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How to Date Alex Gaskarth


I stood on my bed, changing my ceiling fan’s light bulbs. I heard my phone ring and jumped off the bed. When I got to my phone I pressed send and answered.

“Congratulations Miss. Jokaster! You have been chosen to be on How To Date Alex Gaskarth!” A woman said though my old telephone.

I smiled, my mom would be happy, “Thank you, now how do I get there?”

The woman gave me my instructions and told me to be there as soon as possible. I walked back into my room grabbing my already-packed suit case. I looked in the mirror; my reflection was the same girl who just two years ago had a life that hadn’t been upset by death and disease.

I walked through my house turning everything off then walked out the front door. I hopped in my car dropping my bags in the back seat.


I pulled up to a house, a really large house. I stepped out grabbing my bags and letting the security take my car.

“You must be Raea! Nice to meet you, I’m Lisa” The same woman who had called me hours earlier smiled

“Nice to meet you too! Could you lead me to the nearest bathroom? I have to take a piss.” I said, earning an odd glance from her

“Sure, it’s upstairs in the near the only room that’s left, the room is yours and your sharing with a few others.” She explained

“Cool, thanks” I yelled, running up the stairs

I walked inside looking up, it was quite fancy, and I felt under-dressed. I walked up the stairs, noticing a guy behind a door struggling with some microphones.

“Sup?” I asked

“Trying to work with these fuckin’ microphones,” He muttered

“Look, Shirley Holmes, I’ll help you if you get rid of that mouth of yours.” I smiled

“Okay, fine, who are you anyway?” He asked

“Raea Jokaster, who are you?” I countered

“Alex Gaskarth, the one who is causing all of this commotion in here.” He smiled

“Well, Gaskarth, you aren’t the only one causing commotion here. I just told this girl that I had to piss.” I giggled

“Are you related to Jack?” He asked as I grabbed a mic

“It would seem like that, wouldn’t it,” I smirked
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Hi! I'm Rachel and I will be writing for Raea!
I hope that this was all that everyone who likes Raea thought it would be.

Love & Liquor,
- Rachel