Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down


I rolled over in bed and felt my hand slap against the cold mattress. I shifted my hand from side to side, hoping that I would find Murphy beside me. When I didn’t, I peeked one eye open, to find that the bed itself was completely empty, with the exception of myself.I sat up quickly, noticing that the soft whispering or loud shouting within the boat were obsolete. I threw my legs over the bed and quickly slipped on my shoes.

I took a few steps and came to realize that the smooth swaying of the boat from being on the waves had stopped. We were no longer moving. I looked around the bottom deck quickly and called out for anyone. No one answered me, which sent the worst sensation of chills down my spine. We had been at sea for a few days, but no one was sure for exactly how long. I tried to count back a few days, when we had put Noah to rest.

I couldn’t get the thought through my mind. I was so panicked because no one was answering me. I quickly ran up the few steps and into the Captain’s area, finding that no one was steering, and the rifle had not been set up. I looked up and out of the large, human height window and felt my mouth fall open slightly. The boat was gently rested up against the land, which was a large, bright green hill of grass.

I called out for someone, anyone, but no one came to my calls. I patted at my jeans, hoping that I had slept with my forty caliber stuck in between my hip and jeans, but I hadn’t. I looked around the small cabin in search of any sort of weapon. I began to throw things and toss things aside until I came across a small hand gun. It was tiny, but against any of the infected, if there were any, it would do some good.

I quickly slid the magazine from the butt of the gun, frowning slightly when I saw the small amount of bullets inside. I shoved it back in and took in a deep breath. I slowly made my way out of the Captain’s area, weapon drawn and ready to fire. I was unable to see over the thick hill, but just because my sight was blinded didn’t mean I couldn’t hear. It was silent, which made me even more fearful.

Quietly, I whispered, “Connor? Murphy? Abby?!”

I looked over the side of the boat, seeing that the clear water was about ankle deep. I didn’t want to jump down, given that it was a high jump, but I had no other choice. I grabbed hold of the railing and threw my right leg over it. I tossed my left leg over and tried to calm myself. The worst thing I could do was fall into the small amount of water. I let my feet slip from the side of the boat and landed, slightly quiet, into the cold water.

I held the gun close to my hip as I began my ascend up the hill. I stopped when I reached the top and felt my eyes well slightly with warm water. I wanted to cup a hand over my mouth and laugh, but I also didn’t want to take the chance of being vulnerable. Despite my instincts, I let my weapon fall loosely to my side. A medium sized, stone cabin sat on this extravagant, amazingly large piece of land, which was littered with sheep and lamb.

I watched as the door opened to the cabin, where Abby came running out. I instantly went back into my defensive pose and met her halfway. I pulled Abby into my side, shouting, “Where’s Connor and Murphy, Abby?!”

“They’re fine, Adrienne!”I looked down, finding a mouth full of happy teeth.

“What?”She pointed toward the door and I watched as Connor, Murphy and another man stepped out.

They all had cigarettes clinging in between their fingers or lips. When their eyes touched on me, their smiles grew wildly. Murphy jogged over and tossed his cigarette to the side. I let out a quiet yelp when he embraced me into an unexpecting hug. I felt my gun slip from my fingers and thud lightly against the grass. Murphy’s grip tightened significantly around my waist as he took me off the ground and spun me in a circle.

Connor, Abby and the other man laughed half heartedly at his reaction as I wrapped my arms around his neck. Nervously, I said, “Murph, what are you doin’?!”

“Oh, Adrienne,”He placed me softly on the ground and smiled warmly.”we’re home.”

“H - Home?”I whispered.

“Fuckin’ home!”Connor grinned.

“We made it!”Murphy laughed.”We’re in Ireland!”

“We,”My mouth fell open as the words slowly processed through my mind.

We haven’t been able to find home in the longest of time. I wrapped my arms around his neck tightly and let out a loud scream. I had been holding in my emotions for so long at the expense of everyone else, that I didn’t have to worry about them anymore. I pulled away, keeping my hands on his shoulders and asked, “Is Ireland infected, Murph?”

“No.”He whispered.”The government had shut Ireland down all over. There’s only one way in and one way out. The military have a safe zone there, where they make sure everyone isn’t infected. Adrienne, we got into Ireland ‘cause -”

“Murphy,”I shook my head slightly and whispered, “I don’t give to shits about how we got here! We got here!”

I cupped his face lightly and gave Murphy the most passionate, but pg rated kiss I could manage. Due to the virus that had spread through out the US, I had pushed aside every emotion I could until I felt we were safe. I had no need to worry about them anymore; I could do what I wanted now. I heard a few people clear their throats before I chuckled lightly. I pulled away and peeked behind Murphy.

Connor, Abby and the other man stood there, smiling wildly at the scene. I pulled Murphy into my arms and sighed quietly against his chest. Exactly four months ago, the US had been completely destroyed by a simple voodoo related virus; at least that’s what the US had pulled out of their hats. That virus managed to take out most of the human race, leaving two different kinds of species; the living and the undead.

This voodoo related sickness had managed to take five people from our group, but no matter what, we still strived on. Even though I had suffered through the tragic loss of the three most important people to me - Romeo, Mama and Noah - I still pulled through and found refuge in three people - Abby, Connor and Murphy. If we hadn’t of stayed by each other’s sides this whole journey, no one would have made it.

Murphy and I walked up to the three people and gave them a warm smile. The man, who’s name I had yet to discover, was wearing a white, button up shirt and tan slacks. His sandy blonde hair was neatly pulled back to meet the bottom of his neck. He gave me a cocky smirk as he pressed his cigarette in between his lips. I placed a hand on my hip and asked, “Who the fuck is this?”

He chuckled lightly, allowing Connor and Murphy’s lips to pull up into a smirk. The man took one last drag of his cigarette before letting it slip from his fingers. He stepped it out carefully, taking his sweet time in answering my question. Murphy looked down at me and whispered, “The reason why we’re here in the first place.”

“He’s a dear friend of ours, lass.”Connor winked.

The man stepped forward, sticking his index finger through the small badge that was connected to his slacks. He pushed it forward, showing off the shining gold and inscripted letters that read Special Federal Agent Paul Smecker. That smirk never left his lips as he said, “That’s who the fuck I am.”
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