Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down


We sat along the fire, exchanging stories and jokes. It was a cool night, given the Georgia heat, but it was comfortable. Sean sat adjacent to me, next to Ken, which wasn’t his own choice. I was still angry with his actions earlier today, but my angry stares were beginning to put him in his place. He slumped back into his seat as a sly smile crawled along my lips. I turned toward Murphy and asked, “Is everyone from Jersey crazy?”

Murphy peeked over me and looked directly at Abby. She gave him a questioning look when he asked, “Ya some kind of serial killer we should be worryin’ ‘bout?”

I laughed loudly at his comment as Abby’s cheeks blushed a bright pink. I squeezed her shoulder lightly and said, “He’s just kiddin’, Abby.”

“Hey,”Ken reached by his feet and pulled his back pack into his hands.”I got somethin’ ya’ll might enjoy.”

He dug his hand around for a moment before pulling a clear plastic bag from his pack. Caylee and Abby’s eyes lit up as they shouted, “Mashmallows!”

I chuckled lightly at their enthusiasm as Ken said, “Go get some sticks and we’ll cook’m up.”

Caylee, Abby and Dave got up from their seat to retrieve just that. Ken took a tight hold on Dave’s forearm, forcing him to look down at his father. Ken reached into the hem of his jeans and gently placed his gun in his sons hands. Dave gave him a warm smile when Ken said, “Just in case. You know what to do.”

Dave left the site with the girls in order to find the perfect baking sticks. Sean reached forward for a small marshmallow, but Ken abruptly pulled him back into his seat. Angrily, he said, “Sorry boy.”

I smiled wildly, knowing that someone in this group was on my side. The bad feeling I had about Ken had slowly started to subside, but I still couldn’t shake the feeling that he was hiding something from us. Despite not being one hundred percent sure on him, I decided to take my chances. I looked up at him and said, “I have a file on you, Ken. I know you’re lyin’.”

Connor, Murphy and Noah simultaneously gave me an angry look for questioning the older man. Ken shifted uncomfortabley in his seat and let a quiet sigh escape his lips. A frown started to work it’s way up his lips as he said, “And you’re right, Adrienne.”

“So yer not really from North Carolina?”Murphy asked accusingly.

“I am, once I had my kids and all.”Ken ran a hand down his face.”I lived in Louisiana ‘til I was about twenty five years old.”

“What did you do, exactly?”I was curious now.

“I was twenty somethin’. My friend asked me to drive’m to the store for a pack of smokes. I didn’t know it, but he robbed them. He got in, told me to drive and I did just that. I was scared, made the wrong decisions and got caught. I ain’t ashamed of it.”Ken said softly.”I left Louisiana for a reason.”

I smiled warmly and nodded my head at Ken’s story. I had no reason to think he was lying. He seemed intent and so sure of his story, that I knew it must have been the truth. I felt wrong for doubting him for so long, but I only want what’s best for the group. I looked up at him and said, “Well, I can’t arrest you now. I’m sorry for doubtin’ you, Ken. I only want what’s best for the group is all.”

“Just don’t tell my kids.”He said softly.”That’s all I ask.”

“Done.”Connor lit his cigarette and smiled warmly.”Right, Adrienne?”

I nodded my head slowly and offered Ken a genuine smile. Quietly, I said, “Right.”

The kids came back with a few long sticks and sat down at the fire. They were quick to shove the small treats onto the ends and stick them into the fire as soon as possible. Dave handed his father’s gun back and started to cook his delicious treat.

“You know what sounds good?”I leaned onto Murphy, who wrapped a warm arm around me.

“What’s that?”He asked softly.

“Graham crackers and chocolate.”Abby groaned at the mention of a s’mores.

“Oh, Da,”Connor looked over at Noah and smirked.”’memer when I made ya one when I was a wee lad?”

“Stuck in my beard fer a week.”Noah smiled.

I chuckled lightly and looked out into the fire. Sean sat quiet on the other side, which I was perfectly fine with. He didn’t look or speak to anyone as the kids continued on. Abby stepped up to me, marshmallow goo stuck to her lips and asked, “You want one, Adrienne?”

“I would love one.”I grinned.

She stuck the tip of her stick in my direction and I slowly pulled the melted treat from the tip. I thanked her before biting into it. I groaned loudly as the sweet and melted taste ran along my tongue. Murphy looked down at me and with pleading eyes, asked, “Oh, can I have one?”

With a sly smirk, I said, “Sure you can, Murph.”

I pushed the marshmallow upward and waited for him to bite into it. I looked over at Connor and Noah, watching as their lips pulled up into a smirk. I winked in their direction before shoving the marshmallow in his face. Murphy pulled away and started to pick the sticky mess off of his face. I sat up and began laughing hysterically at him. I pointed in his direction, and through the mass laughter of the group, said, “You fuckin’ fell for it!”

“Oh, that was a classic!”Connor bent over in his seat, laughing.

“Have I taught ya nothin’, boy?!”Noah cackled.”Women always have somethin’ up their sleeve!”

Murphy groaned and pulled the marshmallow clean from his face. He looked over at me, but before I could stand, he pushed the sticky mess into my face. I gripped onto his shoulders as I began to fall from the log and took him down to the ground with me. He fell on top of me and I couldn’t help but continue laughing through the mess. Murphy pushed himself into a slight push up position and grinned.

“Ya asked fer it.”He smirked.

“Help me up.”Murphy got to his feet and stuck out his hand.

I gripped onto his hand and was pulled onto my seat, since my legs were still over the log. I poured some water into my hands before wiping my face down. Murphy did the same and when all was said and done, I leaned back up against him. He wrapped his arm around me once more and I sighed quietly. Connor peeked over and plucked the cigarette from his lips. In a teasing voice, said, “Aw, that’s so sweet.”

“Fuck yerself.”Murphy smiled.

I giggled quietly to myself as I looked out into the group. For the first time since this had all happened, I felt as if I had not a care in the world. I felt like we were all old friends on a camping trip out in the woods. The only thing that I could take out, to make it one hundred percent, would be Sean. I ran my fingers along Murphy’s bare arm and smiled warmly. I didn’t want this night to end.
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