Sequel: Their Rebellion

When the Sun Goes Down


It was the glint in those blue orbs that made me catch my breath. They seemed so full of compasion and worry for Mama and I. I opened my mouth to argue on the topic, but Connor only shook his head.

"New Jersey is our target."Connor stated calmly."Where would ya go besides Jersey?"

"It doesn't matter, Connor. By the time you reach Jersey, I can almost guarantee it will be over run by the diseased."I spat.

Mama brushed her graying hair back with her fragile fingers. Her eyes were stained a soft red from crying all morning. Things had been too much on her, but she wasn't alone. I was thinking of a plan for Mama's sake, but no one intended on listening to me. We had been arguing for hours and couldn't get to an agreement on anything. Mama was perfectly content with going with everyone else, but I was deciding differently.

"Mama, we can't go with them. I don't want to have to worry about four other people. My main goal is to keep you safe."I said softly."I wouldn't be able to live with myself if somethin' happened to you."

Noah cleared his throat, signaling he had something to say. I looked up at him as he placed a large hand on my shoulder.

"What happens when ya come face to face with a group of'm, Adrienne?"He asked in a curious tone."Will ya keep her safe then?"

"Yes."I was more than certain I could handle a few people.

"Even when they're takin' ya down and saving yer Ma fer last?"Murphy added."I'm not tryin' to scare ya, Adrienne, but ya need to think of what's right."

"I know what's right!"I stood from my seat, slamming my fist down angrily on the table.

They didn't jump at my reaction. Maybe they were expecting it. It didn't stop me from shaking Noah's hand from my shoulder and stepping away from them. Mama turned toward me, pleading with me to stay put until a plan was figured out. I could only shake my head and growl incoherent words under my breath.

"Adrienne, you could die out there!"Romeo frowned.

"I can bet you all it probably isn't even that bad."I glared.

"The news said it was everywhere. You can't go on your instinct right now."Romeo said."You have to stay in a group."

"I'm goin' to call Frank and see how things are goin'. I'm goin' to prove to you all that nothin' world wide is threatening humanity."I shoved my hand into my front pocket and retrieved my cell phone.

I was quick to dial Frank and roughly pushed the speaker phone button. I stepped up to the table, watching as Connor brushed his hands angrily down his face. He was growing impatient, but yet so was I. Who was he to tell me that I needed to go with them? For all I knew they could be keeping us as bait in case of an emergency. I gently put the phone down in the middle of the table and pressed my hands to my hips. The ringing stopped when a muffled voice picked up.

"Frank,"I said sternly."Adrienne. How is it down there?"

The phone was silent, but Frank hadn't hung up. I arched an eyebrow in confusion and leaned toward the phone.

"Frank?"Within that second I froze, feeling goosebumps rise along every inch of my skin.

A moan flowed through the phone, but it wasn't one of satisfaction. I opened my mouth to speak, but low, gutteral growls perched through the tiny speakers. Everyone's eyes widened as they listened in to the bone chilling phone call. No one knew what to say, if they wanted to say anything at all. Mama's eyes looked up at me, water swelling into her beautiful orbs. I had no explanation for her. I was more of a skeptic at first, but hearing whatever was on the other side of the phone made me a believer.

I reached toward my phone with shaking hands, almost afraid to touch the small amount of plastic. I felt if I even grazed it, I would contract the disease on the other end. I swallowed hard and whispered, "Frank, a - are you there?"

A loud, ear piercing screech, like the woman from earlier this morning had made, echoed through the phone, forcing everyone to cup their ears. The line went dead, just as my finger traced over the end button. I let the duffle bag from my shoulders drop to the floor with a loud thud and slowly, brought my hands to my head. I didn't want Mama to see me afraid, but at this point I didn't know what to think anymore. We had to leave for certain - I knew that.

Connor, Murphy, Noah and Romeo were right all along. If I wanted to keep Mama and myself safe, I needed to stay by their sides. They knew very well how to use a weapon and they could help keep everyone safe. The news caster explained New Jersey was a safe place to go and as of right now, it was our only hope. I jumped slightly when Mama reached out for my hand. Quietly, she said, "Do you understand now, Adrienne?"

My eyes welled in tears and I swallowed down my pride. In a shaky voice, I said, "Get anythin' you can carry. We leave for New Jersey by mornin'."
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