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Second Chance

Another stranger

Annabelle’s POV

“Would you just fucking stop already?” I growl to Shannon.

“Oh, come on, Anna. If you bought a pregnancy test it’s because you think you’re pregnant. & if you think you’re pregnant, then you should take the test” Shannon says, talking so fast that’s starting to give me a headache.

"No shit, Sherlock" I scowl in my mind.

“Why don’t you wanna take it?” She asks, stopping in front of me. She’s been nagging me to take the fucking test ever since she walked into my loft… & that was 2 hours ago.

“Because… it’s none of your business, ok?” I say, snapping at her. I see the hurt my words cause her. “Look, I’m sorry. It’s just… something I need to do by myself” I mutter, not truly meaning it.

“I’m just gonna go then. I just came to let you know that Pauline wants to meets us for breakfast tomorrow” She says, grabbing her bag. “I’m sorry for bothering you. It won’t happen again” She mutters the last part & walks out of the loft, making me feel like an even bigger piece of shit. I stare at the white box in front of me.

Truth is… I’m scared shitless to take it. What if I’m pregnant? What should I do then? How am I gonna explain that to everyone that I’m not sure who the daddy of my baby is because I was busy fucking around with a married man behind my fiancés back? How am I gonna explain that I don’t want to be pregnant? That I can’t be pregnant? That in the bottom of my heart & deep down I know that the father of my non-existant-baby is Brian & not John?

“Fuck this” I say, grabbing the box & walking into the bathroom. I stare at my reflection for a while. My eyes are red & puffy from all the crying. I look so thin, the weight of all the guilt making me lose my appetite. There are black rings under my eyes… the once chocolate brown eyes, looking black & lifeless. I look like shit. Guess the outside reflects the inside. I take the pregnancy test & read the instructions carefully, before starting to do my business. After I’m finished, I place the stick on the sink & wash my hands, before sitting on the close lid of the toilet, staring at my watch, seeing how a minute feels like fucking hours. Once the time is up, I leave it a couple of more minutes just to be sure before standing to glance at the test. I see it & I let out a big sigh, seeing the result.

Gena’s POV

I sigh again… for the millionth time, waiting for the girls to arrive to our lunch date. I stare ahead of me & see a young boy skimming through a magazine… Art Resort… Anna’s magazine. How the hell did everything got so fucked up? I mean, I get that they cheated & I get that that was a fucked thing to do, but Brian & Annabelle love each other. Their love is like a none other I’ve ever seen. A love you can’t help but envy at some point. They were willing to take on the entire world, their family & friends to be together. Some might call it selfish. I call it love.

But then Michelle had to drop the bomb. I know Annabelle. I know she’s willing to fight for what she wants & love… but a baby? How can you fight an innocent baby that’s not even here? What fault does the little creature have of the messed up lives the people that will be surrounding it lead? I mean, a baby is a blessing & we will love it like we love Wren & Kevin & Neil. They’re Avenged babies… there are part of our extended family. & I don’t blame it... but I know that deep inside, I blame Michelle, cuz in this fucked up puzzle, she’s not only the victim, but also the only person standing between Brian & Annabelle… between their happiness. & it’s something that I can’t seem to shake off. Something that bothers me so much, that it’s almost as if I hold some kind of grudge for her.

“Sorry for being late” Val apologizes, sitting in front of me, placing her sunglasses on top of her hear. Have I mentioned that I hate that? I think it looks tacky. But that’s just one of my pet peeves.

“Where’s Michelle? I thought you were gonna pick her up?” I ask, grabbing the menu & start reading it.

“I did pick her up. But when we were getting into the car, she started feeling sick, so she stayed home… with the asshole she calls husband” She barely whispers the last part, almost to herself, but I hear her loud & clear.

“Whoa… where’s all the rage coming from?” I ask, laughing slightly. It’s really weird to see Valary mad at the guys. I think they are so scared of her that they don’t want to be on her foul side.

“Ugh… it’s…” She looks up at me for a second, before shaking her head. “Nothing” She says & I notice her lying to me.

“Are you ok?” I ask her. She lets out a big sigh, before looking up at me, opening her mouth a few times, but words were failing to make their way out of her mouth.

“It’s just that…” She stops again, staring at me. “Forget it” She says. We stay silent for a while, pretending to be distracted on the menu, ignoring the big elephant on the table. “Brian cheated on Michelle with Anna” She blurts out. I look at her, my eyes wide open & my mouth open in shock.

“W-what?” I stutter out. How the hell did she found out about that?

“I’m sorry. I promised Matt I wouldn’t say anything. It’s just that… I can’t believe they did that” She says, tears pooling on her eyes. “How could they?” She says, wiping the tears that escape her eyes. I stay frozen, not knowing what to say, or if even say something at all. “& now I’m torn between telling my sister about this & ruin her life & marriage, or stay quiet about the whole thing & just pretend that I don’t know shit about it. I don’t know what the fuck I’m supposed to do” She says, looking up at me for some kind of advice, but my brain shuts down. “What do I do?” She asks me & I just look at the floor. How am I supposed to lie to one of my best friends? To one of my boyfriend’s best friend? “I’m sorry. I know this are big news, but I just couldn’t keep it bottled up. I needed to vent with someone other than Matt” She says, sniffing & wiping her tears with a napkin. “I know it’s a lot to take in, but please, just say something” She says, helplessly looking at me.

