Breathe Deeply

Chapter One.

The air whispered around her as she sat on the cold rock, overlooking the waves. She loved being out on the beach right before sunset. It calmed her nerves and let her think over her day. A small smile formed around her lips as the remaining day slowly started to drain into darkness, the light glittering over the water.

She closed her eyes, relaxing after a long day. She thought back to her day as the lights began to dance across the sky, reflecting in the water. She sighed happily, her heart slowing down to a calming rate. She breathed in the atmosphere, slowly, deeply until it completely filled her lungs. She held it in for a few seconds before slowly letting it all go.

She let go of her worries, her emotions, and her mind. This always calmed her down and cleared her head. Her eyes drifted to the other side of the beach. It was on the border of a forest. She trembled and shut her eyes, a feeling of fear creeping up in her. She hated forests and was afraid of them ever since that day.
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It's short and I'm just getting back in the kick of writing. Comments? <3