Setting Dusk

You know Bella's story; falls in love with a vampire, marries him and becomes a vampire herself.

The Cullens and Hales are still in Forks, just the same, but with a vampire Bella in their family. What they didn't know was that someone, a past enemy force, has returned mysteriously.

James and Victoria came back

James and Victoria team up to tear up the Cullen's family. They go for the strongest, Emmett Cullen. What would make a grizzly vampire like him break down? Answer: Rosalie Hale

Rosalie's dead, Emmett's to pieces and the Cullens are shell shocked; a perfect chance to get right in to center of the get to Bella at last...or is it Bella they want?
  1. Just Gone
    Poor Emmett...
  2. Mr. Grizzly
    Claire Bellum finds that she sits next to Emmett Cullen in five of her six classes...and lunch!!!