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Second Chance

Air filled with dust & dying dreams

Annabelle’s POV

Being pressed against the bathroom door frame, just holding Brian in my arms & his lips on mine, is everything I need. It wasn’t a hungry, desperate kiss. No. It was a sweet, full of emotion, slow kiss, were our tongues danced in harmony to the rhythm we had going. His hand placed on my hips, while mine’s were lost on his hair. Our bodies are pressed together, so close, too afraid that if there was any kind of space between us, we would just fade. We pull apart, his forehead pressed against mine. I was standing on my toes, since my shoes were lost a while ago. I open my eyes to see his closed, a small smile placed on his face. I caress his cheek, causing him to open his eyes. He stares at me, with so much love that I know I can’t keep denying that I don’t love him. Because I do. I love Brian very much. I love Brian the way I would never be able to love John. Even when I tried my hardest, I never stopped loving Brian.

“What are you thinking?” He asks me, running one of his hands through my hair. I give him a smile, not ready to admit my feelings for him just yet, but I know he can see it in my face. I know he can see it in my eyes. I know he can see & feel that I love him. His smirks widens, & he places his lips on mine again, picking me up & placing me on the bathroom counter, him taking his place between my legs, my skirt hiking up. He starts unbuckling my belt, dropping it, before lifting my shirt, taking his time & letting his hands caress every new inch of skin he’s exposing. Soon enough, my shirt joined my belt. His mouth traveled from my mouth to my neck, immediately attaching to that spot above my collarbone that drives me insane. It’s good to know that he hasn’t forgotten about it. “I missed you so much, Annabelle” He says to me before kissing my lips again & I take that opportunity to strip off his shirt. I let my hands wonder through his chest. I missed this chest. Has always been my favorite body part of his, aside from his hands. His hands wonder all over the top part of my body, grazing my breast for a second, driving me crazy, building up the sexual tension to a point that it would only be enough for Brian to look at me & I would burst from pleasure.

“I’ll start the shower” He whispers in my ear, sending shivers down my body. He pries away from me, his jean hanging low on his hips, his back adorned by that tattoo that he hates but that I secretly love. He opens the shower stall & start the shower, making sure the water is at the right temperature. I stay put, just admiring him, watching how his muscles flex from what he’s doing, not thinking for one second what this will mean. Not thinking for one second that all our friends & family are downstairs, probably wondering where the hell we are. He turns & stares at me. I stay shirtless still, my whole body tingling from his touch & his kisses… wanting so much more. He offers me his hand. I take it immediately, hopping off the counter to walk towards him. He kisses me, his hands traveling from my shoulder to my back. He stops there, unclasping my bra & taking it off of me, his hands never separating from my body. We pull apart as his hands travel down my sides, one of them unzipping my skirt, just for it to pool around my ankles. I’m left standing in front of him, only in my boy shorts… nothing more. He runs his hands through my hair, giving me a look of pure adoration… almost like he worships me. I fumble with the button of his wet jeans, my hands shaking from all the built anticipation. His kisses on my neck aren’t helping at all, he knows it, but I don’t want him to stop. Once I succeed, I push them down, my hand grazing his manhood, & just the feel of it, turned my want into need. He kiss me, hard this time, blowing my mind to a point where I didn’t realized the moment he pulled my panties off & his boxers too, the warm water bringing me back from the blissful place that his kiss had taken me. I feel his lips twitch into a smile by my reaction to the water, while he was busy leaving small kisses on my neck. “Turn around” He whispers. I do as I’m told, lowering my head, letting the water cascade from my head to my body. Brian’s hands leave my body for a moment & then a feel something soft that starts running from my back to my arms & to my chest. The feeling of relaxation only being heightened by Brian leaving kisses on the back my neck. I start running my hand through his hair, lifting my arm, giving him more access to wash me up. “You’re so beautiful” He says, his lips never leaving my neck. His hands start to run the soft sponge against my breast. I let out a small moan, the feeling of him lathering me turning me on even more. He drops the small sponge & let his hand travel south, where I was aching for his touch. His fingers graze softly my clit, making me quiver & push further for more.

“You like that?” He asks in a teasing tone, fully knowing what he was doing to me. I just let out a small groan as he rubs in circles the small bundle of nerves at a faster pace. I turn around & pull him into a kiss, feeling the warm water running through our bodies. All my sense were on a brink & all I want is him. I want him to make me his… again… like it should always be. I let my hands travel from his back to the front of him, grabbing his manhood in one. I began rubbing it, feeling how it twitches & I can’t believe I forgotten how big & thick he was. & for a moment I feel nervous that it would hurt. When you spend so many years used to one size, you can’t expect for it to all go smooth when you, well… upgrade. Not to disgrace John, but he has nothing on Brian when it comes to size. He bites my lower lip, a groan escaping his mouth as I began to pump him faster. It just isn’t enough.

