Breathe Deeply

Chapter Four.

There was a little girl standing in grass, a smile around her lips, and a bottle of bubbles in her hand. A man was there, sitting on the grass beside her, laughing. The area was serene, peaceful and leafy. The wind blew around them gently, tickling the trees and the tips of grass. The sky was a clear azure, bright and bold, perfect for such a day.

No clouds, no birds, nothing to ruin the perfect, seamless blue sky. Round soapy orbs began to float around, popping after a few minutes, twirling up and down, caressing the grass, floating up to the sky.

The man picked up the little girl, kissing her on the cheek. Suddenly, he looked around and said something to the little girl, putting her down and ran into a cluster of trees. The little girl stood there, twirling. Soon, minutes passed and the little girl looked around curiously. She followed the man into the forest.

A voice echoed around the clearing, but the girl seemed not to have noticed. It was yelling, shouting, telling her not to go and that it was all her fault. She was just a stupid little girl and it was all her fault. But, the little girl went on and into the same path her father took, the voice growing louder and louder.

Then Tae woke up.
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