Breathe Deeply

Chapter Three.

Tae sighed, tapping her pen on her desk from boredom. She was in math class and they were learning a new lesson: Sine Law. Her teacher began to write on the board; that meant start writing. Tae picked up her blue-inked ball point pen and began to scribble the title and the date on a piece of paper from her notebook.

She twirled her hair around her finger as she wrote; she always did that while writing, or when generally concentrating on something. She slumped, leaning on the back of her chair and extended her legs. They hurt from growing pains. Tae sighed and yawned.

Always, before falling asleep, she had a horrible habit about thinking. Think about bad things; the past. It wasn’t good to think about the past, especially a past as damaged and heart wrenching as Taelyns’. She would stay up, tossing and turning, playing it over, like a scene from a movie. It just repeated in her mind: the green of the forest, the cool wind blowing and the bang of her father being shot. Years have passed since Tae had a peaceful nights’ rest. She always cried herself to sleep nowadays.

Grabbing her calculator and her textbook, Tae cringed as she moved her leg; it was really hurting. She hated growing pains, they always ruined her day. She cracked open her textbook to start the homework her teacher assigned at the end of her lesson. She worked until the bell ran, finishing almost all of the work assigned.

Tae quickly gathered up her things and dashed out the door, walking to her next class and her locker. Sighing, she turned the corner, inching closer and closer to her destination.

She couldn’t wait for the day to be over so she could go home.
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