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How to Date Alex Gaskarth


Mia Nicole Anderson

“We've all been more than eager to sin
And it feels alright
Til we pay the price
Now you choose either naughty or nice
Cause she's here for you it's all yours tonight
You won't beli-“

I tumbled off my bed with the phone in, opening it just before it stops ringing. “Hello?”

“Hi! Is this Ms Anderson?” I stare at my phone before replying hesitantly to tell her I am. “Congratulations! You have made it to the next round of the reality show How to Date Alex Gaskarth!’’ My phone drops to the floor next to my head before I realize what I just did and pick it up. Whoever was speaking to me gave me all the information I needed before hanging up. Great. That means packing, yay (Note the sarcasm.) I sprang up from my bed and ran to my closet pulling out two suitcases and a carryon. I wasn’t that excited to be on a reality TV show, but I was more excited to be leaving this hellhole I call home. Yes, I do live with my parents. BUT the house is in my name, and they travel all over the world so I basically live alone.

My house is HUGE. It’s literally a mansion. (Image: Its always so quiet here…… Wow. Off topic. I filled my suitcase to the brim and then I walked across my room to the intercom. I called our butler to my room and together we brought my suitcases down. I put them in the trunk of my car before turning to Sebastian.

“Take care of the house for me?” I asked his with a smile. He laughed at my joke then pushed me towards my car.

“Yes, now go have fun!” I laughed then got in my brand new navy blue Lamborghini Gallardo. As I started the car, I turned to Sebastian and waved before pulling off. The lady on the phone gave me the directions to the house because I live only 20 minutes from it.

Upon reaching the house I realized I was one of the last to arrive. I got out of my car with thoughts running through my head. Would I like it here? Would I have to share a room with someone who was a complete slut or someone who wanted nothing to with making friends here and only focused on Alex? No. I am going to enjoy myself here, and if I get lucky I’ll win this thing. One of the attendees came outside and helped me with my suitcases while I grabbed my carryon. As soon as I walked in the house I was greeted my Lisa.

“Hey! I’m so glad you could make it here. I am really looking forward to this whole show.” I smiled at her and said, “It’s nice to be here. I’m looking forward to it too!”

I followed her as she led me to the rooms pointing out the rooms that already had two people. When we finally got to a room that had an empty bed, one of the beds was already decorated with random things. I made my way to the empty bed and dropped down on it. By the time I was finished with unpacking my things and sat down on my bed, a girl walked past the room. She stuck her head in and said,” Hey, my name is Mai Ling and I’m your roommate. Right now Alex is calling all of the girls downstairs. You might want to come along.”

I groaned and got back up. “Thanks, its nice to meet you. I’m Mia but you can call me Red.” She smiled in reply and together we made our way downstairs. Walking toward the stairs, I noticed a girl walking down the hall swinging her hips. Wow, she looks like a slut, I thought. When I turned back around I felt a force hit my shoulder that almost sent me falling forward. The same girl I was just talking(or thinking) about pushed past me with an extra swing in her hips as if she was better than me. Think again.

“Hey bitch! Your roots are showing!” I yelled after her. She turned around to glare at me and I smiled in returned and gave a cheerful wave. Mai Ling dissolved in giggles as we walked past her down the steps.

This way going to be fun.
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