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How to Date Alex Gaskarth


I shoved all my belongings into my suitcase their arguing voices echoed throughout my rapid actions. I sighed, refusing to turn back and convince myself that it would run in a blue moon and everything would be okay.

I've been running all my life, you could even say it's my occupation; from foster home to foster home and none of my foster parents never seem to the 'ones' for me or never turn out how they seem; the smiles, the friendly voices, the attractive appearnces but yet I always end up back in the dumping ground. I'm sick of it.

Their voices got louder and much more cautious and I heard my name repeatedly being said. I sighed heavily as the tears threatened and I tried to contain them but it didn't work.

I haven't cried in ages; my tough face has been my masquerade for years. I refused to show anytime of weakness despite what I have been through. Rejection, love, hate; the many things I have dealt with in my life.

I didn't known where I was going to go next.

I zipped up my suitcase as I did my bedroom door opened, revealing a tired looking Zach, the little boy rubbed his eyes; tears glistening in his eyes.

"Kayla, Mommy and Daddy are arguing again." I winced at the first name but gestured him to come over to me, I caught him in an embrace and stroked his jet black hair that resembled mine. I began to cry along with him, knowing that I didn't want to leave him with them but it was much more safer here than taking him with me.

"It'll be okay, I promise. Just get to sleep." I tucked him into bed as his deep sapphire blue eyes peered at me. I smiled at him, assuring him that everything would be okay. I stroked his wild chestnut brown hair once again and kissed his forehead as his eyes fell closed.

I'm coming home soon, Mommy loves you." I whispered to him but he was oblivious to my words in a deep sleep. My cell phone rang, I ran over to get it, trying not to wake up Zach. I answered to hear:

"Congratulations! You're one of the lucky bitches that have made it the next round of How to date Alex Gaskarth." I laughed quietly at the male voice and took in all the details. I even forgot about this competition that Zander dared me to go on, I honestly thought that I wouldn't get through to the next round.

I smiled and hung up and grabbed my suitcase and threw it out the window, hearing a little thud I was satisfied. I turned around to look at Zach, watching his peaceful face and smiled. I grabbed my hand luggage and climbed at the window and landed with a soft thud.

I handed to the train station with a huge smile on my face.

How To Date Alex Gaskarth could be my biggest escape yet. 

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