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Chapitre Deux.

The only sound I heard was that of the alarm clock going off, something I was not quite used to yet, but was going to cope with it. I turned over and watched Maggie sleep she was so perfect in every way. I yawned and stood up, careful not to wake her up, I walked to the bathroom, where I did my business. I splashed some water on my face and woke myself up; I walked back to the bedroom. I noticed Maggie had gotten up; I smiled and decide to get dressed, and today was going to be an interesting day.

“Spencer,” I heard her sweet voice speak.

I opened the door and smiled “Yeah?”

“I’m making waffles what kind would you like?”

I walked over to her small frame and wrapped my arms around her and pressed my lips against her forehead.

“Any kind”

Maggie’s cheeks grew pink, “All right”

I quickly got dressed in some jeans and a simple navy blue shirt when I heard my phone ring; I walked over and picked up.


“Spencer? It’s me,”

“Oh, hi Brendon what’s up?”

“Nothing, what are you up to?”

I laughed, “Are you lonely again?”

“Err…Kind of”

“Come over, Maggie’s making breakfast”

Brendon cheered “Sweet, I’ll be over,”

I shook my head and hung up placing my phone down and walked to the counter to grab a comb, combing my hair I noticed something that I haven’t seen in awhile. My old address book with all my family and friends address and phone numbers.

“Huh? Where did you come from?”

I flipped through the faded black book and came across a familiar name, Aubrey Miller, I sighed, touching the girly handwriting. Her name had hearts around it, I remembered her well, and she was always very kind and caring. I wondered what happened to her, was she still living in Vegas? Or did she move?

I don’t know what caused me to dial her number, but I did, it rang a couple of times there was no answer. When I was about to give up and hang up someone picked up and for that moment I my breathing increased.

“Hello?” a female voice answered, it was her, and it was Aubrey.

I didn’t answer.

“Hello?” she asked a very tired tone.

I couldn’t get the nerve to answer her I don’t know what was stopping me, but I couldn’t do it I couldn’t talk to her. After all, I hurt her and she probably hates me.

“Okay this isn’t funny anymore, someone answer?” this time her tone became annoyed.

I hung up, there wasn’t much I would say to her anyway, I’ve done so much to hurt her and there was no way I would ever make it up to her. Not that I would ever run into her again, I wasn’t sure where she was living, she still had the same number so maybe still in Las Vegas.

Her small frame was in front of me she was only four inches shorter than me and I loved it, her smile was so enchanting and her shiny blond hair was hanging.

“Spencer, don’t ever stop dreaming, dreams are what makes everyone special, especially you” she smiled, wrapping her thin arms around my neck.

I kissed her nose, “I won’t, if you promise to never change that cute personality you have”

She giggled, “I won’t”


I smiled, “Aubrey”


“You think we’ll you know… last” I asked, worried.

She tilted her head side ways and looked at me, “I do, Spencer you have no idea how much I love you”

I wrapped my arms around her and pressed my lips against her soft ones, “I love you too, Aubrey”



“Are you okay? You look sad”

I shook my head, “I’m okay, and Brendon’s coming over”

Maggie giggled, “That Brendon, always coming around when there’s food present”

I nodded, “I invited him”

Her laugh wasn’t like Aubrey’s, Maggie’s was a little airy and light, while Aubrey, from what I can remember was a sweet one. Why was I even thinking about Aubrey? I promised myself not to think about her, it was hard enough leaving her.

“Oh, okay we’ll food’s ready”

I followed her into the kitchen, Brendon was already here serving himself, I shook my head and grabbed two more plates.

Don’t even think about calling her again.
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