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Second Chance

Time stands still

Annabelle’s POV

I slowly open my eyes, adjusting them to the newfound light. It takes me a second to realize that I’m not lying on my bed… that I’m not in New York anymore. I let out a sigh & yawn, replaying everything that happened yesterday. Everything that happened these past months that has leaded me to be lying on my comfy bedroom at my parents house. I lay there for a couple of minutes, just enjoying the small rays of sun that are coming in through the window, the warm weather & the faint smell of bacon & eggs that are coming from downstairs. Probably Mom is making breakfast. To say my parents weren’t shocked when I got home last night is an understatement. I didn’t tell anyone about me coming home. My Mom burst out crying & hugged me all night. My Dad just patted my back & told me ‘Welcome home, kiddo’. & those words kept going through my mind ‘til I fell asleep. Home. I roll over when I hear my phone buzz. I thought by now the battery would be dead. I grab it & see that it’s Pauline. Well… that’s a change from John. “Hello” I say in groggy voice.

“Annabelle Hurley, how come you leave without letting anyone know?” Her pitch is high. I pull the phone from my ear, avoiding going deaf from her shrill.

“I told Abby” I say, throwing the sheets off my body & getting up, stretching.

“You told your assistant! What about me? Don’t I deserve at least a fucking phone call from the editor of my magazine to let me know she went to California?” She keeps rambling on as I walk to the bathroom. I see everything is almost the same as I left it. I take my toothbrush & start brushing my teeth, not paying the slightly attention to whatever Pauline is saying. I know her. She needs to vent for a minute or 2, then she’ll take a breather & be fine with everything. I finish washing my mouth & go back to my room, to find something to wear. I didn’t pack many clothes. I don’t plan on staying that long either. Only for the weekend, then I’m leaving again. I hear nothing coming out of the other side of the phone, before I hear I big breath. “Ok, with that been said… I hope you enjoy your little vacations. Don’t worry about the magazine, I’ll handle it” She says & I smile.

“Thank you, Line” I say, going to the bathroom again, starting the shower.

“You’re welcome. &, Anna…” She says, before taking a big breath. “I hope you find everything you’re looking for in this trip” She says, before hanging up. I place my phone on the sink & look at my reflection on the mirror. What is it that I’m looking for?

For Brian The voice inside my head says. I shake my head & strip down. I’m sure a good long shower will help me clear my head.


After eating the feast of breakfast my mom prepared, I jump into her car, wanting to go see my brother & finally meet my new nephew. I can’t believe how selfish I’ve been that I didn’t have the guts to come here when he was born a year ago. I bet my nephews must be really big. Leaving them was hard. I miss them so much. I stop at a red light & look out the window… & smile. It feels so good to be back here. My hometown. I start my way down PCH again, excited & nervous to see my family again. When I arrive, I see Jeremy playing with the kids on the front yard. London is sitting at the front steps with a baby in her arms. I park the car & I see Neil staring at me as I step down the car. I place my sunglasses on my shirt. I start the walk to their door when I feel someone collide with my leg, making me stumble. I turn around & look down to see Kevin hugging my legs, smiling at me, letting me see that 2 of his front teeth are missing. “AUNTIE ANN” He screams as I pick him up & hug him tight. I feel my eyes begin to water. I kiss his cheek while still holding him to me.

“Wow… look how big you are” I say, sniffing as a few tears escaping my eyes.

“I can ride a bike too. Uncle Brian taught me” He says smiling, wiping some of my tears away. His name makes my heart cringe, but I just swallow hard.

“That’s good. You’ll have to show me” I say, placing him down. He immediately wraps his arms around one of my bare legs. I turn to see my brother standing there, with a big smile in his face. My smile grows as I walk to him, Kevin still attached to my leg. “Hey, Jer” I say, nearing him. I see his eyes are full with tears too. I wrap my arms around him, him doing the same. We stay like that for god know how long until we hear someone clear their throat. I turn to see London, with a big smile on her face.

