Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Save Me

I slid the magazine from my gun out and let it fall into my hand. I starred down my small handgun, debating on whether or not I should show Mama how to shoot. I didn't want to take a chance of allowing things to get bad and having to worry that Mama had no experience with guns. I wanted to keep her safe, at all expenses. I slammed it back into the butt of the gun before placing it gently on the table. I looked up at the clock on the wall - 3 a.m.

I was worried, yes. I was afraid as well. Who wouldn't be afraid, knowing that a disease is spreading rather quickly? It had been two days since I had been welcomed into the Irish brother's apartment and two days since I had seen them. I've been trying to keep Mama occupied because I don't want her having anything to do with the boys or Noah. Knowing that they have easy access to weapons only made me that much more nervous. I felt like the bad parent now.

I leaned back against the couch, hearing the soft snores coming from Mama's room. I had taken her out for the day, trying to keep my eyes on our surroundings as much as I could. Things seemed quiet, but I couldn't judge on Boston's people. I had only been here a few days. I brushed my hands down my face, letting a soft sigh echo into the silent room. I leaned back into the couch, feeling utterly exhausted. I've become so stressed over the out break. I was losing my mind.

I lied down on the couch, keeping my hand gun in my sight the whole time. A small smile pulled itself at my lips as I fell into a soft slumber. It was only a few hours later when I awoke to shouting. My eyes flew open and a much needed yawn escaped my lips. I looked up at the clock, seeing that it read seven in the morning. Mama was still sleeping - who was yelling? They seemed to have been shouting for help, but by the time I had gotten to my feet, the yelling subsided.

I slowly walked toward the front door, stopping when a soft, quiet noise blared through the living room. It sounded like scratching. Maybe someone was trying to get my attention. I gripped the silver handle to the door, unlocking the top hatch in the process. Three bangs were thrown at the front door and I pulled it open, my mouth dropping in disgust. An older woman stood at my door, her eyes wet and blood shot. Her mouth hung open, allowing my eyes access to her neglected teeth.

Her night gown had been stained with blood and her arm mirrored a small bite wound. I clasped a hand over my mouth, unsure of what to say to her. Her eyes turned in my direction and my stomach turned ever so slightly. I knew what blind eyes looked like and hers were not blind. They had a foggy, decayed look and seemed to have sunk into the hollows of her head. I opened my mouth to speak, but I grew silent as a gut wrenching scream escaped her lips.

"M'am,"I was stunned as she reached forward, digging her red stained fingers into my shoulders.

The woman and I fumbled to the ground, letting a loud thud follow after us. I instantly wrapped my fingers around her neck and pushed her back, afraid of what she could physically do. I gasped suddenly as she pushed forward, her jaws snapping toward myself. I could see from the corner of my eye my hand gun, but it was still sitting a top the coffee table. I wanted to cry out for help, but if Mama woke up I don't know what would happen. If this woman attacked her, it could be too late.

I grunted under the strength of this woman as she grew closer and closer to my neck. Her hair fell from her shoulders, brushing against my face. My arm began shaking, almost giving out on her pressure. With the last of my strength, I pushed her away from me, bringing my elbow back and hitting her in the face. A quiet crack echoed into the room as she rolled the side. She was quick, however, and was back on her feet in a split second.

I scrambled to my bare feet, racing for my hand gun on Mama's coffee table. This was something I was not ready for. This was the infection that was spreading fiercely through Louisiana. If the police force was unable to keep it under control, I wondered what Louisiana was like now. I was nearly inches from the table when a heavy weight was thrown on me. I hit the floor hard, feeling all the oxygen in my lungs get sucked away. I began gasping as this woman crawled up my back.

I couldn't scream, even if I wanted to now. Despite being unable to breath, I rolled onto my back, kicking the woman in the collar bone. The loud crunch met my ears, but the woman didn't even flinch. A broken collar bone should make this woman curl over and cry in agony, but she simply kept moving up. I gripped at my chest, trying desperately to cry out for help. A shadow moved along the front door and my eyes met with the Connor's blue orbs.

