"Will you just leave me alone for a minute? Goddamn." His words were laced with anger and frustration. Whenever he got into this kind of mood, he always seemed to direct it towards Zoe, the only female who has ever seemed to put up with his constant mood swings.

"I just want you to tell me what's bothering you. I'm hear to listen." She raised her hand to stroke his cheek but he pushed it away before she could even make contact.

"Don't." He warned, voice firm.

"The door's locked, Matt. Don't worr-"

"Get out." His tone icy.

"But Matt-"

"Now." His fists were clenched, signaling he was holding onto his last bit of will power before he exploded in fury.

She headed his warning, turning on her heal and heading towards the classroom door. Before she left, she turned to him.

"Why do you always treat me this way?" Her question was laced with several different emotions, though hurt was the most prominent of them all.

"Because, you're just a child."

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