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Chapitre Quatre.

I excused my self to go wash my hands and while I walked back I felt a body crash into mine, I helped her up.

“Oh” she gasped.

“I am so sorry…”I spoke, then realizing who was in front of me.

She hadn’t changed one bit her hair was still as bright and blonde as she had it before I left the only thing that changed from what I saw was her eyes. They weren’t the bright happy blue eyes they were dull and full of remorse. She was standing in front of me looking more hurt than ever and seeing her this way made me frown.

“Aubrey” I managed to choke out.

She was thinner than I remembered her; she had changed I could tell, now she wouldn’t look me in the eye she just kept looking down.

“Spencer” she sighed.

“H-How have you been?” I stammered.

She kept rubbing her arm and shrugged, “Good I guess”

She didn’t look fine to me, she looked miserable and I felt guilty this was probably my fault, I hurt her and all she ever did was love me.

“Are you sure?”

Aubrey nodded, “I should go”

She walked into the bathroom and left me standing there wondering about her, Aubrey was never this shy in public. I know it must have been me, we haven’t seen each other in a long while and the last time I saw her I was breaking things off with her.

I made my way back to the table and sat down our food was already served; with each bite I was wondering off in my mind. Thinking about Aubrey and all memories were rushing through my mind and as much as I would like them to go away they wouldn’t leave my mind.

“Spencer are you okay?” Maggie asked me.

I nodded, “Yeah, just kind of tired”

“You want to go and take a nap?”

I shook my head, “I’ll be okay”

Then I noticed Aubrey walk by not glancing my way, it hurt she didn’t want anything to do with me, I couldn’t blame her though. I did notice that she wasn’t alone she was with a guy that was at least six years older than her and I wondered if he was her new boyfriend.

“Spencer you’ve been really quiet ever since you came back from the bathroom are you all right?” Maggie asked again.

I sighed, “Yeah, I just got a lot on my mind lately”

“Oh, you want to talk about it?”

I shook my head, “I rather not, not now”

Maggie just nodded, “All right”

Maggie was a really understanding girl she was sweet and caring and she would do anything to make me happy. Sometimes I wondered if she did too much for me, ever since I met her I felt something special between us.

As I was nibbling on my bread I noticed that when I looked up Aubrey quickly looked away like she had been looking at me. I stood up and walked to pay the check and noticed they were getting up as well; they’ve been here as long as we have. I don’t know how I didn’t see them before; I sighed and stood behind Aubrey and her date.

“He doesn’t seem like your type” I whispered.

I could see her body wiggle from my breath in her ear, Aubrey just shrugged her shoulders, “I never said he was my date, I don’t know why you should care”

I blinked, Aubrey was never the one to snap at someone nor was I someone who was the jealous type but when I saw them together it was killing me.

Aubrey left with her date and I watched her, I wasn’t sure why I was so jealous I guess I never thought she would find someone to be with. I know that sounds terrible to say but I wanted to have this mind set where she would only have eyes for me. Of course I can’t expect that to happen it didn’t happen with me and I’m with Maggie.

“Are we ready to go?” Maggie asked behind me.

I turned and smiled, “Yup”


Maggie had said she needed to visit her parents so I let her go and the meantime I was at home pacing around the apartment. It was around nine o’clock at night and I was still pacing around my apartment thinking about her.

“Her number is still the same should I call her?” I whispered to myself.

“Spencer, it’s me!” I heard Brendon shout.

“Yeah I figured when I heard you,” I chuckled.

He walked to me, “So what was so important that you wanted to talk about?”


Brendon’s face grew serious, “I thought you said never to bring her up again?”

I sighed, “I know, but I saw her today at the restaurant”

Brendon’s jaw dropped, “Are you serious? You saw Aubrey Miller?”

I nodded, “I did,”

Brendon kind of just looked at me I could tell he wanted to bombard me with questions but he didn’t.

“So how is she?” he finally managed to ask.

“She was looking okay she wasn’t too happy to see me”

Brendon nodded, “I understand why she wouldn’t be”

I sat down and rubbed my head, “Listen Brendon, I don’t want you looking for her she’ll think I’m just looking for a way to talk to her”

“Okay. Not that I could find her she’s probably moved somewhere else by now”

I nodded, “I think I’ll go to sleep now, I’m tired”

“Oh okay, well, if you need anything you know where to reach me at”

I got up and took my shirt and pants off and walked to the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. I walked back to bed and got in I sighed and turned off the lights, I knew I would get very little sleep tonight.

I could hear a soft whisper calling my name, “Spencer, Spencer”

I groaned, “I don’t want to get up”

“You silly it’s time to get up” she whispered in my ear.

I sat up and saw her sitting in front of me, blond curls falling to her back her blue eyes were brighter than the sky. Her thin frame was in front of me, legs criss crossed, she wore a white gown and no make up. It was Aubrey.
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