and pointed a finger at him, saying, “Ya need to get fat. I ain’t chasin’ ya ‘round anymore.”

“Connor,”I growled lowly.”I think it be best if you let me go.”

I pushed him again, but he only chuckled lightly at my response. He tightened his grip around me and said, “Sorry, lass. Can’t have all this violence.”

“You get to be violent and I can’t?!”I continued to try and push passed him.”He did this to us!”

“I’ll hold him for the girl.”Ken smirked.”Just let her go.”

“You don’t have to hold’m.”I spat.

“Adrienne, just calm down.”Murphy smiled warmly.

He was biting back a laugh or two. I rested my head against Connor’s chest and took in a deep breath. I wasn’t going to get out of his iron like grip, so to continue fighting would be useless. I looked up at Connor and biting back a sour remark, said, “I’m okay, Connor. I give up.”

Ken kept his tight hold on Sean as Connor eventually released me. I brushed down my fresh tank top and hiked my jeans up my hips once more. From all the running we had done, it had forced my big jeans to glide down my hips. When we made a new pit stop, I was sure to know that the store had new clothes. We could all use them. I brushed my hair back from my eyes and gave Sean an angry look.

Connor stepped back slightly, but still managed to keep an eye on my actions. Murphy stepped up and said, “S’alright, Adrienne. Ya good now?”

“Keep her on a leash, man.”Sean mumbled.

Ken pulled him from the van and angrily threw him up against the metal layer once more. He winced in pain as I kicked forward again. I was tired of not being able to treat people they way they deserved to be treated. Connor and Murphy each grabbed hold of my arms and yanked me back into place. Connor, through some grunts and groans, said, “She’s tiny, but fuckin’ feisty!”

“Maybe if you let her go,”Ken began.”she can finish this!”

Sean tried to pull away from Ken’s grip, but he was unable to. Fear was stitched clean in his eyes as I grew a little closer. I pulled hard on Connor and Murphy, but there was no way I could curl one hundred and ninety pounds, or so, in one arm. Sean pointed out a finger in my direction and shouted, “She’s trying to kill me!”

“What do ya expect?!”Murphy shouted.

“Let her go!”The chorus of the kids made the twins’ laugh quietly.

“No! Keep the peace!”Connor shouted.

Noah stepped into the group and in between Sean and I. He must have had enough, because in a deep, demanding voice, he said, “No more! We can’t keep fightin’ like this.”

He turned toward Sean and finished with, “Even if ya deserve it.”

I stopped pulling against the twins and stepped back to them. I snaked my arms from their now light grasp and shook the stress from my arms. Noah pointed at me and said, “Keep yer calm, darlin’. Sean,”

His eyes found the perverted young man and he finished with, “Ya best know yer boundaries, lad. Or else they wont stop her the next time ‘round.”

I pointed an angry finger at Sean and said, “You best watch your back, kid.”
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