I closed my eyes, wondering if he would simply watch in awe, but a quiet shot filled the room. I gasped as blood splattered along my body, coating every inch of showing skin. I opened my eyes, watching as Connor released the magazine to his gun, checking it for the amount of rounds he had left. I realized quickly how much my adrenaline had gone up and I threw the dead woman from my lap. I crawled away from her, watching as Connor rushed into the room.

I gripped my chest, trying desperately to catch my labored breath. He came to my side, kneeling down next to me. In a quick voice, he asked, "Adrienne, are ya okay? Did she hurt ya?"

"Fine."Connor grabbed my upper arm, helping me to my feet.

After finally recieving back my breath, I began to wipe at the blood, whimpering in disgust. I ran my hands along my face, along my chest and stomach. It only smeared, leaving the tint of red all over me. I tried to slow my shaky breath as I thought over what had just happened.

"Where's Ma, Adrienne? She alright?"He breathed."Please, tell me Ma's just sleepin'."

"She's in her room."I gripped his arm tightly as he turned toward her bedroom, forcing him to look into my watering eyes."What's goin' on, Connor?"

"I'll explain in a minute, lass. Let's get Ma and walk across the hall."I followed after Connor, finding Mama sleeping soundly in her bed.

"Mama,"I gently pushed her awake, trying my best not to startle her."Mama, please, wake up!"

She opened her eyes, giving me a warm, sleepy smile. As she took in my attire, she sat up in bed, crying loudly.

"Adrienne! What happened?! Are you okay?!"She grabbed my arms, sliding herself into a sitting position.

"Mama, calm down."I whispered."You have to be quiet."

"Quiet? What for?"She whimpered."What's goin' on?"

"Let's walk across the hall, Ma. There's somethin' we have to speak 'bout."Connor assured her."You'll be okay. Trust me."

"Grab your shoes, Mama."I whispered softly."Grab a pair of clothes. Grab anythin' that can fit in my duffle bag."

With a nervous shake of the head, Mama did everything I asked her to do. I reached under her bed as she retrieved a pair of clothes and pulled out a pair of sneakers for her. I sat up quickly as Connor stopped her in the doorway.

"Ma, let me get yer kitchen supplies. I'll only be a second."Connor brushed her arm softly, but Mama was too smart for that.

"What happened in there?"She whispered softly."Connor, Adrienne, tell me what's goin' on."

"In a minute, Mama. This is really important. Let me get your kitchen things. I'll put everythin' in the bag."I didn't want to touch her.

The blood on my hands was drying, but it was digusting to the eye. I had to cover the woman in the living room, because if Mama saw it she would have a heart attack. Blood and violence was something she wasn't accustomed to. It was something she didn't grow up with. I wiped down my face, begging Mama to stay put for only a few moments. When she finally agreed, I pushed past Connor and into the living room. I searched for a blanket to cover the woman, but instead stole the table cloth in the kitchen.

I threw it over her deceased body and made my way to the cabinets. I pulled them open, throwing anything saveable into my arms. I shoved multiple items and first aid supplies in my bag before throwing it over my shoulder. I looked down at the table, taking hold of my forty caliber gun. I stuck it between my jeans and waist before walking back to Connor and Mama. I sighed softly as she questioned Connor up and down about his gun.

"Why do you need it?"Her voice was shaky and uneven.

"Please Ma, don't worry yer heart out."He was so sweet to her.

"Let's go."I eyed down Mama, watching as her watery eyes spilled over."Mama."

I pulled her into a hug, despite the dried blood and rubbed her back.

"Please don't cry, Mama."I whispered."Here,"

I pulled my duffle bag around, opening the zipper just slightly.

"Put your things inside. We have to go now, okay? We're just goin' to Connor and Murphy's room for a little while."I stated calmly."Everythin' is goin' to be okay."

I took Mama's hand, leading her out of her room. I looked back at Connor, hoping he would get the hint of trying to keep her attention off of the woman on her floor. Connor stepped to her side, striking a small, unbelieveable conversation. It didn't work, because as we passed the rotting corpse on the floor, Mama stopped dead in her tracks.

"What,"She reached forward, but Connor took her hand gently.

"Ya don't want to know what's under the covers, Ma."He frowned."Just keep walkin'."

