Matt sat in the cold room awaiting for the harlot to arrive. He was looking for an entertainment for the night. Wanting to unwind in warm flesh, to let loose.

He just lost the one he thought loved him.Val had decided to end things with him, and he knew it was coming but he ignored it. Now he sat alone in this dark room, waiting for an unknown women to come to please his needs.

She took and took what he offered, and just tossed it away.
She stomped on his heart and used him. He was so fucking blinded by love.
"Laughing" he took a drink of his beer.

He was somewhat glad that she left him but just by thinking on how many years he had thrown into their relationship and it was for nothing. Well tonight he wasn't the same blind fucker, he was here to use and dispose of the women, that was coming to sex him up. He was going to fuck her until she was screaming his name.

He looked up as the door creaked opened revealing a beautiful raven black haired women.She looked nervous and just stood there with the door slightly opened like she wanted to bolt.

Matt sighed just his fucking luck a newbie. He stood up placing the beer on the table in the center of the room. He made his way toward the women and leaned forward his right hand moving toward the door. He closed it with a hard push whiles his eyes were locked on the women, she flinched slightly at the harsh look in his eyes.

This wasn't what she wanted or expected on her first day at work. Her light green eyes locked on her clients hazel orbs. She smiled softly and moved away from him, making her way to the bed.

" I'm Sarah" she said as her pale fingers passed over the silky fabric that laid on the bed.
"I don't care who you are. Just get naked and spread your legs for me, bitch" he said harshly while he pulled his shirt off his body.

Sarah shivered as his words invaded her ears. She liked being commanded and dominated. Thats the only reason she even thought of working her. She wanted the raw sex and this client was going to deliver it.

She slowly took of her black silky bra and her panties. She left her stilettos on as she climbed on the bed, spreading her legs for him.
He walked toward the bed, his eyes burning into hers.

"I'm going to make you scream, Bitch. "And when you scream you will scream my name. The names Matt don't fucking forget it" he said as he grabbed her ankles and pulled her closer to the edge of the bed.

Her scent hit him like a truck sending a wave of desire in him. She smelled so fucking good, he wanted to taste her and he was going to do so.
He went on his knees in front of her spread legs. Her pussy was shaved neatly no hair insight.

He licked his lips as he moved closer in between her legs,feeling the heat coming from her core.

She couldn't wait until she could feel his hot tongue on her sensitive spot. She wanted to grab his head and shove him against her pussy. She wanted him to eat her up. She arched her back when his hot breath brushed against her wetness.'

She closed her eyes waiting for his tongue, his teeth and those long fingers to invade her already.

The tip of his tongue brushed her slit, making her arch her back once more. His hands shot up, going to her hips pinning her down. His fingers digging in her flesh.
She moaned at the feel of his tongue brushing against her clit, moving up and down, before pushing through her folds to get to her entrance.

His tongue was a god given gift as he passed it all over her flesh, moving to the sides of her thighs making her legs tremble in pleasure. She never knew that spot would make her feel this way.

She moaned his name as he nibbled on her clit. He moved one of his hand from her hip and moved it in between her thighs, his calloused fingers brushed her swollen pussy, opening her folds until the tips of his fingers brushed her opening.

She bit her bottom lip in anticipation. He was torturing her, it was obvious he wasn't going to give her a taste of what he could to with those fingers.
He pulled away from her completely, and he heard her huff in frustration.
He smirked at her, as his eyes scanned her flushed body. His dick twitched,he had to admit that she was one hell of a sexy women.

He shook his head not wanting to register what she looked like in his mind she was just a fuck, a random fuck just another faceless girl.

"Get up, and get on your knees and suck me of, bitch" he spat as he stood up.
She scrambled from the bed, not wanting to keep him waiting and she sure wanted to have him in her mouth. She wanted to taste his flesh, the salty goodness of his pre-cum on her tongue.

She was soon on her knees in front of him. Her fingers moving to the button on his jeans. She unbuttoned it and unzipped his pants. She pulled them down with his boxers following close behind. His dick sprang free, her eyes locking on the thick flesh in front of her eyes. He was big not the normal size she was used to.

She took him in her hand moving the foreskin back, letting the head pop out.The tip held pre-cum waiting for her to taste it. She stuck out her tongue, licking his slit tasting the salty goodness on the tip of her tongue. She closed her eyes and moaned before taking him fully inside her mouth.

He looked down as she started to bob her head back and forth, as her tongue swirled all over his length.

He closed his eyes letting the pleasure take over him. Fuck was she talented with her mouth he thought. As she took him deeper in her mouth.
Her lips wrapped around his hard flesh making it hard to not come. He tried to hold it in but fuck was it hard. He was soon spilling his seed inside her. She didn't stop as his dick jerked spilling his hot load inside her mouth. She swallowed every bit of it not wanting to waste anything.

She sucked him of until he was hard again. She pulled away her eyes meeting his clients lusty gaze.

He pulled her up, his lips crushing against hers in a heated kiss. She was soon on her back on the bed him between her legs. His length teasing her entrance. He kissed her raw, his tongue roughly exploring her mouth.

She arched her back meeting his members head slightly pushing it in. He pulled away from her, his eyes locking on hers.

He shook his head and pushed his whole length inside her hard. She moaned his name as he moved inside her. The only noise in the room was her moaning and the slapping of skin against skin.
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Sorry it took so long but I had well still have writer's block. I do hope you like it.