Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Run For The Water

We had come across a small convenient store, where Noah and the twins’ were sure to fill a few gallon holders of gas for our boat. We couldn’t take any chances of running out of fumes in the middle of the ocean. I leaned up against the van with Abby, who mocked my actions every time I moved. I gave her a playful glare which forced her to start laughing. I pushed her gently by the shoulder and smiled.

“I’m gonna get us some junk food.”I smiled.”You stay here with the guys, alright?”

“Oh, can I come?”She asked with a grin.

“Do you know how to shoot a gun lil’ lady?”I smirked.

“No.”She groaned.”But I can run fast!”

“You don’t have to run fast. You just have to run faster than the slowest man of the group.”I chuckled.”I’ll be right back. Stay here sweetheart.”

I reached into the van and pulled out a .357 Magnum from the back. All of the guns were loaded as we made our way toward the dock. It was only a few blocks away, which seemed to shake me to the bones. I emptied my clothes bag and shoved everything aside. I would fill the bag as much as I could before leaving. I held the gun low to my hip as I made my way toward the guys.

I placed a hand on Murphy’s shoulder, forcing him to look up at me. Quietly, I said, “I’m gonna go get us some junk food. I’ll be right back.”

Murphy stood to go with me, but I waved him off. I pointed toward the store and said, “It’s a small store, Murph. I can handle myself.”

“I know that fer a fact.”Connor mumbled softly.

“I’ll be right back.”I pressed a kiss to his cheek before carefully making my way toward the front door.

I pressed my fingers along the glass door and peeked into the store. It was quiet and seemed to hold no movement. I pushed open the door as little as I could, hoping not to ring the bell on top. I didn’t want to ring the dinner bell for any infected inside of the store. I squeezed myself inside and held my gun tight with both hands. I made my way through each isle, finding nothing out of the ordinary.

It seemed like I would be making a pit stop without any complications. I quickly headed for the cash register and hopped over the counter. I slid onto the ground and began to load the endless amount of cigarettes and cigars into the bag. When the shelves were nearly empty, I took a look down at my bag. I had plenty of room for more things. I hopped over the counter and felt a light chuckle form in the back of my throat.

If I had walked into a store like this a year ago, I would be raising my gun and shouting for the theif to freeze. I looked at myself now and that’s all I can come up with. I’m a theif and I have no reason to be fearing the law. I brushed my hands through my hair before I made my way through each isle. I hummed quietly to myself as I picked up certain items and tossed them into the bag.

I opened up the freezers, which were now incredibly warm, and took as many waters as I could handle. My bag’s strap dug into my shoulder at the weight now. It was stock full of food, drinks and cigarettes. I started to make my way out of the store and stopped at the counter. The large amount of candy was staring back at me, as if screaming at me not to forget them as well.

My eyes landed on the Kit Kats and I smiled to myself. I took a step back and grabbed a handful of the delicious treats. I shoved a few in the small spots of my bag before I had no more room. I groaned loudly and stole the whole box of Kit Kats, Reeses, for myself of course, and Crunch bars. When I escaped out of the store, the group began to laugh at me. I chuckled to myself, knowing I must look like a glutton.

Abby rushed over, eyes wide, when she saw the large amount of candy in my hands. I bent down slightly and let her take what she wanted. She stole a few Kit Kats and we made our way toward the van. I dropped the handful of goodies in my hand on the floor, where I then placed my bag on. I felt a light tap on my shoulder and I turned around, finding Abby. She stuck out her hand, where she had a piece of a Kit Kat.

“Wanna split it with me?”She asked softly.”Me and my mom used to do it all the time.”

I was at a loss for words, but took the piece of candy from her hands. Abby climbed into the back and I felt myself get a mix of emotions. I remember before Matilda was taken from the group that Abby had asked if she wanted to split the candy with her. It made me feel so good, knowing Abby was sharing that action she had with her mother with me. I must have gotten choked up a little, because Abby asked, “You okay, Adrienne?”

