Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down


It was kind of the boys to worry about Mama and I, but we would be fine by ourselves. The paperwork I had Frank fax over to me only made my breath get caught in my throat. It was impossible, the lettering starring back at me. It was like the police force was trying to mock my intelligence. Yet the wording and proof within the small stack of papers was all I needed to prepare myself for a world wide break out. As of now, Louisiana was trying to take control of a rather large break out of clinically insane people. I refused to refer to them as deceased.

It had only been a few days and more and more people were becoming infected. Like it stated in my paper work, the saliva of these people had some sort of bacteria that would work it’s way into the brain. Once it reached the stem of the brain, it sent the people into delerium. The only thing, that we could muster up, was that they were bottomless pits. These people would become cannibalistic and attack anyone they could get their hands on. If you had asked me, I would think that the South was becoming insane. Frank referred to these people as zombies, but it only fueled my anger.

I had snapped multiple times over the phone at Frank, which forced Don on the phone. Hearing Don get on the phone with me put me in my place, because he was actually agreeing with Frank. If Don said that this was a serious case, then I took it as a serious case. He needed me back home as soon as possible, but possible seemed more and more impossible by the hour. If this was completely true, it wouldn’t be long before every state in this country would be infected. By then it would be survival of the fittest. It would be me and Mama, fighting and scrounging for things.

It almost brought tears to my eyes at the thought of trying to keep Mama safe from other human beings. I brushed my hair from my eyes and walked through Mama’s door. She was sitting on the couch, her hands at her cheeks and her eyes glued to the tv. I stopped for a moment, listening as a news caster continued to explain the growing outbreak down South. I gasped before rushing over, turning the tv off in the process. Mama looked up, tears welling in her golden brown eyes. She patted at her eyes before whispering, “This isn’t supposed to happen.”

“Mama,”I knelt by her side, taking her into my arms.

She began to weep, staining my shirt with her tears. I was worried beyond belief, but I didn’t want to make Mama panic anymore than she already was. She was a religious woman, yes, but I didn’t think that she would think that the wrath of God was sent down to earth now.

“Mama,”She pulled away, looking me intensely in my eyes.”it’s okay. It’s goin' to be okay, Mama. They’re just sick. We’re takin' care of it.”

“Did you come here to keep me safe, Adrienne? Was this really a vacation, or were you comin' up here to make sure nothin' bad would happen to me?”Mama choked.

“This was supposed to be a vacation, Mama. It really was. If this sickness gets out of hand, of course I will keep you safe.”I tucked a piece of her hair behind her ear before giving her a hurt smile.”I wont let anythin' happen to you, Mama. You should know that out of all people.”

Her eyes welled up once more and I pulled her into a tight hug. I continuously rubbed her back, letting out a soft sigh. Yes, I was beginning to panic, not knowing if I should help contain the sickness or take Mama and head up further north. This was something I had never come across within my few years on the force. This was absolutely insane, but with the physical proof behind it, I can’t just put it aside as crazy conclusions to close a quick case. I bit down on my bottom lip, trying horribly to hold back my tears and fear for Mama’s sake.

Soft talking came down the hall, but I couldn’t quite make it out. I heard a door slam shut and I took it as the boys. They weren’t too far behind me by the time I came inside. Mama pulled away from me and her eyes widened in absolute fear. She stood from her seat, mumbling something about the boys. As she started toward her door, I got to my feet quickly. The two boys across the hall didn’t have to know about the out break. They didn’t need to know anything, actually. I reached for Mama as she escaped into the hall.

“Mama! Wait!”I gripped her arm, forcing her to turn in my direction.”Mama, it’s okay. Please, don’t tell anyone. If it gets to that time, then yes, we can tell the boys. For right now, let’s worry about us.”

“I want to make sure they’ll be okay, Adrienne. The boys are like sons to me.”She whimpered.

“Please, come inside, Mama.”I begged.”Please.”

Slow footsteps caught my ears and I turned toward the stair well. They continued to get louder before the top of the head emerged from the stairs. Mama turned as well, letting panic brush through her wrinkled features. She pulled her arm from my grasp and headed toward the stairs. I had grown completely confused, but slightly worried. I didn’t want Mama to take the chance of getting sick. If anything ever happened to her, I would forever be guilty, even if it wasn’t my fault. She was all I had now. I couldn’t afford to lose Mama over my stupid mistakes.

I didn’t want her to know about the out break, hence her panicing, but it was too late for that already. I watched as an older man came up the stairs, smiling warmly in Mama’s direction. It fell quickly at her state of fear. He gripped her lightly by the shoulders, asking her in a thick, heavy accent if she was okay. I made my way to her, taking her hand tightly. The man pulled away, giving me a questioning look. I apologized for the scare, but Mama wouldn’t leave it alone. She quickly rambled on with, “Noah, it’s an out break. The South can’t control it.”

