Setting Dusk

Mr. Grizzly

I stepped out of the car, nervous as ever. It was finally here, time to see who would be in my classes in this new year. I had gotten all of the classes I wanted for my junior year in Forks High School, I was just worried that I would have one of the Cullen's in my class. Obviously Edward, Bella and Jasper wouldn't, they were seniors, but Alice, Rosalie or Emmett could be. I sighed, that would be a GREAT way to start my year, for sure.
'Speak of the devil' i thought, glancing over at the Cullen's, all getting out of their car. But, after taking one step, I did a double-take. There were only five out of the six Cullens there; Rosalie was missing. That was very strange, usually the Cullens traveled in a pack; sitting at lunch together, rescheduling classes to be together and walking to classes in a tight-knit group. It was very strange to see only one gone from the pack, but maybe Rosalie was sick. I smiled wryly, that never happened...the Cullens were too perfect. However, Emmett did look a little down. My stomach flipped as he looked at me. I scolded myself silently, I was supposed to hate the Cullens, they were the outcasts.
The bell rang, I jumped and hurried to my first class, PE. That was about the only bad thing about this year's schedule; having PE first period all year. I shrugged; at least it couldn't get any worse.
How wrong I was.
Walking in to the Gym after changing, I saw, with a groan, Emmett Cullen and all of his splendor. My friend, Mei, just looked at me, "I thought you said you liked Emmett..." she said, suspicious. Mei was my very best and loyal friend. We actually weren't really close back in elementary school, but as the years went on, she was in most of my classes. We just, sort of, grew on each other.
I sighed, "I do, but why does he have to be in our PE class? I will SO make a fool of myself, and then he will laugh. Mei, you KNOW I will, so just admit it!"
Mei laughed, "Yeah, I guess. So, you're sure you don't want to go to homecoming with Blake? Me, you, him and Drew. Oh my God, did I tell you Drew asked me?!" She exclaimed, obviously forgetting she had already told me twice today.
Fortunately, at that moment, the whistle blew to line up at the back wall for warm ups. I knew her rant on how cute and dreamy Drew is would continue after PE. I concentrated to not fall on my face as I lined up with the rest of the class.
And, just as I had expected, Mei continued to ramble on and on about Drew's tiny, yet wonderful, details. I was only able to shake her off at Studio Art, which was my second period class. The moment I stepped in, I knew something was wrong. Everybody's faces were slightly stressed and self-conscious. I scanned the room and my stomach flew to my throat. Emmett Cullen, once again!, was sitting in a chair in the far end of the room, a slab of clay in front of him. He stared unseeingly at it, looking very depressed. My heart thudded involuntarily, poor baby. He looked like a neglected teddy bear. However, I had no intention to sit next to or near him.
My wish apparently went unobserved.
Of course, my art teacher, Miss. Owen, picked our seat, and of course, I was placed next to Emmett. As if my day couldn't get any worse! It could, funny as it seems.
I trembled over to where Emmett was sitting, lowered myself into my seat, and turned to Emmett, preparing to introduce myself. I looked into his eyes, and he stared back, curious, scared and, in a way, hungry. Then, I saw the strangest thing happen.
As I stared speechless into his eyes, I saw them turn from a rich gold to a dark, ominous black. My heart nearly stopped, how could eyes change color? It was impossible, unless they were a new sort of contacts. Yes, that HAD to be it. Eyes just couldn't change color on their own.
I tried to looked up again, to introduce myself for real this time. But when I looked up, I just blushed again. Emmett was staring at me, looking totally thrown off guard and nervous. He suddenly raised his hand with such force and speed that it was super-human. Of course.
Miss. Owen blushed; she actually was quite young, about twenty or so. I could tell, by the look on her face, that she was ashamed for blushing at Emmett. None the less, she stammered, "Y-yes, Mr. Cullen?"
Emmett kept that same off-guard expression as he stated, "Bathroom," and sped out the door.
I didn't see Emmett, or any of the Cullens until lunch, were they were all sitting together. Thank goodness Emmett wasn't in my 3rd-hour Spanish class, THAT would have been a nightmare. I had translated a piece of text from our book wrong and the whole class laughed at me. I hated Spanish, and I didn't even want to take it anyways. I mean, my mom was the one who signed me up for it, being a lawyer and all, she thought I should learn a foreign language. I thought there was no point. I mean, does she really believe she can send me off to Spain for a month so I can practice Spanish in a "real life" situation? She doesn't have the money for that, and even if I did, I wouldn't bother.
Emmett looked shaken and entirely freaked out when he sat down with nothing to eat. I really couldn't understand why. However, I just looked back down at my wilted chef salad and kept eating.
"You've been really quiet lately," Mei said. She usually wasn't that observant, but when she was, it got annoying. "Do you want to talk?"
"No, I do not want to talk, thank you." I snapped back. "Oops, sorry." I said, regretting being mean to her. I mean, she was my best friend. And besides, it wasn't HER fault Emmett was in two of my first classes. Ugh, I REALLY hated school. "Its just, well, Emmett Cullen is in my first two classes...and I don't know....i really don't know. It doesn't bug me, it's just uncomfortable, you know?"
She looked at me funny, "No...I can't say I do. Hey, so are you gonna go to Homecoming? Please, please, please?"
"I already told you..." I said, sighing and pinching the bridge of my nose in frustration "I'm not going. I just....I don't know. I just don't know...I think I'll just stay home and do chores form my mom. She's really stressed out, and she has five cases to do. Sorry," I said, watching Mei's face apologetically, "I just don't dance..."
"What the hell are you talking about?" she asked, slapping the table with her hand in exasperation, "You are on a DANCE team! You've DANCED for ten years! What do you mean you can't dance?"
"I'm just not the romantic type..." I said, lowering my head and taking a sip of my lemonade.
"Just because you deny every boy that has ever asked you out does NOT mean you are not romantic!" she said, eying me over her bagel and soda, "why won't you go out with anyone?"
"" I stuttered, blushing and glancing over at Emmett, "I'm waiting"
"Someone, right," she sniffed and stood up, "C'mon, we better get to class..." The cafeteria was emptying while people headed off to their next class.
"Mmm, yeah, great," I rolled my eyes, "Calculus..."
Mei had the next three classes with me and, unfortunately, so did Emmett. God really was putting me in a living hell, no joke. "I swear he's following me," I said to Mei quietly, passing her on the way to my seat, which was next to Emmett AGAIN.
"Well, look on the bright side..." she said, flashing a sympathetic smile, "he's really hot..."
Oh yes, the looks, the smile and the figure were all impressive, but it was his "too-cool-for-anyone-but-me" attitude that was intreguing to me. I wondered if he was a good dancer...
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