“Oh,”I wiped at my eyes and chuckled lightly.”I’m okay. Just got somethin’ in my eye is all.”

“Ya lass’ ready to go?”Noah pushed two large gallon buckets of gas into the back of the van.

Connor and Murphy did the same before getting into the back. Sean climbed into the passenger’s seat, saying he was ready to get going. I climbed into the back with the boys and Abby as Noah went around to drive. He pushed the gear shifter into drive and we were soon on our way. Noah had explained to the group a few times we would have to grab whatever we could, including guns, ammo, and other supplies.

Connor would take the heavy bag of weapons; Murphy would take two of the gas gallons; I would take the food; Abby would take the clothes; Noah would take two gallons and Sean would help with whatever was left over. I shoved my clothes into whatever bags I could and readied everything for when we stopped. It wasn’t long before Noah stopped the car and turned back to us.

He shifted his top hat and gave everyone a smile. He seemed a little uncomfortable, but I think we all were. This was our moment of truth. The strongest would make it to the boat, whilst the rest would perish under the dilapidating bodies around us. I swallowed hard and shifted my bag on my shoulders. Abby took hold of the clothes and she gave me a happy smile. Noah cleared his throat and said, “Stay together.”

“Aye, Da.”Connor nodded.

“Let’s go.”Noah popped open his door and came around to the sliding door.

Sean followed after him and we all took hold of what we could. I held my magnum close to my hip, as well as keeping Abby tight at my side. We began to make our way toward the small shack that held the keys to every boat here. It was eerily quiet and gave me the chills as we walked passed these rocking boats. Abby whimpered quietly at the blood stains along the outside of them.

I hugged her head into my side and whispered comforting words to her. The shack was up ahead and we made each step count. We were silent and stealthy in our moves by the time we approached the door. Connor gently pushed it open and rose his gun toward a stumbling woman. She turned her head and allowed her chapped lips to curl back into a snarl. Connor walked up to the woman, who quickly latched her fingers into his shoulders.

I called out to him quietly as he pressed the barrel of his gun to her head. She lurched forward to take a bite of his sweaty, meaty flesh, but he pulled the trigger to his gun. I gagged slightly and shoved Abby’s face away when matter sprung up against the wall behind her. Connor reached up and snatched the first set of keys he had found. The first few boats we had passed had no names; they were most likely rentals.

He quickly escaped the small shack and held up the silver key. He dangled the small amount of freedom in front of our eyes and said, “We’re home free.”

“Not yet.”Noah assured.”We have to get to the boat.”

“What’s the name?”Murphy asked.

Connor looked at the set of keys and stiffed back a chuckle. We all gave him a questioning look when he stuttered out, “G - Gaelic Be - Beauty!”

Murphy snickered quietly as I scoffed playfully in his direction.

“Did you pick it on purpose?”I laughed.

“No, actually.”Connor smiled.”But I think it makes a good point.”

“Let’s go.”Noah said lowly.”We have to find this boat.”

We carefully and quietly made our way further down the dock, looking at each boat that we passed up. I groaned quietly and whispered, “Where the fuck is it?”

“I don’t know,”Sean choked.”but we have to find it fast!”

Sean threw a finger toward our left and all heads turned. Abby let out a shaky scream as more than a few dozen eyes turned in our direction. I dug my nails into Abby’s shoulder out of fear as I watched each set of eyes fill with hunger. I started to feel myself take in deep, heavy breaths as I screamed, “Run!”

I pushed Abby forward, forcing her to take a running start. We all started to run, pushing and sprinting passed each other whenever we could. I scanned along each boat, finding that none of them read Gaelic Beauty. I wouldn’t be surprised if this was the one boat that had been stolen. That would only be our luck. The sound of loud thumps, like a stampede, echoed loudly behind us.

They were growing closer and their screams could be heard a mile away. Sean suddenly stumbled back as he tripped lightly over his own feet. He looked up at us, but I pushed his fearful face to the back of my mind. He shouted out for us to wait, but we couldn’t do that for him. I started to lose hope when Murphy shouted out, “Right there! Right fuckin’ there! Go, go, go!”

