Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Da's Burial

I wiped at my eyes as we watched out onto the ocean waters. Noah’s body was resting on top of the small waves, moving rhythmically to the sound of the water. He continued to float further away, proving that he in fact was going to be part of the sea forever. I choked out a quiet sob as Connor and Murphy said their final good byes. They stood silent now, hands clasped over their waists as they starred out at the water.

Only a few moments ago they spoke, saying the most beautiful prayer I had ever heard. Each prayer was different, but told so much through it’s old English literature. Abby hugged tightly to my waist, sniffling softly as Noah slowly disappeared from our sight. I looked up into the sky, finding that the sun was beginning to set over us. We had taken the time to wrap Noah in cloth and say our last good byes face to face.

He never turned on the boat, as we readied him to be thrown over the railing. No one had the heart to put Noah out of his misery, except for Connor. He had taken charge for a few moments, just to put that last bullet through his father’s skull. Now that we were outside and were finished with the so called burial, I decided to take Abby inside to let the boys be for a little while.

The funeral had gone beautifully, if you looked passed the sad faces and old memories. I tugged gently at Abby’s elbow and whispered, “Let’s go inside, sweetheart.”

She only nodded her head and followed me inside the Captain’s area. I removed the rifle from the wheel and took a tight hold on it. I heard Abby work through the bags on the floor, possibly for something to eat. She was soon by my side, offering me the other half of her Kit Kat. I chuckled lightly at her before taking the small piece of candy. I ate it slowly, remembering how I never had to miss the sweet taste.

I kept my fingers laced around the large wheel for quite some time. It was when the sun had gone down that I put the rifle back in place. I walked away from the wheel and peeked out the window. I leaned against the frame of the open door as Connor wrapped an arm around Murphy’s neck and pulled him close. He kissed him on the head before letting him go. Connor made his way toward the door and gave me a very weak smile.

I wrapped my arms around his neck and hugged him as tightly as I could. He rested his head on my shoulder as he hugged me as well. I felt horrible when I realized he was hugging me like he had no one else. I brushed my fingers through his dirty blonde hair and kissed him lightly on the cheek. I pulled away and rested my hands on his shoulders. When I looked into his eyes, I noticed how red and swollen they were.

I forced a comforting smile and said, “If you need anythin‘, Connor, you let me know, you hear?”

“I hear.”He smiled.

He walked into the Captain’s area and pulled the rifle from under the wheel. I walked out onto the deck of the boat and watched as Murphy finally broke down. He cupped a hand over his face and began to cry for one of the first times this evening. I walked up to him and pulled him into a hug, allowing him to cry hysterically into my shoulder. I ran my hand down his back, trying my best to soothe the crying son.

“It’s okay, Murphy.”I said softly.”Shh, it’s alright.”

I pulled away from Murphy, because he was getting myself worked up as well. I cupped his face in my hands and pressed a warm kiss to his cheek.

“Don’t cry, Murphy.”I kissed him sweetly on his lips and pulled his head back into my shoulder.”He’s better now. Let’s go inside.”

I pulled away and tugged at his hand gently. He followed me inside, where he walked down the stairs and into the cabin. I walked over to Connor and reached out for the wheel. He pushed my hand away and gave me one of his smiles. Softly, he said, “Go to Murph, Adrienne. He’s needs ya more than ya would know.”

“Let me know if you need me, Connor.”I said quietly.

I walked away and looked down at Abby. She offered me a warm smile and asked, “Can I stay up here?”

“If Connor wants you too.”I replied.

“I don’t know,”Connor played.”I don’t care fer her company much.”

“That’s mean.”Abby pouted.

“Ya can stay here with me, Abby.”He chuckled lightly.

I offered them a warm smile before making my way down the few steps into the lower deck. I looked around for Murphy, who had soon allowed himself to get curled up in one of the small cots. I quietly stepped up to him and brushed my fingers along his shoulder. He turned slightly, and upon realizing it was me, turned to face me. He gently took my hand and pulled me to sit, which I did.

I lied down in the small bed with Murphy and let out a quiet sigh. Today had been so heart breaking for everyone, no matter what we tried to tell ourselves. I tensed up slightly when Murphy wrapped his arms over my chest and linked my arms together. He kept his grip loose and almost desperate. I looked back slightly, finding those beautiful, god given baby blues filled up with tears once again.

“Don’t ever leave, Adrienne.”He shoved his face into my shoulders before letting out a quiet sob.”Please, don’t ever leave me.”

I laced my fingers in his own and nodded my head slowly, as if he could see me through my back. I swallowed a hard lump of mixed emotions and whimpered out, “I wont, Murph. I promise.”
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