“I need you” I say, backing up, until I’m pressed against the wall. I feel his manhood against my thigh, ready for me. “Please, Brian” I plead. He looks at me. His eyes filled with love, lust & need. He picks me up & slams into me without a warning. My moan is lost in his mouth. I can’t be loud. He stays there, filling me to the fullest & just letting me take it all in, letting me adjust to him. & like I expected, it hurts. I feel my walls stretched to its fullest. I can’t help stop the whimper that escapes my lips.

“Are you ok?” He asks me. I nod. He stays still, just smothering me with kisses, whispering sweet nothings into my ear while I adjust. I start grinding my hips, causing my clit to rub against him, making me forget about the pain, & kicking in the pleasure. He takes the message & slowly starts pulling in & out of me, his thrusts delicate almost. We kissed all the time he was making me his.

“God, Belle” He mutters. I feel the hot ball on the pit of my stomach ignite the moment he found that spot inside of me that made me lose everything. “You’re…” He trails off as I run my nails down his back.

“Faster, Brian” I say. He complies & before I know it, he’s pounding into me merciless, his name is leaving my lips over & over again. With a long, hard thrust, he brings me to the edge. I’ve only experienced an orgasm like this once… with him. & it’s the best thing that has ever happened. He stops for a while, kissing me hard. But we’re not over yet. I start grinding around him again, wanting for him to finish too. He starts thrusting into me again. He’s close, I know he is. His thrust starts to get sloppier as he buries his face into my neck. I bit my bottom lip, trying to muffle my groans & moans as I start to feel my 2nd orgasm building. I clamp my around him tighter, almost not leaving him space to move. I start bouncing up & down, meeting every single one of his thrusts.

“Fuck, Annabelle. Don’t stop” He says, adjusting me on his arms. Because of the water, I was slipping away from his embrace. “I’m so close” He says & just then I climaxed for the second time. The vice grip that my inner walls give him, so tight that it makes him hard to still move inside me, makes him climax too, filling me up, coating every inch of my insides, spurt after spurt. “Fuck” He says, still thrusting, helping us ride out our orgasms. When I get my breath even out & his body stopped shaking, still buried inside of me, he carries me to the stream of water & between kisses we finish our shower. & I haven’t felt so happy in such a long time.

Brian’s POV

I feel a pair of arms wrap around my waist from behind & I smile while I button some old shorts I found in a drawer. Never did I think this was going to happen when I came here. I thought it was gonna be another awkward evening spent where I would steal glances from Belle & beat myself mentally for ever letting her walk away from me. But when I saw John here, with her, I lost it. So I did my best to avoid her… but I never thought I would’ve end up making love to her on the shower in my dad’s house while her fiancé & my wife are downstairs, with all of our friends & family. I turn in her embrace & see her smiling up at me. Not for a second I regret this. She’s dressed in one of my old shirts & a pair of sweatpants that she keeps pulling up so they don’t fall off. It was the only thing I could find for her. Her damp hair was pulled up with a pencil. She looks amazing. “Thank you” She says, standing on her toes to kiss my lips.

“For what?” I ask her, confused about why she was thanking me.

“For tonight” She says, kissing me again. “For everything, Brian” She says, running her hands up & down my bare back. “I never thought I could feel so complete again” She says, placing her head on my chest. We stay like that, in each other’s arms for a couple of minutes.

“I love you, Belle” I say to her. “I know you love me too. I could feel it. & you don’t have to say… I know it. That’s more than enough for me” I finish, lazily running my finger up & down her back. “We should really get down now. They might get suspicious” I say, knowing that we have been a little bit over an hour up here. Belle groans & tightens her grip around my body.

“I don’t want to go” She says, almost in a whine. “I don’t want this to be over” She adds, looking up at me.

“Who said this is over?” I tell her, removing the few strands of hair that fell to her face. “I’m not losing you again, Belle” I say, kissing her, letting her know that I’m not done ffighting for her. That I won’t stop until she’s fully mine & I’m fully hers. No John & no Michelle in the picture. Just Annabelle & I. She lets out a sigh, before unwrapping her arms. I turn around & put on the shirt that was lying on the bed. Annabelle bends down to pick our clothes, taking her time. I just stand there, running a hand through my hair & admiring her ass. She has a great ass… what can I say? I’m still a guy. I shake my head, stepping out of my daze & walk to the door, her on toll, but before opening it, I give her one last kiss. When I pull away, I see her with her eyes still closed & a smile on her face. She walks past me & starts heading downstairs & I can’t help but smile too. Where we stand right now? I have no idea. All I know is that I haven’t been this happy in a long fucking time & that after all this years… she’s finally mine. Like it should’ve always been.
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