I took in a gasp when the silver lettering of the boat met my eyes. They in fact read Gaelic Beauty. Murphy tossed the gallons of gas onto the deck and quickly jumped over the railing. I found myself giving in to the large amount of adrenaline kicking through my veins. I grabbed Abby from under the arms and when Murphy turned toward us, threw her into his arms. Connor was second to jump onto the boat.

He turned toward us and stuck out his hand. I threw my things onto the boat, completely ignoring the gesture Connor was giving me. I threw my head around, finding Sean running up the wooden dock slowly. He was falling behind rather quickly. Slowly, I felt my lips part and a scream erupt from the bottom of my throat; “Run Sean!”

Noah and I began to untie the boat as Connor and Murphy started to work on the boat. I could hear it try to start over and over as Murphy poured the gas into the gas tank. Abby leaned against the railing, screaming for everyone to get on. As soon as the thick rope touched the deck, I made a running leap for the boat. I fell over the metal railing, but I was quick enough to get back onto my feet.

“Noah! Sean! Come on!”The horde began to grow as their feet carried them swiftly down the board walk.

The boat roared to life, spurting slightly under the water as it remembered how to work itself. I threw my hand out to Noah as Sean made his way toward us. I pulled Noah onto the boat as we started to kick off into the water. Sean started to make his way toward us before getting caught on the rope. He fell face first into the deck, knocking his front teeth from their sockets.

He spit onto the ground, groaning at the blood and bone falling from his lips. Noah stuck out his hand, shouting, “Run, boy! Run!”

Sean looked back and let a scream escape his lips. The dead grasped at his ankles as he scrambled to his feet. The boat started to move further out to sea, limiting Sean’s ability to get on board. Noah reached out further as Sean locked his hand in Noah’s. Noah began to pull, but quickly gasped as the dead began to latch themselves onto his body. Sean let out an ear piercing scream as they dug their fingers into his flesh.

“Pull me up!”I stumbled back, knocking Abby and I down in the process.

We crawled back against the deck of the boat as Noah tried to pull the young man aboard. Abby covered her ears as Sean’s screams continue to filter throughout the ocean. He must have been heard for miles.

“Noah!”He screamed.”Noah, please!”

“I’m tryin’, boy!” He shouted.”Jump!”

I could see, right passed Noah, as the infected pierced Sean’s thick skin with their fingers. Blood began to stain his sweatshirt and pants as they bit down on him. I felt my mouth gape open as Sean’s fingers started to release Noah’s. His fingers brushed over Noah’s before their grip was completely lost. I covered my ears quickly as well, because I couldn’t stand to hear the sounds of being eaten alive.

Noah stumbled back before giving Abby and I a hurt, sorrowful look. I reached out for his hand, but he pulled away. Noah was upset that he hadn’t been able to save the last man of the group. He walked away, giving me the full picture of the horde growing and growing by the second. The infected climbed over each other like scavenges, trying to just get a piece of Sean’s flesh.

I quickly got to my feet upon hearing Sean’s screams die down. He had finally been put down by those monsters. I pulled Abby to her feet and walked her into the Captain’s area of the boat. Connor and Murphy turned toward me and gave me the largest of smiles. Abby walked forward and leaned against the wooden door leading to the lower deck. I took a few steps in and found myself being embraced tightly by Murphy.

Slowly, I wrapped my hands around him and began to laugh. I felt myself laughing hysterically into his shirt, and soon, they all joined in. The entire cabin had begun laughing, because we all knew that we had made it. We were off of US soil and were making our way to Ireland. Making our way toward the place that would hopefully give us security and a good life. Making our way home.
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I'm coming out with a new Norman Reedus story!
It's called Ever Since You've Walked Into My Life,.
I can't wait to get it started.
And it's just Norman Reedus.
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NADA. Just Norman.
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