“Don’t worry, Angel.”He said softly.”It’ll be okay. The boys’ and I will keep ya safe. You’ve nothin’ to worry ‘bout.”

Angel. No one had called Mama angel since my father had passed away. I stepped forward, sticking my hand out for a defensive shake.

“I’m Adrienne.”I smirked.”I’m Mama’s daughter.”

“Adrienne,”He gripped my hand roughly and gave it a shake.”I’m Noah, but ya can call me Da. I’m the boys’ father.”

Mama and Noah spoke for a few minutes before he invited both of us inside. I rubbed furiously at my temples, knowing that Mama would gladly accept. If this would take her mind off of the infection than it would only please me, but I didn’t want to step foot into the boys’ apartment. I had work to do, but Mama would never let me turn down an invite. To her it would be incredibly rude, even if you had an engagement prior to the invite. I gave a small smile and followed after Mama and Noah. He pushed open the door, allowing Mama and I to step in first.

The boys’ turned, eyeing us down carefully. Another large black bag sat on top of the kitchen table, but Murphy only pulled it from the top and got to his feet. He welcomed us inside before disappearing into another room. Connor got to his feet, shaking Noah’s hand in a welcoming manner. Romeo waved happily in our direction, but stayed put on the tattered and old couch in the corner. Murphy came back into the room only moments later and stepped up to everyone. Noah forced the room to be quiet before saying, “There’s somethin’ goin’ on down South of us, boys. Somethin’ Angel was tellin’ me ‘bout only moments before. Sit down, it’s a story.”

Mama and I took a seat at the table, watching as the boys got comfortable in their wooden seats. I sat in silence as Mama explained what the news was telling us and I only shook my head. I didn’t want to worry about having to protect multiple people if this had turned bad. I only wanted to worry about Mama and myself. Knowing that we could have a few tag alongs in our party only put me on the edge. If I had to somehow lose the boys, I would. This would be our lives we were playing with, not theirs. Mama turned toward me, saying, “Adrienne has somethin' to do with this case, right sweetheart?”

All eyes turned toward me and I gave a nervous smile. I brushed back my hair and let out a quiet sigh.

“Now that the secret is out,”I said quietly.”I’ll get my paper work.”

The room seemed to become tense and rigid. Noah, Romeo and the boys seemed to have become cold and serious within a matter of seconds. I got up from my seat and made my way to Mama’s apartment. I angrily took the paper work in my hands and walked back, dropping it onto their table. Romeo had now sat with us, taking my seat in the process.

“Take me seat, Adrienne.”Connor stood, but I only declined.

“That’s okay, Connor.”I smiled warmly.”I’ll explain this better standin' anyway. I’ll be able to make sure you all understand it.”

I took in a deep breath before falling into a deep explanation. I didn’t want to spill every little secret I had hiding within the small amount of papers, but if it would keep Mama safe, then so be it. When I finally finished explaining the situation, Noah let out a deep, evil chuckle. He reached down to his black bag and unzipped the top. Connor and Murphy instantly perked up, worry filling the fine lines of their faces.

“Da,”Connor whispered.

“What are ya doin’?”Murphy growled lowly.

“It’s now or never, boys.”Noah shoved a hand into the dark bag, searching around for only a few moments.

He sat up, revealing a shining silencer. I reached for my hip, prepared to take hold of my forty caliber hand gun, but it was in my bag, in Mama’s apartment. Mama gasped, covering her mouth with her hands. I grew close to Mama and prepared myself for anything at this point in time.

“This is what helps me stop evil men.”He glared down at the object, spinning it slowly in his large hands.”I am a doer fer the good, a wall fer the evil.”

Connor and Murphy stole glances our way, but tried their best to keep their eyes on Noah.

“You best put that away before someone gets hurt.”I growled lowly.

It wouldn’t have worried me, but up North it was much harder to get a permit for a gun. When you’re farther down South, having a gun is like breathing air. You could step into your back yard for target practice, but when you were further North, having a gun was like having a rare disease. You needed to jump through hoops for a gun permit and something told me that Noah did not have one. He placed the weapon on the table and turned toward Mama and I.

“I hunt down evil men. If this should turn bad, Connor, Murphy and I will do our best to keep ya safe.”He furrowed his eyebrows slightly, like he was thinking.

“We’ll be just fine, thanks.”I eyed down the gun and took Mama by her hand.”Let’s go, Mama.”

Mama stood from her seat, exchanging goodbyes as I made my way to the door. Knowing now that Noah held most likely multiple weapons’ in his bag made me worry. Murphy had disappeared with an identical bag, so I began to think that he was concealing weapons somewhere in his apartment as well. Mama took hold of my papers, which I had forgotten due to anger, and we made our way out the door. I shut her door behind us and gently took the papers from her hands. She turned in my direction, tears welled in her beautiful eyes.

“We’ll be okay, right Adrienne?”She whispered softly.

“We’ll be perfectly fine, Mama.”A deep feeling told me the complete opposite.”I promise.”
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