"Adrienne,"Mama turned, eyeing me down intensely.

"Come on, Mama. It's okay now."I tugged at her hand and within a few moments, she followed us into the hall.

The apartment complex was eerily quiet and it sent the worst chills down my spine. I followed after Connor into his room and quietly shut the door behind me. I locked the top latch of the door and let out a sigh of relief. I turned, finding Murphy and Romeo asleep on their beds, which put a comfortable smile on my face. The dim lighting of the room gave Mama a better look at me and she instantly welled up in tears. She cupped my face in her hands and begged me to inform her on what happened.

I placed my bag on the table, watching as Connor pulled out a seat for her. I tried to scrape the dried blood off of my hands, but the red tint stayed dominant on my skin. My eyes welled slightly in tears, but I had to explain everything. This was what I was hoping not to happen. To wake up to violence. My job was violent enough, but knowing that this could spread world wide only sickened me. I gripped my stomach with my hands - I was begining to feel sick.

"Ya okay, Adrienne?"Connor whispered.

"I'm fine, Connor."I looked up at Mama and sat beside her."Remember when I told you about the out break in Louisiana, Mama?"

She shook her head and the sight of her nearly broke my heart. Her eyes instantly welled with water and she began to cry. Mama was such a strong woman and rarely cried, but when things got out of hand she was unable to deal with it any other way.

"I do."She whimpered.

"It traveled north."I whispered."It's in Boston now."

"We're goin' to find a safe place to go, Ma."Connor said softly."Nothin' bad will happen to ya. Or Adrienne."

I smiled warmly, feeling my teary eyes let loose. I wiped my eyes quickly and gave Mama a warm smile. I looked up at Connor and smiled warmly.

"Connor saved me only moments ago. We need to leave the apartments and find a safe place to hide out."I said gently.

"Da's on his way now."Connor frowned.

Mama took Connor's hand and gave a warm smile.

"He'll be okay, Connor."She said.

"I need to wash myself off."I stood from the seat and watched as Connor pointed me in the direction of the shower.

I followed after his directions after pulling out a pair of jeans and a shirt. I stepped into the bathroom and closed the door gently behind me. Once the door shut, I did not break down and cry, but wondered what would become of us. I didn't want to stay with the boys and Noah. I wanted Mama and I to go on our own. Knowing that they could possibly be a life saver only made me shake my head. This wasn't something I was supposed to think about.

I was supposed to think about putting murderers and rapists behind bars. To find missing children. Fighting off infected citizens was not on my list to do. I cupped my face in my hands and wiped my swollen eyes. I had gotten no sleep and I knew sleep would be something that would come rarely. I stripped from my clothing and got into the shower, feeling the hot water cascade down my back. The water stained red at the blood and I instantly began scraping my skin with my hands.

I felt digusted. I felt sick. I felt everything I could at one moment and it made me want to snap. I didn't know how I was going to deal with the situation. I knew I only had one priority right now - Mama. I wasn't sure if the situation would turn out like the movies where you couldn't walk down the street without being malled. I didn't know if buildings would be safe or hospitals. This was something new to the world and the more mistakes people made, the more infected would be walking around.

When I came to a finish I dressed quickly and tied my hair back into a ponytail. I reached for the handle on the door, but stopped upon hearing voices. Connor and Murphy sat at the table, talking quietly amongst themselves. Mama had taken her place on the couch, nodding off within a few minutes of me getting into the shower. I pried open the door slightly, catching sight of the worried twins. Connor's face was twisted in agony and fear, while Murphy sat and enjoyed a cup of coffee.

"He has no idea."I whimpered quietly.

Connor stuck his hand into his pocket, retrieving his cigarettes. He lit one with shaking hands before turning toward Murphy.

"Murph, I think we should say one last prayer."Connor squeezed the cigarette between his fingers, feeling it singe against his collused skin.

"Why?"Murphy laughed."We have a time of day fer that shit."

"Maybe 'cause God has just royally fucked us."Connor breathed.

What God would do this to mankind? I shut the door, leaving the boys to themselves. I shut the door to try and collect my thoughts. No God would put this on earth to make us suffer.

"There is no God."I whimpered quietly.