“I want to hug her too” She says, passing the baby to Jeremy & hugging me. She starts telling me how much they’ve missed me & that I should visit them more often. I see she had shed a couple of tears too when I let go of her. From the corner of my eyes, I see Neil hiding behind Jeremy’s leg. I kneel down to look at him. He looks at me, a bit apprehensive. “Come on, Neil. It’s Aunt Anna. You love Aunt Anna. Remember? She made you burgers & French fries & she let you play with her toys” She says. I stare at him, my heart breaking a bit as he doubts on giving me a hug. I know he remember me. He’s 9 now. He must be hurt by the way I left & never came back. “Neil” London says in a stern voice, but I just shake my head.

“It’s ok, Lo. I’m sure he’ll come around” I say, swallowing the lump of tears in my throat. “& this must be Sean” I say, grabbing the quiet baby in Jeremy’s arms. He looks at me, his hands touching my face. He almost looks like me when I was a baby. He places his hand on my mouth & I grab it, giving it a loud kiss. He smiles & I do it again, making him laugh again. His laugh is so sweet. There’s nothing more beautiful than a baby’s laugh. It’s so pure & honest.

“Why don’t we go inside?” London says, ushering the kids inside, while I walk with the new baby in my arms & my brother’s arm around my shoulder. & for the first time in a while… I feel extremely happy.


“ANNA” Her shrill gave me a slight headache. Her jumping me & throwing both of us to the floor gave me a back ache. Yes… it seems like Leana has made somehow of a habit to push me with her massive hugs. I hear various laughter, coming from my nephews & from baby Wren who is very amused looking at us. “What the fuck are you doing here?” She says, getting off me enough to be straddling me.

“Well… I came to ask you if you & Wrenny want to go to the beach with me & the boys” I say, supporting myself in my elbows.

“You know that’s not what I meant” She says, getting up, helping me out. I stand & wipe my shorts.

“& you know I don’t want to talk about that right now” I say, hinting the children present. She nods in acknowledgment.

“Let me just get our stuff together & then we can go” She says. I walk inside, the trail of kids in front of me. I kneel to tie my shoelace when Neil comes running & hugs me, making me stumble back.

“I love you, Auntie. It’s good to have you back” He says, kissing my cheek & running inside again. My hand travels to my cheek & I smile.


“Kevin, take care of Wrenny” I say as Leana & I lay on the beach. She’s sporting a black 2 piece swimsuit. No swimsuit since I didn’t bring one. So I just stuck to some shorts, a shirts & my converse. Even though I’m from here, I hate wearing sandals. Even on the beach. It’s too hot & my feet burns. So I always stick to my tennis shoes. I see Kevin grab Wren’s hand & leading her to the water, while I have baby Sean sitting between my legs, playing with his toys & the sand. “So… what’s the story?” Leana asks, never losing view of the 3 toddlers playing on the beach. We’re the only one’s here, so keeping an eye on them it’s not gonna be difficult. Besides… Neil is making sure they stay on the shore.

“I kissed Brian” I say, fixing the black cap on my head.

“What?” She says in shock. “You kissed Brian? Oh my God” She says, somehow excited.

“What are you so happy about?” I ask her.

“Well, I just think it’s amazing that you & Brian are getting back together. You guys are meant for each other” She says, looking at me for a second, before turning to check on the kids.

“We’re not getting back together” I say. “We were never together” I say & she gives me a look. “Together as in a relationship” I say, clarifying what I meant. Leana’s mind can be really dirty sometimes. Well… all the time.

“Then why did you fly all the way here just to kiss him?” She asks me.

“I didn’t fly in to kiss him. I kissed him in New York” I say. She nods her head, letting me know she understands now. “I came so we can actually start over again & be friends. Be he doesn’t want that” I say, smoothing Sean’s hair.

