Sequel: He was the Moon

Dance to Anything

Drop our anchors in the storm.

“Ryan!” Brendon screamed and watched in horror as the slender body cascaded to the floor, the skirt streaming out like a black sail in the wind. “No!” Finally managing to break past the shocked doormen, Brendon ran for the fallen boy in the middle of hall.

“Bren-don,” Ryan choked out, blood spilling from his lips. “Bren-don.”

“You can’t leave me!” Brendon cried and held Ryan’s limp form to his chest. “I love you, Ryan. I. Love. You.”

Ryan stared at Brendon’s face, using the last of his energy to memorize all the lines and creases of the boy he loved. “I l-love you too,” he whispered hoarsely and felt the blood drip down his chin.

“You can’t die, Ryan!” Brendon sobbed out and pressed desperate kisses to Ryan’s bloodied lips. “We were going to live together. We were going to share a world.”

“Tell me, about it,” Ryan whispered.

Brendon looked into the beautiful doe eyes that had enchanted him since the moment he saw them. He saw the life quickly fading from them, and he imprinted their image into his brain forever. “We lived on the water,” he murmured, caressing Ryan’s hair. “In a little beach house. It wasn’t much, but it was everything we needed. We adopted a baby girl with the bluest eyes you’ve ever seen. I wanted to name her Elizabeth, but you wanted to name her Talia so we did. She was so beautiful and smart and funny and you loved so much. We lived together, the three of us, in our little home for many years. We were so in love.”

“So in love,” Ryan echoed, a single tear sliding down his cheek. “We were so in love.” And there was a smile on his lips as he closed his eyes for the last time.

“Good-bye, Ryan,” Brendon whispered and kissed the boy’s closed eyelids. “I love you.” He buried his face in Ryan’s black dress in a half-hearted attempt to hide his tears.

“I am so sorry,” a soft voice whispered and Brendon looked up to see William standing beside him. “Can I …” His voice trailed off, but Brendon understood.

“Yes,” he said and the two carried the body between them as they made their way out of La Cage de Toxiques.

“You whore!” Pete screamed after them, but neither of them was listening.

Brendon and William buried Ryan the next day. Just the two of them and sea breeze blowing between them. Here lies Ryan Ross, the most beautiful man in the world, William had written. He was so full of life and love, Ryan added. He will be missed by all.

“I’m never going back to Pete,” William told the grave and tried not to cry. “Never again. I promise you. I’ll live a life good enough for both of us. Promise.” He blew a kiss and then walked away, his heart in his throat.


“I love you,” he said simply and pressed his lips to the gravestone. “And I hope you’re waiting for me, because there is no one else in the world for me. Only you.”
♠ ♠ ♠