Fish Are Friends

He rolls over onto his side, finding Zack with his eyes closed and his chest moving up and down slowly as he breathes. “You know I only care so much because I love you. And I don’t want anything to ever happen to you.” Alex slides his hand into Zack’s, tangling their fingers together. “If anything ever did, and I lost you, what would I do with myself?”

Zack’s lips form a thin line and Alex can tell he’s trying hard not to smile at him.

“You’re all I have. You’re all I’m ever going to have. I don’t need anyone else.”

“And you think the same thing doesn’t apply to me?” The younger boy finally opens his eyes and turns his head to look at Alex. “Don’t worry so much. I need you. But I feel like if we were ever separated, we’d be able to survive.”

“Don’t joke like that,” Alex mumbles, pressing his face into Zack’s shoulder.

Word Count:
Warnings: mentions of sex, drugs and alcohol
All Time Low: Alex, Jack, Zack, Rian, Flyzik, Grieco and Vinny,
Boys Like Girls: Martin, Paul and Bryan
The Maine: John, Garrett, Pat and Kennedy
VersaEmerge: Sierra
A Rocket To The Moon: Nick Santino and Halvo
Before You Exit: Connor and Riley
The Cab: Alex Marshall
Hey Monday: Cassadee Pope and Alex Lipshaw

So, I've been working on this since February. February 11th, to be exact. It's inspired by the movie "Finding Nemo". This story is my baby. I've put a lot of time and effort into this and it would really mean a lot to me if, after you're done reading, you left me a comment and told me what you thought, maybe point out the similarities between my characters and the ones in Finding Nemo. Whatever. It would make my day to hear from you guys. So yeah. Um. I hope you like it. I'm really nervous about it but. I think it came out pretty well.