Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down

Safe House

Connor, Murphy and Romeo sat at the table near the kitchen, debating their ideas for everyone's sake. They were still slightly skeptic on what was going on, but there was no time to pretend that everything was okay. Their lives were falling apart every few seconds and they couldn't bring a stop to it. Connor angrily clutched his phone in his hand, growling lowly when 911 refused to answer.

"It's 911 fer fuck's sake."He whimpered."They have to answer."

"You think it's really that bad?"Romeo frowned.

Soft stirring forced their gazes to turn to Mama and Adrienne. They had fallen asleep on the boy's beds, but they didn't mind. It gave them more time to come up with a game plan on what to do. Connor let the phone slip from his dry fingers and he rubbed his face down with his hands. He was growing agitated and nervous. He didn't know how to come about the situation anymore. If 911 wouldn't answer to retrieve the dead body of the woman next door, how could he expect them to come if someone gets hurt?

Murphy lit his zippo and held the flame to a bent cigarette. They had finished well over two packs of cigarettes within the hour and the large amount of nicotine was making Connor's stomach hurt. Romeo followed after Murphy, pulling a disheveled cigarette from the pack before lighting up. The three of them knew for a fact that they had to find a safe place to stay. Being in a seven floor apartment would do no good if they had to get out fast.

They needed a well secure and small place, even just for now. Connor looked down at the watch on his wrist and let a shaky sigh escape through his lips. Da was supposed to be here over an hour ago, which only made him nervous. He was ready to get up and find him, regardless of the disease ridden people crawling around on the streets. Connor looked up as Murphy said, "He's okay, Connor. Da can hold his own."

"He's an old man, Murph. Ya never know."A loud crack at the door made everyone jump, including the light sleeping Adrienne.

Adrienne scrambled to her aching feet and reached into her belt for her gun. They weren't taking any chances, knowing that anyone could find their door and want in. It could be a scared citizen, or a death ranking individual. Murphy made his way to his feet quietly and stepped defensively in front of Adrienne. She mouthed for him to move, but he held a hand up to her to stop her.

"Let me get this, lass."He whispered.

The crack at the door made them jump once more, but the noises that came after set them at ease.

"Ya boys' gonna open the door fer ya old man?!"Murphy chuckled lightly before unlatching the bolt lock on top.

He allowed Da into the room, who was carrying his large duffle bag from the other day. Murphy peeked his head out into the hallway, finding nothing but absolute silence. Most people had fled by now, but for some reason they all stayed put in their small apartment room. They were going to figure out a plan before anything. Da dropped the bag of weapons on the table and let out a deep breath.

"Boys,"He breathed."The streets are littered. There's no way we can stay here long."

"We know, Da."Connor frowned.

"Check the news."Murphy pointed out."Maybe they have somethin' to say."

"Well, I take it a big city is a no go, eh?"Romeo smirked.

The twins shot Romeo a glare, telling him that it was no time for fun and games. Adrienne followed Murphy to the table, where Connor flicked the tv on across the room. The screen only read rainbow colours, signaling that the station had gone off the air. With his fingers crossed, he tuned into the local news station, where they continued to explain about the outbreak.

The President Of The United States asked for -

"No one cares 'bout that prick."Connor growled."Tell us 'bout the outbreak."

They watched in pure fear when images flashed over the screen, showing the dead bodies littered across the sidewalks and streets. These people had been alive and well nearly hours ago, but now here they lay in their own clotted blood. Adrienne swallowed hard, feeling the lump of fear slide down her throat.

People are asked to avoid big cities at all costs. We ask you to lock all your doors and stay inside. Do not allow anyone in, no matter what the cost. Take cover and wait until your local authorites -

"Local authorites wont do shit."Adrienne muttered.

Da and the guys turned toward her, fear ridden in the back of their eyes.

"Why not?"Romeo asked."They have to!"

"They don't have to do anything, Romeo."She whispered."They say that to make you feel safe. Half of the authorites are already flying out of the country to uninfected areas by now."

"No."He frowned."No, you're lying!"

"You think I'm lying?!"She cried, stepping closer to Romeo."I would love to be lying to you right now! I would love to tell you that this is all a joke, Romeo!"

Murphy took a light hold on Adrienne's arm, pleading with her to stay quiet and listen in. Connor pulled up a seat, letting her sit down right beside him. Da followed after her and sat, his eyes scanning over the small television.

"Wait, listen!"Connor raised the volume as the news caster began to explain a safe house somewhere close by.

There is a safe house in Oakland, New Jersey, where people will be setting up shelter, food, clothing and supplies. It's a well closed in place where the diseased are kept out easily. Again, the safe house is in Oakland, New Jersey, where people will be setting up shelter, food, clothing and supplies for those in need.

"New Jersey."Da whispered.

"That's where we'll go!"Murphy cried.

Connor took notice as Adrienne's gaze met her sleeping mother on the bed. He knew for a fact that Adrienne was going to fight them over leaving for New Jersey.

"It might not be safe."She said softly.

"The news was saying it was safe, though."Romeo said."So it has to be a good place to go."

"The news says a lot of things."She stated.

"Well, fer right now, New Jersey is on the map."Connor argued.

Adrienne rubbed her arm softly, allowing her eyes to scan from Connor to her mother. Connor let his head drop and sighed softly. They needed supplies and needed them now. His only problem was talking Adrienne into going with the guys.