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Why Don't You Love Me?

Disclaimer: I do not own any other following characters: Avenged Sevenfold guys, Alex Varkatzas, Brandan Schieppati, Africa, Vienna, Angel, Spencer, or Sage. I do own the rest and the plot.
Kassidy Jane Schieppati
Africa Ivy Sanders
Vienna Casey Hathaway
Angelica Marie Sullivan
Spencer Alexyne Schieppati
Sage Aleena Harris
Pariss LeighAnn Bailey
Being popular just didn't satisfy Kassidy Schieppati enough. She craved more in life, something other than money and popularity. She wanted something called Love. Everywhere she turned, she couldn't seem to find it. Of course, she forced a smile on her face and kept going, she kept dating, and she kept trying. Where she finally found love is somewhere no one would except, with someone no one would except.

Matthew Sanders has made it on his own for over a year. Being nearly homeless didn't stop him from getting his education, but it did stop him from making friends, having a girlfriend, participating in the activities he wanted to do. Let's face it, girlfriends and after school activities are pretty expensive. Or so he thought.

KJ and Matt begin to hang out. She was falling in love more every day while on the other hand, he was trying to push her away. No matter how much Kassi tried telling him money wasn't the key to happiness, he didn't believe her. How could he believe her? In the end, getting away would be the best thing to do.

I apologize for the sucky description. At least give the story a chance to win you over. :D
  1. Chapter One
    "You must be KJ."