“You can’t blame him, Anna. He’s so hung up on you & knowing he lost you, is killing him & his marriage too” She says. I know all that. Everyone seems to remind me that. “Are you still planning on getting married?” She asks me. I turn to look at her like she’s crazy.

“Of course” I say, a bit pissed she asked me that.

“I’m sorry. Just wanted to make sure” She says, putting her hands up in defense. “Then why the hell are you here? & don’t give me that crap that you’re here to make peace with Brian. You could’ve done that years ago. That’s just an excuse. What’s the real reason you came back?” She asks me. I stay silent, just looking ahead of me.

“I missed this place. I miss everyone here. I miss my family. I miss the guys. I miss the girls. I miss waking up to a sunny day & just going to the beach because I feel like it” I say, letting out a big sigh. “I miss my life” I say, swallowing my tears. I don’t want to cry anymore. I’ve been crying too much since I came back.

“Then stay” She says like it’s the simplest thing in the world.

“It’s not that easy. What about my job?” I say.

“You can do it from here” She says shrugging. “& if not, you can always get another one”

“What about John?” I ask. I haven’t talked to him since yesterday. I know he must be freaking out since he has been calling me nonstop. I’m sure he knows by now, but I haven’t worked up the courage to tell him why I came here.

“What about him? If he loves you & wants to marry you, he’ll understand. You can’t isolate yourself, Anna. Everyone & everything you love is here. Come back… for good. You can even get married here like you always dreamed of” She says, looking at the kid. “WRENNY, STOP PULLING KEVIN’S HAIR” She yells at her daughter before getting up & running towards the children. I just sit there, getting my legs almost buried with sand by baby Sean who thinks it’s pretty entertaining, pondering on the idea of coming back. Am I gonna be able to handle coming back? Am I gonna be able to be close to Brian & control myself? I see the kids running around with Leana & I smile. They are worth the try.

John’s POV

Her voicemail comes on again… for the billionth time. She hasn’t answered any of my calls, texts or emails. I’m freaking out. I’m literally losing my mind. “Dude, you need to calm down. I’m sure she’s gonna call you” Kennedy says. I turn to look at him, giving him a glare. “She needs her space. You’re smothering her” He says, dropping his legs from the coffee table & leaning on his elbows while playing with Jared.

“What is taking her so long? & what the hell does she need space from?” I mutter, throwing my phone on the table & dropping my head back on the couch.

“You said it yourself. She has changed ever since those friends of her came here” Garret says, while playing with his phone, not paying attention to the words that are coming out of his mouth. “You don’t think she had something with one of them, do you?” He says, pausing whatever he has been doing. Kennedy & Jared doing the same. Pat looks up from his magazine… all of them staring at me.

“Uh…” I stammered. “I actually don’t know. She never asked me, so I didn’t feel the need to ask her” I say, thinking about it.

“Why don’t you fly down there & ask her? That’s the only way for you to be sure” Garret says, & I stare at him like his a fucking genius. That’s what I need to do. I need to go to California & ask her what’s the deal with her changing so much. I know this guy, Brian, has something to do with that. The way he acts whenever she’s with me, the way he looks at her, with so much… love. Can he be in love with her? That can’t be… he’s married. & he’s way too old for her. Besides, she told me they used to be really good friends. Although, she never told me why they aren’t that ‘good’ friends now.

“You’re not actually considering going there, right?” Pat asks, seeing the look on my face. “You know Annabelle. She’s a nice girl. You going there is gonna fucked up everything. You know it” Pat says, giving me a warning.

“I don’t care. I need to get to the bottom of this. I know she’s hiding something. I’m not sure what it is… but I know it has to do something with Brian” I say, his name coming out of my mouth feels like vomit.

“Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you” Pat says, leaning back on his chair & flipping a page of his magazine. I stay put. I know that she’s gonna be pissed to see me there. But if I stay here, I might actually lose her. & I can’t let that happen.
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