Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down


Noah had called the group together and through the panicked mess, everyone managed to listen to him. He snaked his over coat along his shoulders and quieted the group down. I looked over at Ken, who had his arms wrapped around his children’s shoulders. Caylee’s green eyes were welled in tears, but Dave seemed to be calm. The look on his face just told me he was used to dealing with these situations.

Noah rose his hand to gain everyone’s attention. The van was packed and ready to go by now, so all that was left was what Noah had to say. He looked into the group and said, “We’re leavin’ the US. We’re findin’ us a boat and takin’ it home. Yer all more than able to come along if ya very well please.”

The group fell silent as Sean, Ken, Caylee, and Dave looked over at each other. Sean perked his head up and said, “I’ll go.”

I felt the bile rise in my throat, knowing that Sean was coming along. I had never fully forgiven him for what he had done. Ken tightened his grip on his kids’ shoulders and forced a smile. He looked up at Noah and said softly, “We ain’t goin’.”

My face fell, as did Abby and Caylee’s. I looked over at Ken and breathed, “No, you have to! You can’t stay here, Ken. This place is dangerous.”

“I know.”He sighed quietly.”But we ain’t meant for Ireland. Our hearts are here in the US. We’ll be okay, Adrienne.”

Abby rushed from my hands and pulled Caylee into a sad hug. The girls sniffled slightly as they whispered their good byes. I stepped up to Dave and pulled his head into my chest. I hugged him tightly and whispered, “Let me give you somethin’, Dave.”

I pulled away and reached into the hem of my jeans. I slid the magazine from my gun out and checked at how many bullets I had left. The gun was nearly full and I slammed it back in. I handed it over to Dave, who gave me a warm smile.

“Just in case.”I said softly.

I reached over to Ken and gave him a hug as well. The guys’ had said their good byes and I gently tugged at Abby’s elbow. She wiped her eyes roughly before saying good bye to her new friend. I hugged Caylee tightly and kissed her softly on top of her head. Even though this group had been with us for a short while, it still hurt to see them on their way. Fingers wrapped around my upper arm and I found Murphy tugging at me.

“Come on, Adrienne.”He said softly.

Noah had offered Ken two more guns, which left us with the few six we had left. He shook his hand roughly and said, “Thanks fer fightin’ with us, Ken.”

“No problem, Noah.”He smiled.”You guys be safe, you hear?”

“You too, Ken.”I walked with Murphy and Abby toward the van.

The boys’ began to make their way into the van, along with Abby. When I was sure they were out of sight, I waited for Sean to get into the passenger’s seat. He made his way up slowly, as if he hadn’t forgot what he had done. When he reached out for the door handle, I angrily took him by his thin throat. I shoved him into the van, forcing him to whimper on impact.

He looked right into my eyes as I whispered, “You pull another act like that again, I will not hesitate to kill you. You understand my fine friend?”

Sean shook his head to the best of his ability before I let go. I climbed into the back of the van, shutting the door behind me. Sean apprehensively climbed into the seat as Noah followed after him. He revved the van to life and quickly made his way out of the dirt drive. I hugged Abby close to my chest as we rocked against the unpaved road. I took in a deep breath and found the boys’ giving me a reassuring smile.

No one knew what Ireland was going to hold for us. They may very well be as infected as the US. Yet then again, they could also have their lands cut off, only allowing the uninfected in. It didn’t matter what they did with their land. The boys’ had explained that their cabin was far from any civilization. They had their animals on the land, who were being watched over by a close friend of theirs.

If things were okay in Ireland, then we would stay safe within the thin walls of the cabin. I rested my chin on Abby’s head and tried to think positive. Everything we did had it’s risks, but taking a boat to Ireland seemed to be the most dangerous. I could only trust the boys’ instincts and hope that they were making the right decision. I closed my eyes tightly and for the first time since the infection, prayed.