“I-“ I start but am interrupted by the other girls arriving.

“Sorry, traffic is hell right now” Lacey says, sitting down. “I’m starving” She says, Leana nodding. Val & I just stay with our gazes locked in each others. & I know for now, the subject will be put out in the back of our mind. But what do I do now? Should I tell Anna or just stay out of it? Cuz it seems that every time someone gets involved, things get more complicated.

Brian’s POV

“MATT” I yell, storming into his house. “MATT” I yell again, stomping towards the living room. I see Johnny walk out of the kitchen with a beer & a slice of pizza on his mouth.

“What’s got your panties in a bunch, Haner?” He mutters & I stare at him.

“Where the fuck is that piece of shit?” I say. Just in queue, Matt appears from behind Johnny a beer in hand too.

“What the fuck is your problem?” He questions & in 2 long strides I’m in front of him, my fist meeting his jaw, sending him back, dropping his beer & stumbling on a small table, sending the lamp flying to the floor. I lunged towards him again & we stumble to the floor, falling on top of the shattered beer bottle. We start fighting, taking him a second to fight back, but when he does, I get a punched on the face. We keep fighting, throwing punches at each other, until I feel someone trying to pry us apart.

“Let him go, Syn” Johnny says, struggling to part us, failing miserably. After a while, I feel someone much stronger get a hold of my arm when I’m ready to hit Matt again, pulling me back. Johnny steps up between Matt & me, holding a very enraged Matt back, Jimmy holding me.

“WHAT THE FUCK, MAN?” Jimmy yells, struggling to keep me away from the asshole I call friend.

“LET GO OF ME” I say, pulling my body away from Jimmy’s grip. “YOU’RE A PIECE OF SHIT & A LOUSY FUCKING FRIEND” I yell to Matt, lunging towards him again, but being stop by Jimmy again.

“WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?” Matt yells by, struggling to get away from Johnny’s grip. But Johnny keeps him from getting to me, only grabbing my shirt & ripping it.

“You 2 need to calm the fuck down” Jimmy says, once he gets me far away from Matt. “What the hell, Brian? Have you lost your fucking mind, man?” He asks, letting me go once I stop struggling to break free.

“This ASSHOLE told Val about me & Belle” I say, spitting out the reason for my mad rage. I see everyone’s face fall in shock. I see Matt lowering his gaze. He has a busted lip & a bruise is starting to form on his jaw. I can feel my lip busted too & a throbbing on my left eye. No doubt in my mind that I will have a black eye later on the day.

“Look, man… I’m sorry. She figured it out on her own” He says, wiping his lip.

“Bullshit. You couldn’t wait to tell her & now she’s gonna tell Michelle” I say, making a move towards him, before Jimmy placing his hand on my chest.

“I would never do that to you” He growls, his fists clenching. “You know me better than that” He says.

“I thought I did, but now I’m not so sure, you backstabbing dick” I say. “How could you do that to me?” I ask him, shaking my head.

“I already said I’m sorry. She said she wouldn’t tell anyone, ok? & I know she won’t. You know she won’t” He says, grabbing his ripped shirt to wipe his lip.

“She’s her sister, Matt” Johnny says, looking at him.

“EXACTLY” I scream again. “She’s her fucking sister. What made you think she won’t tell her? A fucking promise?” I say, shaking my head in disbelief. Never in my life, I thought one of my band mates, one of my closest friend, a fucking brother would do something like this to me. “What were you thinking?” I ask him, but before he can answer me, I start talking again. “You know what? I don’t want to know. Good luck finding another lead guitarist cuz I fucking quit. I’ve had enough from this fucking bullshit” I say, making my way towards the door.

“Whoa, whoa, whoa… don’t you think you’re overreacting a bit, Brian?” Jimmy says, making me stop. “I mean, yeah, he did tell Val, but as far as we know, she hasn’t told anyone. So she’s keeping her promise” He says & his words just seem to fuel my anger even more.

“& who are you to talk, huh? I wouldn’t be in this fucking mess if it wasn’t for you. I would be happy with Annabelle by my side, the woman I love, if it wasn’t for you getting your shit in my fucking business. Not only did one of my best friends betrayed me, but 2. How would you feel if the same shit happened to you? I should kick your ass too” I ask him, turning to look at him. I see the guilt on his face. “Because of you is that I’m stuck in a marriage that I can’t seem to get out of, & to top it all off, now I’m gonna have a child with a woman I don’t love, while the woman that I love is getting married across the fucking country. So excuse me for overreacting a bit, you little piece of shit” I say. “I’m done. I’m done with you” I say pointing at Jimmy. “I’m done with you” I say pointing at Matt. “& I’m certainly done with this fucking band” I say, storming out the same way I did when I first walked in, only this time I slam the door behind me, making the glass from the windows shake. This will be the last time I plan on seeing them.
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