Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Abby's Approval

Murphy quickly met my side and pressed a tight hand to my shoulder. Abby looked up at him and allowed her eyes to well up in tears. She was nervous and we couldn’t blame her. No one had answers anymore. Every time we thought we were safe, something like this would happen. Murphy looked down at us and nodded toward Abby. He was insisting that she walk away for the moment.

I bent down and took her gently by her shoulders. Abby looked up at me through panicked eyes and I gave her a comforting smile. It was the best I could do at a time like this. I looked through the group and found Connor jogging toward the van, bags in hand. I pointed toward him and said, “Abby, go help Connor. I’ll be right behind you, alright?”

“Adrienne, I don’t think -”She began.

“There’s no time to think. We’re leavin’ soon. Go help Connor.”I pushed her forward slightly, trying to give her the hint.”Go on now.”

Abby snaked her arms around my waist and gave me a hug before running off toward Connor. I stood back up to meet Murphy’s gaze and asked, “What’s goin’ on, Murphy?”

“Connor and I came across one of the infected.”He frowned.”I don’t wanna rush ya, Adrienne, but I need an answer. We’re leavin’ fer Ireland.”

I ran my hand through my hair, leaving it to rest on top of my head. I was hoping to have a few more moments to think this over. Murphy tightly grabbed my hand and held it within his own. I looked directly into those heavenly blue eyes and watched as his calm persona slowly started to fade. Murphy was becoming scared and that only made me more fearful. I swallowed hard and said, “Was it already dead, Murph? You sure we ain’t safe here?”

“I’m one hundred percent sure, Adrienne.”He said softly.”I need ya to come with us. I wont be able to live with meself, knowin’ yer out here on yer own.”

I found myself stalling for a few seconds before nodding my head slowly. I looked out by our fire pit and found Abby collecting little things here and there. I turned back to Murphy and said, “I have to tell Abby. I don’t know how she’s goin’ to take to the idea.”

“If ya go, she’ll go, Adrienne.”Murphy said.”I’ll leave ya to tell’er.”

I went to go toward the pit, but Murphy pulled me back. He wrapped his arms around my shoulders and hugged me as if he wouldn’t do it ever again. I winced slightly at the pressure and wrapped my arms around his waist. I rubbed my hand down his back before he pushed me away. He cupped my face in his hands and whispered, “We’ll be safe.”

His eyes began to well up and I became speechless. I had never seen Murphy get so worked up after realizing we had to leave. Was something worse going on that I didn’t know about?

“I promise ya, Adrienne.”He kissed me softly, taking me completely by surprise.

I didn’t pull away like I normally would, because I was scared. I was afraid that I would never be able to get this comfortable touch from anyone ever again. I ran my fingers down his hands, signaling that he was in the right place to do so. Murphy suddenly pulled away and said, “I promise. Go get Abby.”

He released me and through my slight shock, I did exactly what he said. I gathered our things together and managed to throw them into the back of the van. Being neat and clean right now didn’t make a difference. We had a limited amount of time and needed to use it wisely. I pulled Abby aside when all was said and done, only to get a confused look. I knelt to Abby’s height and placed my hands on her shoulders.

She quickly grew scared, which was what I was trying to avoid. I gave her a warm smile, as best as I could, before saying, “We’re leavin‘, Abby.”

“I - I know.”She whispered.

“No, I mean we’re leavin‘. We aren’t goin’ to be in the US anymore.”I admitted.

“Where are we going?”She asked.

“The boys’ said we should try Ireland for a change.”I smiled.”Lots of scenery, beautiful ocean view from their cabin. You’ll love it, Abby.”

“Are you going, Adrienne?”Her bottom lip began to quiver with sadness.

I quickly nodded my head as I felt myself get worked up as well. Abby quickly wrapped her arms around my neck and said, “Okay, I’ll go.”

I hugged her tightly and looked out into the camp. Connor, Murphy, Noah and Sean were at the van, talking over the new plan. In Noah’s hands was my old map, which I thought I had left at our last camp site. I looked to the other side of camp and saw Ken forcing a weak smile in our direction. He wasn’t packing his things or panicking like the rest of us. It made me sick to my stomach because I had a feeling that they weren’t coming along.
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