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Welcome To This Institution

Chapter 1

“Vito! Jesse! Bam! We’re home!” Phil shouted as he walked through the front door of his house.

The two boys chased each other down the stairs while Vito slowly made is way from the kitchen.

“Let me guess?” Vito muttered, standing next to Phil watching the boys run around their father as they waited for April to come in. “Another boy?”

“No – a girl.” Phil said, smiling broadly. “How where the boys?”

“A pain in the ass.” Vito replied as the three year old Bam chased Jesse out of the front door nearly running into April who was on her way in.

“Bam!” April cried, nearly tripping over him. “Inside! Both of you!”

Everyone piled into the living room and sat down while April sat holding a baby wrapped in a pale pink blanket.

“So – do we get to see the bundle of joy or not?” Vito asked.

“You’re not holding her.” April said as Phil picked the baby up and moved so that his brother could see her.

“Well at least she’s not another boy.” Vito grumbled.

“Shut up – she’s gorgeous.” April snapped as Phil handed the baby back to her. “Boys – this is your sister.” She said as Bam and Jesse crowded around her to see the baby.

“She’s small.” Jesse stated bluntly.

“Of course she is, honey. You said that about Bam as well.” April reminded him.

“Now you’ll both have to look after her as she grows up, okay? You’re her big brother’s.” April said as Bam put a finger near one of the baby’s hands and she grabbed onto his finger lightly.

“Whasser name, Ape?” Vito asked as Jesse tried to push Bam off the sofa.

“Kaety. Kaety Margera.” April said, smiling down at the baby. Kaety yawned and closed her eyes, falling asleep in April’s arms.

“Bam!” Kaety shouted as her brother laughed and ran out of her bedroom. “I hate him.” She muttered to herself as she got out of the now wet bed and pushed her wet long black hair out of her face.

“Something wrong?” Dunn asked as he walked past her open bedroom door.

“Help me murder my brother.” Kaety pleaded as she walked over to her wardrobe and pulled out a pair of black baggy jeans, long black socks and a long sleeved red top.

“Sorry – no can do.” Dunn replied as he carried on walking.

“Damn.” Kaety muttered, closing her bedroom door and starting to get changed. “I will get my revenge, Bam, one day.”