Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Quick Decisions

Connor and Murphy walked throughout the woods, weapons drawn in case of the occasional infected. The group hadn’t had any sort of experience with the diseased for a while, but they never took their chances. Connor held his silencer close to his hip, while Murphy held his by the side of his head. They were cautious, but no one could blame them. They quietly stepped over the broken branches, intent on making sure the area was safe.

The brothers carried on throughout the thick brush and upon finding nothing, lowered their weapons. Connor dug his hand greedily into his pocket and retrieved his near empty pack of cigarettes. He offered one to Murphy, who happily accepted the offer. They began to pull heavily from them when lit. Connor started the lead back to camp, where they were looking forward to a good crawfish meal.

Connor turned toward Murphy and asked, “Did ya tell’er?”

“She heard us talkin’ ‘bout it.”Murphy frowned.

Connor stopped for a moment and gave Murphy a confused look. There wasn’t much to the statement, but Murphy knew it took a while for some things to function in his brother’s mind. Connor shook his hands, in an attempt to urge Murphy on with his statement.

“Well?!”He asked.”Did she like the idea or not?”

“I don’t know.”Murphy shrugged.”She’s unsure of it.”

“We’re better off.”Connor pointed out.”We got that ol’ cabin in the mountains, ‘member?”

“Aye.”Murphy smiled.”I miss that ol’ thing. It’ll fit us all,”

Murphy stopped for a moment, remembering that Ken and his kids were with them as well. He sighed quietly and finished with, “Well, yerself, Da, me, Adrienne, Abby and Sean.”

Connor stepped out his cigarette and looked carefully at Murphy. He knew his brother was falling through new emotions, but he could honestly say he knew what was going through his mind. Connor gripped Murphy tightly by the chin, but he quickly smacked him away.

“Stay still fer a moment!”Connor snapped.

Murphy did as told and rolled his baby blues. Connor’s lips crawled into a smile and Murphy asked, “What?”

“I know that look.”Connor pulled away and smirked.

“What look?!”Murphy glared.

“Yer whipped.”Connor teased.

“Am not!”Murphy spat.”Know what yer talkin’ ‘bout before ya start sayin’ shit!”

“I’m jokin’.”Connor smiled.”But I can tell how ya feel.”

“Ya sure ya wanna go down that road there, Con?”Murphy warned.

“No, bein’ honest.”Connor admitted.”Ya really care fer the lass.”

Murphy let his head drop and he smoked his cigarette. Connor chuckled quietly as Murphy nodded in agreement.

“Can’t help it.”Murphy said softly.”I guess I -”

Murphy quickly stepped out his cigarette when an odd noise met their ears. They had yet to hear something like this, but it was as if wet flesh were being toyed with. The brothers’ looked each other in the eyes before drawing their weapons once more. They walked throughout the woods and stopped, finding a man hunched over on the forest floor. Connor looked up at Murphy and shrugged his shoulders.

“Ey,”The man turned, giving the boys’ a clear view of the dead ground hog.

They both groaned in disgust and whipped their head around. The stench that emanated from the dead animal, and possibly the human, were breath taking. Murphy rose his gun, Connor following his quick actions. The man opened his mouth to let out an ear piercing cry, but the brothers’ pulled the triggers far too quick. The man’s head recoiled back at the shot before he collapsed onto the dead animal.

“We gotta go.”The twins’ rushed back to camp, where they quickly pulled Noah aside.

“Da!”Connor pulled at his sleeve, forcing him to miss his bite of food.

Noah turned, giving the boys’ an angry glare. His features dropped at the worry in their faces and he got to his feet. He set down his plate and reached in for his weapon.

“What it is, boys?”He asked.

“We have to go, Da.”Connor whispered.”We just found one in the woods. Just a few yards from camp.”

“It isn’t safe anymore, Da.”Murphy frowned.

“Where do we go?”Connor breathed.

Noah rested a hand on each of the boys’ shoulders and quieted them. He looked up and gave them a warm grin. Quietly, he whispered, “Ireland.”

“Ireland?”They whispered.

“We find the closest dock. Take a boat and go home boys. Back to our wee cabin in the mountains.”Noah said softly.”Gather the group. I’ll start packin’ things up.”

Connor dashed from his father, leaving Murphy alone with Noah. Noah turned and began to grab at little things here and there. Murphy ran a hand down his face and found Adrienne running from around the van. Her hand was rested tightly on Abby’s shoulder, who’s face was twisted in confusion. Adrienne seemed to be searching around the camp before landing her eyes on Murphy.

He took in a deep breath before making his way toward her. They locked eyes and he instantly knew that she was intent on getting out of the camp site. Murphy had to explain where they would be going, whether she liked it or not. The van was their only transportation now. Adrienne had to make a decision and make it quick; go with the boys’ or risk staying at camp.

Murphy could only hope that Adrienne followed through and trusted their instincts. Ireland was their last hope, whether they wanted to admit to it or not. They would either come along their land and find everything where it should be, or more infected waiting to gorge themselves on their insides. If that was the case, Murphy would be willing to give up on surviving. As for Adrienne, he was unsure.