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Welcome To This Institution

Chapter 4

The girls piled out of Bailey's beaten up mustang and headed towards the shops. They had dropped April off at one of her home accessory shops.

"Why is your brother being such a dick towards me?" Bailey asked Kaety.

"Just ignore him hun... that's what we all do." Kaety replied.

"Don't take it to heart..." Kyrst added.

"Suppose..." Bailey muttered as she grabbed a trolley and started pushing it around the isle.

"Ly..." Kyrst said.


"Can you push me!?" She shouted as she dove into the trolley nearly sending it flying.

"Do I have a choice in the matter?"


About an hour later...

The group were sat in the Pirate Bar. Novak was helping himself to as much drink as he could get out of Bam's mini fridge. Knoxville had run off somewhere to cause havoc.

"Dude... get your ass outta there!" Bam yelled as he dove on his friend.

"Bored, bored, bored, bored..." Meg muttered twirling a piece of her hair around her finger.

"And lemme guess 'bored'..." Kaety said sarcastically.

"Oh my god... you're such a mind reader..." Meg said laughing.

"Children..." Bailey muttered as she walked past on her way to the kitchen. She walked into the room and immediately had to duck due to the plate that was sent flying towards her head. "What the hell was that about!?"

"Oh sorry honey... I thought you were Bam..."

"Uh-oh... what has he done this time? you know... you’re the only Mom I can sympathize with when she says she was throwing a plate at her son..." Bailey giggled.

Ape smiled.

"Oh Ape... I just wanted to thank you for letting me stay... things have been a tad unstable at home... since... you know."

"That's fine honey..." Ape said, "And besides I think Kaety could do with some company..."

Bailey grinned, "I was just going to stick the kettle on Ape, would you like a cuppa?"

Back in the pirate bar...

"Bam, get your fat arse off me!" Kaety screamed at her brother.

"Give me one good reason why I should." Bam said giving his sister a very cheesy grin.

"Because I'm your sister and you love me?" Kaety said sounding hopeful.

"Ain't good enough sis."

Dunn walked past and slapped Bam around the head, "Off now... you're gonna squish her!"

Bam slid off his sister’s lap, "I'm I seriously that fat?"

"No Bammie Boy..." Meg said laughing as Bam swirled around trying to get a view of his ass.

"Yo... what time to the guys get here anyhow? this isn't gonna be much of a party without them..." Kaety said.

"Dunna... last I heard their plane arrives at 6..." Bam replied as he squished himself in-between his sister and Kyrst.