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Welcome To This Institution

Chapter 3

“Everyone got everything?”

“I just gotta grab my phone, Mom – be right back.” Kaety said, running up the stairs to her room.

“Anyone caught your eye, Bailey?” April asked as they waited for Kaety by the front door.

Bailey opened her mouth to answer but before she could say a word Bam spoke up as he walked into the foyer with some of the guys.

“Yeah – like anyone would date her.” Bam laughed.

Kaety came down the stairs and slapped him round the back of the head as she walked past.

“Stop being such an ass, Bammie.” Kaety muttered, before giggling as he picked her up from behind and spun her round a few times.

“Bam, put your sister down before you make her sick.” April scolded, smiling as Bam pouted and let go of a dizzy Kaety. Kaety giggled again and shook her head to focus before squealing and jumping on one of the guys stood by Bam.


“Hey, Kitty-Kat.” He laughed, hugging her back and completely ignoring Bam’s glare.

“I haven’t seen you in ages. What’s up?”

“Not much – gonna start a film soon. The divorce got finalised. Nothing new.” Knoxville replied, letting her go.

“How’s Madi?”

“Good. Where you lot headed?”

“We’re going shopping while you boys get set up for tonight – is there anything we need to get?” April asked.

“Beer. Lots of beer.” Bam laughed, tickling Kaety as she made a face at him.

“Get your own beer.” Bailey said, shaking her head at Kaety as she did a funny little dance for no reason.

“Why? When I’ve got you to get it for me.”

“Bam…” Kaety warned.

“What? She started it.” Bam protested.

April just shook her head and ushered the girls out the door.

“Have fun setting up.” Bailey smirked as Kaety hit Bam on her way to the door.

“Bye boys.” Kaety waved before closing the door behind her.


“What was that about?” Knoxville broke the silence as the guys all walked into the Pirate Bar and sat down.

“I told you to stop flirting with my little sister man.” Bam muttered as he sat opposite Knoxville.

“Not that, you idiot. I meant you.”

“What about me?”

“That flirting you did with Ly.”

Bam threw a pillow at Knoxville, “Man, I was hoping no-one would catch on. It's not like that!"

“Explain.” Knoxville replied, throwing the cushion back at Bam. “Nobody else’ll say anything cus they all live round here – but me…” Knoxville paused and grinned, “I’ll tell you what I see – exactly how I see it. And what I saw was you flirting with your sister’s best friend. Now I wanna know why.”

“Fine! I do it cus it's fun to screw with her head. I like confusing her - but I'd never go beyond that man. Ly's like a second little sister.” Bam complained, standing up and glowering down at Knoxville before walking towards the door and stopping. “And, Johnny…if you ever flirt with my little sister again, you’re gonna regret it.”